I Do Not Believe in the 1901 Pan-American Exposition

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The Pan-American Exposition took place in Buffalo, N.Y., in 1901 ...

SEVERAL NIGHTS of good conversation and beer at the 2019 Flat Earth International Conference in Dallas finally led me to begin looking into the mud flood theory. Just so we’re clear, I knew only so much on the subject as to begin my investigation with a keyword search. Tartaria. It basically went down like this. Rick Hummer leaned over at the bar one afternoon and was like, “Noel, you really need to look into this mud flood and Tartaria thing.”

And I was like, “Tatar sauce…?”

One thing led to another and I soon found myself digging my heels into the World Columbian Exposition. You can read about my discoveries in a paper titled, I Do Not Believe in the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, and the thesis is this. The Exposition, which was advertised as a 400-year celebration of Christopher Columbus discovering America, may in fact be the long lost and mythical Camelot city of Chilaga. Also, Columbus may be a myth—for all I know.

Nothing was built.

But a city was destroyed.

The Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo – And The Electric And ...

Let’s quickly run a summation of my conclusions.

THE WATCHERS written about in Enoch were sentenced to a prison term of seventy generations, by which time they were to be released upon the earth. Their release likely occurred sometime in the mid or early 19th century. This appears to have caused a human reset, and may in fact coincide with a worldwide mud flood event. When I talk about reset, I am inciting what has already provably happened in the Soviet Union a hundred years ago. The architects of Communism successfully rewrote history for those whom they beguiled. Her citizens inhabited what psychologists have coined a false-memory syndrome, not quite unlike the Mandela Effect today.

The Watchers immediately set about to deceive on a grand and global scale. Their first act was to scrub much of human history. This likely includes Tartaria. Her grand cities even existed in North America. I shall further develop the reasons why here. Their next effort was to reintroduce the “worthless mysteries” which Yahuah spoke of in Enoch, essentially initiating everybody into the techno-wizardry advanced by the Mystery religions, which brings us up to the present. The days of Noah.

After feeling satisfactory that something is being hidden by the Columbian Exposition, I next turned my attention to the 1901 Pan-American Exposition.

Once again, I am not disappointed.

Raphael Beck (1858-1947), Design for the Pan-American Exposition Logo, 1901; Collection of the Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society


THE FIRST little detail I noticed was the Pan-American Exposition logo. And it’s… a globe. But not just any globe. I am on record as stating the globe was rolled out as an esoteric concept. To my delight, they esoterically hide nothing here. You probably think it is North and South America, revealed as a pair of goddesses—their outstretched arms making up the two continents centralized region—which first struck my attention. If so, then you are wrong. It is the flags of the nations which first reached up and out of the screen to slap me. Here they are given the star treatment. Mm-hmm. Enoch again. I could write an entire article on this esoteric gem alone. The space mythos in relationship with the New World Order agenda. While I dutifully admit, finding the identity of these two goddesses has thus far proven unfruitful, I would soon come to find that Mother Nature was a theme which the Exposition designers sought to cross-reference with their showstopping Diva—the goddess of light.

In 1901, the Exposition took on the name, “The City of Light.” This is no doubt due to its shock and awe love affair with electric currents. External electric wiring seemed to define the Exposition, particularly after sundown, when visitors were hypnotized by the display.


Souvenir playing card out of a full deck from the Pan-American Exposition. The Three of Hearts displays a drawing of the "Beautiful Orient." Two obelisks frame the head of the Sphinx with a stone wall surrounding the area. Other towers and palm trees fill the background. In the foreground is a crowd of people with donkeys and camels. On the reverse is the official logo for the Pan-American Exposition in full color, with an ornate border.


In purely Watcher form, this new technological wizardry was attributed to the goddess of light. Lucifer. In Latin, Lucifer means “light-bringer,” and is designated to the wandering star, Venus. Feminine. The planet might also be called Phosphorus, likewise meaning “light-bringer,” or alternatively, Heosphoros, meaning “dawn-bringer.” Thus, we are redirected to Mother Nature herself. Isis. As if this is not enough to conclude the Exposition was designed alchemically, a 1901 playing deck, which features the two continental goddesses, also features the two high-places of Freemasonry, Osiris’ penis, with the Sphinx as a stand-in for Horus.

The 1901 World Fair was a Mystery religion initiation.


Bird's eye view of Buffalo's Pan-American Exposition of 1901 - KNOWOL


Destroying a City

I love Wikipedia. Reading Wikipedia is like watching the official narrative play the part of a little child who dances back and forth upon the sand in desperate hopes of keeping the incoming tide from destroying his castle. Most choose to dance about frantically with the child, hoping that their frail reality might win in the end. But I am obviously not alone here. Thousands of people all over the world are looking into the Expositions and recognizing the gangrenous stench of shameless propaganda.

Wikipedia tells us the Pan-American Exposition Company was organized in 1897 and that Cayuga Island was initially chosen as the place to hold the event. The Spanish-American war of 1898 put a stopper on their plans, via President McKinley and Vice-President Roosevelt. More on them later. Afterwards, a competition was held between Buffalo and Niagara Falls for its inevitable location. Buffalo won. This is due in part to being the 18th largest city in the United States and also having railroad connections. An estimated forty million people could reach it in one day.

Newspapers spread the story of its impending premiere far and wide. Otherwise, we learn little to nothing of its actual development on Wikipedia, but are treated in detail of its demolition. This is strange. We are reminded that the Expo was sold to the Chicago House Wrecking Company for $92,000. But who was contracted to build it? We are not immediately told.


EPCOT Center was constructed for an estimated $800 million to $1.4 ...


Contrarily, the construction of Disneyland in Anaheim and Walt Disney World in Orlando are well documented. We have blueprints. Imaginative storyboards. We have photos and more. Notice how nobody is claiming that Cinderella’s Castle secretly inhabited Floridian swamps for hundreds of years until Disney finally unveiled it in 1971. Nor did the company manage to keep EPCOT hidden from visitors for another decade. With the World Expositions, first Chicago and then Buffalo, we are given little but newspaper propaganda.

And a couple of construction photos.

We are told they are construction photos. Maybe they are. Maybe they are not. The official explanation is that buildings were raised only of staff, a plaster-like material that would begin to crumble after a few short months. Looks cheaply built to me. But ask yourself, what order are we supposed to place them in? Should the snow thaw first or last?



Only the following can be ascertained for certain. Construction started sometime in 1899. The city was completed by May 4, 1901. Whether the duration of construction lasted 1.5 or 2.5 years is unknown. 51 wired-buildings were raised on 350 acres for a total cost of $500,000. The expo only lasted six months.

And then it was destroyed.

Tartaria researcher Korban Dallas asks the following questions.

  • What company, or companies did the construction, electrical, plumbing, canal installation?
  • How many construction personnel were involved?
  • Where are the design blue prints?
  • Who were the plaster artisans performing those elaborate designs?
  • What companies did the interior designs for those 50 buildings?
  • Which companies supplied the construction materials (+ windows, doors, etc)?
  • Where is the photographic proof of the construction turmoil which was supposed to be happening to meet the dead line?

The main issue is the delicate nature of staff.

Some eight-million people were apparently coerced to travel by automobile or train in order to visit a city built of staff. Even if investors decided to build the sort of Metropolis which the three pigs might be proud of (and we are told this Exposition lost money, as well as Chicago), its many intricate ornaments would still require time and skill to produce. We are never told how this colossal task was managed.

The Expositions were designed as an illusion. Remember that.


Amazon.com: Mckinley Assassination Nthe Assassination Of President ...


Eat, Sleep, Psychodrama

I HAD already concluded that the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition had in fact risen to the functions of a psychodrama. This is a trademark of the Isis Mysteries. If you recall, the 6-month event concluded with the assassination of Chicago’s mayor, Carter Harrison Sr. At the time, I completely overlooked the fact that serial killer H.H. Holmes was on the prowl. For the record, Harrison’s assassin was a crisis actor and Holmes was a hoax.

Rumors still persist that Holmes was successful in luring 200 Exposition victims into his self-dubbed Murder Castle. There are a number of problems with this media fabrication. Of the 27 murders which Holmes apparently confessed to, several of his victims were still alive. Therefore, Holmes could not have possibly killed the living, and we are left to ponder the extent of his lie. He was furthermore paid $7,500 by the Hearst newspapers in exchange for his confession. What would a man on his way to the gallows need with a small fortune? Holmes was never tried for his confessions. All we know for certain is media tampering.

And so, going into the Pan-American Exposition, my immediate question was, how could Buffalo organizers top Chicago?

The Pan-American Exposition Company did not disappoint.

On September 6, 1901, at precisely 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon, President McKinley was shot. We are told a lone gunman name Leon Czolgosz wrapped a handkerchief around his right hand, so as to conceal his weapon, and then followed the President into the Expositions Temple of Music. One bullet brazed a button. The second entered his gut.

The story plays out comparably to Lincoln’s assassination at Ford’s Theater, in that it always comes down to the unreliability of the Secret Service. For example, we are first told that McKinley was able to dodge his Secret Service only one day earlier and walk around the Exposition as a freeman. We are also told that the Secret Service would not allow any man to approach the President unless his hands were fully visible. And yet the rule did not apply to Czolgosz, who is depicted in his own confession letter, dated the 31st of August, as being psychologically depraved.

For added entertainment Wikipedia states, “a newly developed X-ray machine was displayed at the fair, but doctors were reluctant to use it on McKinley to search for the bullet because they did not know what side effects it might have had on him.” And if that wasn’t strange enough, “Also, the operating room at the exposition’s emergency hospital did not have any electric lighting, even though the exteriors of many of the buildings were covered with thousands of light bulbs. Doctors used a pan to reflect sunlight onto the operating table as they treated McKinley’s wounds.”

McKinley apparently loved world Fairs. He even attended the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago. On the day before he was shot, the President gave a speech at the Exposition, which began as follows:

“Expositions are the timekeepers of progress. They record the world’s advancement. They stimulate the energy, enterprise, and intellect of the people; and quicken human genius. They go into the home. They broaden and brighten the daily life of the people. They open mighty storehouses of information to the student.”

The Assassination of William McKinley and the Development of ...

A bio search on McKinley reveals him as the only President to have enlisted in the Civil War as a private. This is intended to paint him in the strokes of the typical American experience, not quite unlike Jimmy Carter, the Georgian peanut farmer. And yet McKinley ascended to the ranks of Major. Wikipedia adds, he “quickly took to the soldier’s life and wrote a series of letters to his hometown newspaper extolling the army and the Union cause.” One really doesn’t even need to read between the lines to understand that his letter writing campaign was appointed for the purposes of propaganda. We then discover that 19th US President Rutherford B. Hayes was his mentor during the War. McKinley even had his portrait taken by Matthew Brady. There’s nothing ordinary about McKinley at all.

Need I remind you that it took a 12-year-old girl to create a family tree linking 42 of 43 U.S. presidents to King John of England, who signed Magna Carta in 1215. This is the same John Lackland who played the villain in Robin Hood. Royalty still runs America, and it’s not a conspiracy. The McKinley Monument at Buffalo City Hall displays an obelisk. Like every single one of his cousins, we know precisely who he was ultimately serving.

He was mock sacrificed at an Exposition devoted to Lucifer.

Pan-Am Exposition : apotheosis incandescent light Buffalo Pan ...

New World Order

HERE IS the bottom line. The Pan-American Exposition as a pre-existing Tartarian city may in fact be unimportant. Arguing that point is a total distraction from its intended purpose. And that is alchemy.

The transformation of a society is the focus of of my investigation.

The  Expositions were employed as a dissemination of the Old World Order and ushering in of the New. It wasn’t good enough to simply destroy Tartarian society. They needed their slaves to know it was being destroyed, and in doing so, reprogram people’s very memory of it. This is perhaps not so dissimilar from how Allied soldiers carted Germans out to concentration camps after the War, coercing them into a certain narrative. Millions of people in both Chicago and Buffalo were hoodwinked into believing that their modern technological advancements were the results of free enterprise and independent agents while simultaneously being shown the very gods who had engineered everything.

Americans were indoctrinated into the cult of state worship.



A Guide to Buffalo's 1901 Pan-American Exposition