The Double-Helix Drug of Choice | Unseen Worlds & Close Encounters of the Molecular Kind in Inner + Outer Space

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THE TRAGIC HISTORY OF HUMANITY IS BEST TOLD in shadow as often as it is rehearsed in light. I have made my position known. Jesus is the light. There is no other illuminating truth on Earth but the Word of God alone, and I shall neither bend to the left nor the right of such acknowledgement. And yet wars and rumors of wars—the endless current of evil which fills entire volumes of books (and keeps filling them before the ink has chanced to dry), are too often employed as smoke screens in order to hide the true untold darkness which has governed this world since the beginning. The use of plants and mushrooms is a surmounting evidence for which historians have long since suppressed. Yet the proof behind all counterfeit religions is staggering. The civilization of Cain—everything that was contained within the cities of Cain—were likely initiated by such psychedelics. Only recently have the books been opened. And finally the great and delusional deception of Globe Earth and everything that is contained within the globe as dictated by the ancient Mysteries are held to the light for anyone who wishes to expose them.

Among the “sixty” of Dr. Rick Strassman’s critical New Mexico study into the religious effects of DMT, even further evidence of the double-helix’s residency throughout “inner-space” can be found—as well as the occultist reality behind “outer-space” itself. Karl was Straussman’s first volunteer. Within two minutes of receiving his first low dose of N,N-dimethyltryptamine, he is said to have reported: “There were spirals of what looked like DNA, red and green.” Strassman found that his subjects were prone to get entranced, perhaps even paralyzed, by the initial display of tie-dye colors. To this he states, “If they can go through the curtain that the colors seem to represent, there often is more information and feeling than just the colors themselves.” Upon receiving a high dose of DMT, Karl would accomplish that very task. His first volunteer passed the cosmic curtain and entered the mystical land of machine elves once famously traversed by psychonaut Terence McKenna.

Of these elves Karl reports:

“There were a lot of elves. They were prankish, ornery; maybe four of them appeared at the side of a stretch of interstate highway I traveled regularly. They commanded the scene, it was their terrain! They were about my height. They held up placards, showing me these incredibly beautiful, complex, swirling geometric scenes in them. One of them made it impossible for me to move. There was no issue of control; they were totally in control. They wanted me to look! I heard a giggling sound—the elves laughing or talking at high-speed volume, chattering, twittering.”

Cleo was forty years-old and legally blind due to a genetic eye disorder when she volunteered for Dr. Rick Strassman’s study. Though born into a Jewish family, Cleo later turned to the Wiccan religion, and once while on LSD claimed having visions of a “past-life” experience where she burned at the stake for her participation in witchcraft. Recent experiments with mushrooms also presented otherwise forgotten memories of her father sexually molesting her as a child.

At any rate, she too met up with visions of the double-helix. “There was a spiral DNA-type thing made out of incredibly bright cubes,” she said. “I felt the boxes at the same time that my consciousness shifted.” Cleo reported going into every cell in her body. “It was amazing. It wasn’t just my body….themselves…themselves…it’s all connected.” At the 30 minute mark, she could feel the DMT burning in her veins. She also began to speak, as Straussman reports, with more clarity. Then the patterns began. “I said to myself, Let me go through you.” Unlike Karl, Cleo journeyed into outer space.

“At that point it opened, and I was very much somewhere else. I believe it was at that point that I went out, into the universe—being, dancing with, a star system. I asked myself, ‘Why am I doing this to myself?’  And then there was, ‘This is what you’ve always been searching for. This is what all of you has always been searching for.’ There was a moment of color. The colors were words. I heard what the colors were saying to me. I was trying to look out, but they were saying, ‘Go in.’ I was looking for God outside. They said, ‘God is in every sell of your body’…..The colors kept telling me things, but they were telling me things so I not only heard what I was seeing, but also felt it in my cells. I say felt, but it was like no other felt, more like a knowing that was happening in my cells. That God is in everything and that we are all connected, and that God dances in every cell of life, and that every cell of life dances in God.”

Yet another of Strassman’s “sixty” reported seeing the familiar double-helix pattern. Philip states: “The visuals were dropping back into tubes, like protozoa, like the inside of a cell, seeing the DNA twirling and spiraling. They looked gelatin-like—like tubes, inside which were cellular activities. It was like a microscopic view of them.”

And then there’s Sara, forty-two years old when she volunteered for Strassman’s New Mexico study. She claimed an “angel” had visited her once when she was stricken with a high fever as a child, and now reported “spirit guides” with whom she communicated with for advice and support. As part of Strassman’s “sixty,” Sara also claimed an excursion with the double-helix. “I felt the DMT release my soul’s energy and push it through the DNA. It’s what happened when I lost my body. There were spirals that reminded me of things I’ve seen at Chaco Canyon. Maybe that was DNA. Maybe the ancients knew that. The DNA is backed into the universe like space travel. One needs to travel without one’s body. It’s ridiculous to think about space travel in little ships.”

Strassman writes of her low-dose experience being somewhat typical—“pleasant, relaxing, with a sense of more to come.” Actually, what began with “lots of spinning colors,” also included clowns—lots of animated clowns, which Strassman insists is a common experience for DMT travelers. At any rate, on her second of four trips, Sara passed through the curtain of “the aggressive spinning colors” which were “almost familiar” by this point. She reported seeing “a pulsating entity (which) appeared in the patterns,” looking somewhat “Tinkerbell-like,” and which coaxed her to go with it. Though she did want to go with it, the drug had begun to wear off, “and I wasn’t high enough to follow it. I told it, I can’t go with you now. See, they want me back. It didn’t seem to be offended and, in fact, followed me back until I sensed it had reached its boundary. I felt like it was saying goody-bye. Reentry was slow….”

While she agreed that “the most intense part of each trip was spent tangled up in these colors,” on her third trip she “quickly blasted through to the other side. I was in a void of darkness. Suddenly, beings appeared. They were cloaked, like silhouettes. They were glad to see me. They indicated that they had had contact with me as an individual before. They seemed pleased that we had discovered this technology. I felt like a spiritual seeker who had gotten too far off course and, instead of encountering the spirit world, overshot my destination and ended up on another planet. They wanted to learn more about our physical bodies. They told me humans exist on many levels. I needed to reconnect with my body in time for the blood pressure check and blood sampling. It was as if they, rather than Laura, were collecting the information and they appreciated my doing it for them. Somehow we had something in common. They told me to embrace peace.”

double_helix_nebula_by_ashiphire (b)

Sara’s fourth and final DMT trip is perhaps the most interesting:

“I went directly into deep space. They knew I was coming back and they were ready for me. They told me there were many things they could share with us when we learn ow to make more extended contact. Again, they wanted something from me, not just physical information. They were interested in emotions and feelings. I told them: We have something we can give you: spirituality. I guess what I really meant was Love. I tried to figure out how to do this. I felt a tremendous energy, brilliant pink light with white edges, building on my left side. I knew it was spiritual energy and Love. They were on my right, so I reached out my hands across the universe and prepared to be a bridge. I let this energy pass through me to them, I said something like, See, there I did it for you. You have it. They were grateful. I was coming down off the DMT, losing altitude. I would have to go back.”

Sara didn’t feel comfortable in her role as an earthly spiritual emissary. To this she concluded: “I thought that the only way to encounter them is with bright lights and flying saucers in outer space. It never occurred to me to actually encounter them in our own inner space. I thought the only things we could encounter were things in our own personal sphere of archetypes and mythology. I expected spirit guides and angels, not alien life-forms.”

I’ll have more on this, including Dr. Rick Strassman’s conclusions, and how this relates to the Copernican deception, in future entries. After all, I’m busy writing a book.

Maranatha for now from Destin, Florida!