060606 | Cryptocurrency “Cha-Ching-Ching!”

by | Apr 18, 2020

Hopefully we’re all aware by this point that Bill Gates ID2020 is being referred to as a “Certification Mark.”

Need we read that again? Certification Mark.  Image may contain: text

Another coincidence, you say? Sigh. 

So, here’s another Microsoft backed bio-metric implant to add to that Mark, and it’s patent number just so happens to be 666.

It’s publication date is of interest too. 26.03.2020. (666 again).

Accordingly, Microsoft will be tracking each persons activity. It will literally be monitoring their thoughts, emotions, energy, even their bodily movement, and then rewarding each person based upon how well they preform their task with a monetary transaction in cryptocurrency.

Act like a good little boy or girl and Big Brother feeds you a biscuit with a little sound effect that goes ching—ching—ching.

Act like a bad little girl or boy with bad little girl or boy thoughts, directed at the State…..

No ching—ching—ching for you.


  1. Phil Mosolin

    Where I’d you go? Hope all is well . Haven’t seen Hyde nor hair since the conference. The old saying nice ya fed a stray it ain’t a stray anymore. Miss your writings.Phil

    • Phil Mosolino

      Spell check got me.


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