Kill the Indian to Save the Man: a History of Racism

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THE FIRST THING a friend said to me, having learned that we bought a house in Charleston some five years ago, was: “What are you, a racist?” And I understood exactly what he meant by it.

I grew up in sunny Southern California, cruising the Pacific Coast Highway in a Jeep convertible, and let me tell you, the landscape of America is a horrifying place to behold while sipping the poisoned hemlock from a salted ruby slipper under the shadow of Hugh Hefner’s Hollywood sign because, with the exception of a few glimmers of hope, Seattle, Boston, or New York making that short list, the map is almost completely dark. You can forget about the entire mid-west and the American South. We’re talking spiritual arrogance and social intolerance on a global scale. Just not among the sandy beaches of a Frankie and Annette movie, where an earthquake, mudslide, or fire may or may not destroy your home, but the media culture promises to choke and strangle your family life. Otherwise translated, Manifest Destiny was a success in-so much as Southern California stands erect, a beacon of morality and hope for the rest of humanity. Everyone else is probably a racist.

And besides, it was always the most loathsome crimes that happened in Texas. Andrea Yates drowned her five children in a tub in Texas. 80 people were killed by the government after a 51-day standoff in Waco, a name synonymous with Texas. A woman in Fort Worth struck a homeless man named Gregory Glenn Biggs with her automobile and then drove home, while Biggs dangled in the windshield, and then parked him in the garage, where he died two days later. The Alamo happened in Texas too. I didn’t realize until years later that Lorena Bobbitt cut off her husbands penis in Virginia, not Texas. Also, I just looked this up. Tonya Harding is from Portland and not Texas. But I wouldn’t have known the difference as a teenager. They were all Texans. Davy Crockett may have blazed the trail to the Promised Land but he went out like a bum in Texas. When I landed my very first out-of-state gig as a wedding photographer, I excitedly told my grandmother about it on her deathbed. I had returned that very day from San Antonio. Her dying words to me, I kid you not, were: “Yes, but why Texas?”

Never mind the fact that a laundry list of the worst atrocities imaginable can probably be traced to the Los Angeles area alone, and we’re not even involving the occult underworld of Hollywood in our investigation, which you can read about here. They Call Her the Black Dahlia. OJ was probably a media hoax. So, we’ll let him slide for the moment. Otherwise, if the hate happens in California, it’s proof that they may be inhabiting the golden state, but they’re still a lump of coal and the alchemy hasn’t set in quite yet, because lynch mobs naturally happen in places like Mississippi and Texas, not California.


Oluwatoyin Salau, Victoria Sims: Timeline of disappearance and death


Speaking of which, black guys are getting lynched across America, because that’s a thing now. Two of them were hung from a tree in California. The body of 24-year-old Robert Fuller was found in Palmdale, hanging from a tree near City Hall. The body of Malcolm Harsch, 38, was also found hanging from a tree in Victorville. Victorville is 50 miles due east of Palmdale. Kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it? White hicks populate both towns, if you get my drift. Talk to Californians and they’ll remind you that another black man was hung in Texas. I actually looked this up. Astonishingly, a black man was hung in Texas. In every single case, the police are ruling them out as suicides. And I tend to believe them. Why? Because just like that, the media dropped the story. Gone. Even the murder of 19-year-old Black Lives Matter activist Oluwatoyin Salau (pictured above) and a 75 year-old white woman in Florida lost steam after a Tallahassee black man confessed to the killing.

For whatever reason, Americans didn’t take the bait. Perhaps because black lives rarely matter so much as when another black man does the killing. Don’t shoot the messenger. And also, because they’re not a CIA operation. The media is one big CIA operation, and so they typically invest in the sort of news which they create. Somebody named Steven Baca, member of a militia group called the New Mexico Civil Guard, was arrested after opening fire into an Albuquerque crowd and white America didn’t spark the race war that our Slave Masters so desperately wanted. Several weeks before Derek Chauvin knelt upon George Floyd’s neck, the media attempted to take the baseball bat to the hornets nest with the murder of a 25 year-old black man named Ahmaud Arbery by two white guys, 64 year-old Gregory McMichael and his 34-year-old son, Travis McMichael. They gunned him down in cold blood on a hunch that he’d stolen something, because a black man has no business jogging through their neighborhood, even if he wasn’t running out of Walmart with a flat screen. I mean, the press was hounding us with the story, and nobody took the bait. They needed to up their game with blue blood and a man named George Floyd. The CIA pulled it off like a charm. And that’s my entire point. If they’re going to push their people’s revolution to the tipping point, then expect the grizzly crimes against humanity of all color to escalate, courtesy of Langley.

See, the media desperately wants to push humanity into the flames, so as to raise the phoenix from the dead, and they’re attempting however possible to plant the idea in your noggin. “Black guys. Lynched. Jim Crow exhumed. Hands up, don’t shoot! We need more CHOP!! Won’t somebody order more CHOP, NOW?!!”


Bree Newsome, Who Pulled Down S.C. Confederate Flag in 2015 ...


In Charleston, a black woman was giving swim lessons to a class of white toddlers and their dads and nobody seemed to pay it any mind. I combed the pool for virtue signaling in progress and couldn’t find anyone on their cell phones. The media completely butchered the ghost of Jim Crow narrative back in 2015 with the Dylann Roof shooting hoax. Nobody sparked civil unrest, even after Bree Newsome removed the confederate flag from the South Carolina state house, and all President Barrack Obama could do was piggy-back off an obvious CIA operation by singing Amazing Grace to parishioners of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Anyhow, my wife was sitting next to me on the pool deck. Sarah. She leaned over and said she couldn’t take it anymore. She had only recently killed Instagram, she said. Why, I asked. She said the only reason she kept an account to begin with was to follow the lives of her sisters and their children and her last remaining friends and their children, all of whom reside in New World Order occupied territory. California. In the wake of the George Floyd media hoax, all they cared to talk about was how they’re not a racist and their children aren’t racists but everyone else is probably a racist, because in California, keeping quiet on social justice issues arouses suspicion. What’s important is virtue signaling and letting everyone else know how antithetical you are in the face of worldwide racism. Oh, and look what I’m eating for dinner. She couldn’t take it anymore. Instagram is no more. Done. The spell had no effect on her.

I sat there by the pool and thought to myself, “It’s almost like Langley is employing racism as a weapon against us.”

I then thought about the psychodramas of coronavirus and George Floyd and Corporate sponsorship of the CIA-created Black Lives Matter. “The media’s goal is to have everyone fidget their eyes at the mere notion that they may secretly harbor racist tendencies and then appropriate their own lives to custom fit the globalist agenda so that everyone else who plays along with the propaganda will not think of them as one.”

Nobody wants to be targeted as racist under the pin tack on the invented hate map of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

A few seconds later and I was like, “Wait, what is racism again?”


Lieut Richard Henry Pratt, Founder and Superintendent of Carlisle Indian School, in Military Uniform and With Sword 1879.jpg


If I was going to get to the bottom of this, I needed to know where racism even began. So, I turned to Google, and I wasn’t disappointed. The word racist is only a hundred years old, and some change. It was first coined by a guy named Richard Henry Pratt in 1902. Pratt. As in Hollywood actor and son-in-law of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chris Pratt? Possibly. I wanted to know more about this Pratt fellow and then maybe look into the Pratt family. Wikipedia has an article on Brigadier General Richard Henry Pratt. Follow along. Wiki often likes to tell you the accomplishments of spooks in the first few introductory sentences. Once again, I wasn’t disappointed. After immediately learning that Pratt was the founder and longtime superintendent of something called the Carlisle Indian Industrial School at Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Wiki then reminded me: “He is associated with the first recorded use of the word ‘racism,’ which he used in 1902 to criticize racial segregation.” This is, as you already know, the very reason I began looking into Pratt, via Google. But then Pratt takes an interesting turn. Wiki immediately counterbalances Pratt’s disdain for segregation with: “Pratt is also known for using the phrase “kill the Indian, save the man” in reference to the ethos of the Carlisle Indian Industrial School and efforts to educate Native Americans.” Wait, what?

If you just choked on an expensive five dollar blueberry scone, then I apologize for not first dropping a warning.

Nobody warned me by the poolside.




If Pratt’s preference for murder confuses you, then just read a little farther. Pratt was instrumental in the genocide of the American plains Indians. He participated in the Washita River campaign alongside George Custer in 1868 and later took part in the Red River War in 1874. This is the same Union army which, only four years earlier, was busy killing southerners for demanding independence from the Federal government. Here’s something your government-sponsored Illuminati pamphlet forgot to tell you. Lincoln’s war freed plantation slaves and then made every single citizen a slave to the state. And that’s probably only the tip of the iceberg. Ironically, history has deemed Confederate statues a Richard Pratt approved racist, and worthy of being removed. Charles Darwin was a racist but nobody’s cutting his statue down. Why is Walt Disney still standing? Because Disney is a CIA operation, and so is Black Lives Matter. If you’re just now tuning into my writings detailing the current coronavirus spin-offs we currently find ourselves in, then I suggest you read the following papers. 8:46. Attack and dethrone god. CHAZ. Who Is Ilhan Omar? And since I thought to bring it up, Abraham Lincoln, Walt Disney and Disney’s Star Wars Hotel. At any rate, Pratt’s interim with the Buffalo Soldiers in 1867 also has my interest, because this not only pins him to the genocide of the lost tribes of Israel and the destruction of Tartaria, but also whatever the government was attempting to cover up and ultimately destroy in Yosemite National Park.

After the Indian wars tapered off, Pratt then led Corporate America’s conquered people to St. Augustine, Florida under orders of President Grant’s Attorney General, where they were permanently imprisoned at Fort Marion. From this point forward, Wiki doesn’t even shy from telling you what Pratt’s ambitions were. By calling anyone a racist who saw Europeans as something separate from Native Americans or Africans, he assimilated all people groups into an educated melting pot in order to Americanize them. Do you see where this is going? At Fort Marion and later Carlisle, his public school for minorities “was later regarded by some as a form of cultural genocide. He believed that to claim their rightful place as American citizens, Native Americans needed to renounce their tribal way of life, convert to Christianity, abandon their reservations, and seek education and employment among the ‘best classes’ of Americans.”

Pratt described his government public school program in the following words. “Kill the Indian… to save the man.”

The Carlisle Indian Industrial School has its own Wiki page. There I learned that over 10,000 Native American children from 140 tribes attended Carlisle from 1879 until 1918. Lakota. Ojibwe. Seneca. Oneida. Cherokee. Apache. Cheyenne. Alaskan Natives. And yet only 158 students graduated. Huh? Did they fail to become white Americans? And for the record, Pratt’s system wasn’t limited to the native population either. He “developed the compulsory education paradigm that would be used for many different demographic minorities in the United States and its territories, including African-Americans, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Latinos, Pacific Islanders, Asian-Americans, and Mormons.” Try not to let cognitive dissonance win the day.

Pratt, the inventor of the word racism, was instrumental in developing Corporate American re-education camps.


Tom Torlino, Navajo, before and after. Photograph from the Richard ...


At this point I thought it might be a good idea to look a little further into the Pratt family tree. Wiki has a page devoted to selected Pratt family members. Emphasis is my own. Follow along. William Pratt (1609–1678) came over to America on the same ship as John Cotton and Thomas Hooker. Already we have placed the Pratt family in the inner circle of the Salem witch trial hoax. Also, William had sailed with Hooker to Holland before the entry to the colonies, and all three, Cotton included, attended Cambridge together. Interesting. As an added bonus, William Pratt formed the Connecticut colony. William Pratt’s third great-grandson was Parley Parker Pratt Sr., (April 12, 1807 – May 13, 1857) otherwise known as the “Apostle Paul of Mormonism.” His brother Anson Pratt (1801-1849) fought at the battle of Nauvoo, and here we find a long line of illustrious Mormons which leads us all the way to Mitt Romney.

Notice however that Wiki tells you we are only dealing with selected family members. I thought this was odd. I remembered that researcher Miles Mathis had done a paper on Chris Pratt and I couldn’t help but wonder if there was any relation to the Brigadier General. Turns out there was. Wiki also leaves out other notable members of the Pratt family tree. Guys like Benjamin Franklin. You will tell me that Richard Henry Pratt was against Mormonism and therefore couldn’t be from the same family line. Another relative of Pratt’s, Sarah Marinda Bates Pratt (1817–1888), formed the Anti-Polygamy Society in favor of monogamy and was cast out of the Mormon church as an apostate. The Pratt’s have long played both sides.

Let’s review. Admiral Pratt invented the term racism in 1902 in order to criticize segregation of non-Europeans while simultaneously devoting himself to killing non-European cultures on a genocidal level. He wanted to kill the Native Americans, specifically the Native American within. He wanted to kill the African, Puerto Rican, Mexican, Latino, Pacific Islander, Asian, and Mormon in men, and then rinse and lather them in the soap of Imperialist Society. Don’t worry, in the wake of the mud flood, they were scrubbing the memories of white people too. I’ve covered this with the World Fairs. Chicago. Pan-American. Fallen women, foundlings, and something called the Lost World of the Mud Flood. The timing of Pratt’s school places us in Orphan Train territory. The World Expositions were ultimately all about bringing people into the cult of patriotism and destroying any mention of the Old World Order by shoving the truth into their faces until their eyeballs bled and then blatantly lying about everything.

Pratt was an outspoken leader of the “friend of the Indian” Movement. See what he did there? In purely Orwellian language, Big Brother was already swapping hate for love; lies for truth; enemy for friend. But that’s probably none of my business.



I just did a Google image search on “racist syrup,” and Aunt Jemima filled every frame. Also, something about Uncle Ben. Wikipedia says Aunt Jemima as a pancake mix debuted in 1889. I can’t help but wonder if Corporations served Jemima on our plates as long as they have so as to reserve their loathing for this very moment in time, because that’s precisely the sort of the thing the CIA would do. They’ll screw with our heads, but not before first making a date with destiny decades in advance. America is a Corporation. They’ll happily brand comfort food for the very purposes of giving a titty-twist to your soul and then blaming you for the personal disquiet. That’s precisely how they turn a lump of coal into gold. Nothing says conscious needing cleansed like a guilty one. The New World Order doesn’t simply want to flush your ability to think cognitively; they want to murder your own sense of personal identity. That’s the whole joke about the media’s war on racism. Racism as we know it was created for the purposes of propaganda. They want you to suspect your friends and your mother-in-law, even your  own dog, is a racist. They want you taking it to Facebook and Twitter and letting everyone know how socially progressive you truly are before playing the part of the Gestapo and kicking the door down of anyone who is antithetical to the cause. It’s why they want to enlist you as a contact tracer too, and precisely what wearing the CDC-approved mask is all about. It’s about killing the individual in you and molding you alchemically into the image of the New World Order.


The Beast is employing it as a weapon against you.




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