After “they” use COVID-19 to crash the world economies, there’s a likelihood that we’ll witness either a total financial reset or a bailout of Biblical proportions.

And there’s good reason to think they’ll use the Saint Germain Trust Fund to do it.

I confess, Saint Germain’s Trust Fund has completely flown under my radar, and its details are indeed stunning. A lot of this information that I’m providing comes from an article which is currently being passed around, and which I’ll paste below for further consideration. The Fund was started nearly 300 years ago and has been compounding interest ever since. At present, and I had to check sources on this, Saint Germain’s world trust has presently accumulated over one Quattuor-decillion dollars. For the record, I really don’t know what goes beyond a quadrillion dollars, which contains 15 zeroes. Apparently, Facebook doesn’t either, because spell check doesn’t even register “Quattuor-decillion.”

I had to look this up. A Quatttuor-decillion has 45 zeros behind it. That’s a lot of tacos. And it looks something like this:


The Trust will be launched in the United States under the name NESARA, an acronym for “National Economic Security and Reformation Act.” Apparently, NEARA was secretly passed by the US Congress in 2000. It’s non-American worldwide counterpart is GESARA, or “Global Economic Security and Reformation Act,” and was part of the Paris Agreement in 2015.

So, who is Saint Germain…?

I’m glad you asked.

According to Theosophy, Saint Germain is an Ascended Master and an alchemist who will be directly responsible for ushering us into the Age of Aquarius. He is often referred to as “the violet flame,” an invisible spiritual energy who literally appears violet to those who’ve attuned their occultist spidey senses. He’s actually accredited by master occult writer Manly P Hall and others with any number of enlightened accomplishments, including writing the plays accredited to Shakespeare, and I find his amalgamation with Francis Bacon to be of particular interest, because Bacon, as many of us know, is the father of the Scientific Method.

Actually, it doesn’t take much research to conclude that Saint Germain is a stand-in for “the light-bearer.” Germain’s followers are even known as “the torch bearers.” Yeah, they’re one and the same.

Channeling Sananda,Saint Germain,One Who Serves. | FEEL MORE THAN FINE

But getting back to the Saint Germain Trust. The New Age Movement describes it as “a spiritually directed financial program that can be attributed back to Saint Germain.” (As in, the violet flame. The light-bearer.) “It was designed to provide a new economic system for the world during the time of transition.”

When the world economy successfully crashes, the 45-zeroes in NESARA funds will first be used to buy out all corporations, banks, Big Pharma, you name it, and therefore cancel out their debt. Apparently, even the Federal Reserve will be done away with.

With NESARA’s remaining money, and there should be plenty, funds will be dolled out to people.

This will be heralded as a new Jubilee.

But there’s a catch. Before the American people (and the world) can take part in the NESARA and GESARA programs, they’ll be required to take an oath to the Illuminati and the All-Seeing Eye.

This isn’t a joke.

It goes something like this.

“Upon this eternal oath, I freely pledge to:

Dedicate my mind to the discovery of knowledge
Dedicate my soul to the pursuit of enlightenment
Dedicate my efforts to the process of abundance
Deciate my existence to bringing all people, in all places, into unification
And to dedicate my life and days upon this planet to the protection and abundance of the human species

On this day of ____________


Takes this Eternal pledge”

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Don’t fall for the deception, brothers and sisters. They’re going to reel so many souls into this, and likely very few will realize the severity of their oath until it’s too late.

YAHUAH takes our oaths very seriously. Esau threw away his birthright for a piece of bread. I’d rather starve.