The Unexpected Cosmology

COVID-1984: The Only Pandemic Is a Demonic One - YOU WERE probably wondering where I’ve been over the last couple of weeks. What I’ve been up to. Or maybe you hadn’t even noticed that I was gone. But since you’re here I’ll tell you anyway. I was out on the road, hitting up the land they tell us is America and nothing but America. […]

The Wizard of Trump: Humanities Great Awakening Is Finally Happening - MARINA ABRAMOVIC & THE MAGICIAN.   IT HAPPENED like this. Marina Abramovic was visiting with shamans in Finnish Lapland, presumably in 2016, when one of them explained to her the purpose of the Trump presidency. They had gotten together in ritualistic seclusion, eating very little and choosing a long stretch of solitude, dreaming dreams. And […]

Luciferase: Quantum Dot Tattoo & the Seething Energies of the Light-Bearer - Luciferase. Learn the name. You can forget all about buying and selling. Because once they inject this thing into your hand, you won’t be able to climb into a car, much less walk down the street, without getting tagged. Mm-hmm, you heard me. It’s humorous, but not at all funny in the slightest, how often […]

Clean Meat Is Nephilim Meat | Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Tyson Foods, & the Globalist Agenda - Mm-hmm, 900 workers at a Tyson Food plant in Indiana test positive for COVID-19. How convenient. With plant closures across America, farmers are no longer able to sell their stock on the market. Millions of animals are being slaughtered and then disposed of while grocery store shelves continue to empty out. In other news, the […]

Coronavirus: It’s Phase 2, and Nothing’s Going Back to Normal - Covid-19 is a mild flu —at best. Meanwhile, guy dies of a heart attack, mark it down as COVID. Kidney failure—COVID. Leukemia, must have died of COVID. Baby dies in childbirth. COVID again. Everyone’s apparently dying of little to nothing else but the coronavirus. And if you’re lucky enough to have seen it, there’s a […]

Sex. Contraceptives. Abortion. Magical Ceremony. Agenda 2030. - LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX. —because everybody’s favorite computer nerd wants to spice up your bedroom life. As part of his awe-inspiring ID 2020 project, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is developing a tiny drug delivery chip that works as a contraceptive agent. Birth control.

060606 | Cryptocurrency “Cha-Ching-Ching!” - Hopefully we’re all aware by this point that Bill Gates ID2020 is being referred to as a “Certification Mark.” Need we read that again? Certification Mark.

Torah or Talmud? (Christ & Antichrist Made Flesh) - There’s an ongoing debate regarding whether or not Scripture prophesies an end-times antichrist. Now, if we’re going merely by “canon,” I suppose an argument can be made either way. Yea or nay. I can see both sides. Feel free to post your reasons. I think everyone can at least agree that the spirit of antichrist […]

Finger. Cut. Eat the Pain. Microsoft. Mark. - Given Microsoft’s recent commercial featuring spirit cooker Marina Abramovic, I couldn’t help but take special notice of this headline on DRUDGE REPORT.

Bill Gates, Marina Abramovic, & Techno Wizardry at Its BEAST - And there it is. For anyone paying attention, the Wizard of Oz just totally exposed himself. Microsoft’s co-founder. Bill Gates. He’s a wizard. He’s a wizard. And in case you missed that. HE’S A WIZARD! Meanwhile, I’m encountering individuals who are justifying why they’ll take the UN and Rockefeller backed ID2020 implant when it’s rolled […]