Coronavirus: It’s Phase 2, and Nothing’s Going Back to Normal

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Covid-19 is a mild flu

—at best.

Meanwhile, guy dies of a heart attack, mark it down as COVID. Kidney failure—COVID. Leukemia, must have died of COVID. Baby dies in childbirth. COVID again. Everyone’s apparently dying of little to nothing else but the coronavirus. And if you’re lucky enough to have seen it, there’s a leaked video floating around of a White House staff member telling another in the Press Room that only 0.1% of people in California have actually died of corona. Matches Italy’s numbers. Currently, there’s 47,000 reported deaths nationwide. It’s a hoax. Anyone who’s ever truly died of this thing were on their last leg.

Then again—

I’m inclined to believe the leaked footage was intentional.

This is a war of attrition.

The media is feeding all fronts. “Go outside, it’s good for you. WAIT, DON’T! You’ll catch the coronavirus! Seriously though, your rights are probably being taken away. But do you really want to end up sick in the hospital and die!? It’s probably a hoax. YOU FOOL, TRUST the Scientists!”

Pick your narrative and run with it, I guess.

The coronavirus apparently has a thing for testicles. I read that in the news.

An 88-page document on Medical Martial Law, put in the Federal Register on August 15, 2015, and then passed into effect in October 18, 2016 actually discussed the coronavirus. Zeka and Ebola too. When FEMA declared the coronavirus pandemic a national emergency, they employed the word “operationalize.” To operationalize, or operationalizing, essentially means they had plans lying in wait.

As in—this is a military operation.

Global government.

Military structure.

Medical Martial Law.


Oh, but haven’t you heard? I now have people writing me saying: “Noel, they’re opening up Georgia! They’re opening up Tennessee! It’s over! It’s really over!”


The coronavirus isn’t over. It’s far from over. The world is a stage and everything is planned. We’re entering Phase II. Right on schedule. Oh yes, there’s a Phase II. And there is absolutely no plan to return to normal. MIT Technology Review said it. Bill Gates said it. The left is saying it. The right is saying it. Practically anyone in the establishment has said it. The old world is dead.

Don’t forget. Bill Gates said, and I quote: “Things will not get back to normal until we have gotten a vaccine out to the entire world.”

He’s talking about his magnum opus pet project.

ID 2020.

On April 2, the Tech Department at Buzz Feed News did a somewhat decent job of describing the reasons for Phase I. “Before the pandemic began, the systems that govern our world were brittle. Today, they are broken. When we emerge, the world will be different, and so will we.”

So, here we are. We find ourselves in the whereabouts of Phase II. Go ahead, open your blinds, Georgia. Please, go outside. Stretch your legs. Squint your eyes. The light stings a little, don’t it? Get a taste of freedom, because it will not last. Oh, haven’t you heard? The coronavirus is mutating. In India, it’s mutating. In Europe, it’s mutating. In China, it’s mutating. Evolution is angry at us. And the same sad souls are coming down with it over and over and over again.

Coronavirus propaganda website Vox has made it clear there is no plan to return to normal. In an April 10 article titled, “I’ve read the plans to reopen the economy. They’re scary,” Ezra Klein lays out the plans for Phase II. Essentially, there’s two versions of them. On the right hand, you’ve got the conservative American Interprise Institute, while on the other, the liberal Center for American Progress and Harvard’s Safra Center for Ethics. This is the right-hand and left-hand illusion of choice. Klein writes: “The CAP and Harvard plans both foresee a digital pandemic surveillance state in which virtually every American downloads an app to their phone that geotracks their movements, so if they come into contact with anyone who later is found to have Covid-19, they can be alerted and a period of social quarantine can begin.”

Vox continues: “The alternative to mass surveillance is mass testing.” Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Romer’s proposal “is to deploy testing on a scale no one else is contemplating — 22 million tests per day — so that the entire country is being tested every 14 days, and anyone who tests positive can be quickly quarantined.”

I’m telling you right now, Phase II a set-up.

Performance witchcraft is best served in repetition. They need to condition us. Predictive program. Condition. Rinse and repeat.

Remember Bill Gates’ words. “Things will not get back to normal until we have gotten a vaccine out to the entire world.” ID 2020. They will implement testing and surveillance on a mass scale. Before they roll out the Mark, they’re going to condition us.

We have to remember that it’s the media’s job to create news. Like, all the news. And now that I think about it, I can’t help but wonder if they’re setting Bill Gates up to take a fall. Dr. Fauci too. Remember when I said this is a war of attrition?

If Microsoft’s co-founder can be successfully sold as “the kingdom of darkness” to right-wing America, whereby an alternative kingdom of light can be offered, then Evangelical America is beguiled by the illusion of choice—that is, if and when his plans are foiled.

I provided a photo from a rally held on Saturday, April 18, 2020, in Austin, Texas. It was hosted by Alex Jones of InfoWars. I pulled it right off the liberal propaganda website Huffington Post, which has done its fair share of propping up the UN agenda and ID2020.

So, why would they put this right in our faces?


Obviously, HuffPost is selling this as conspiracy theory. The title of the article even reads: “Hundreds Defy Common Sense,” and the moral of the story is: stay home.

Still, kind of makes you wonder if they’ll flip the script.