I AM in complete and total awe of the raw power which the CIA-controlled media wields over the human psyche. Just two months ago they told everyone to lock themselves up in their homes and never leave except to wear a 3-ply mask. Compliance was contagious. Church pastors everywhere exposed themselves as hirelings by choosing Dr. Fauci and the CDC over a faith in Yahuah and then locking their congregations outside with the wolves. The media told us to be afraid of an invisible enemy which lives within and everyone responded: “How afraid do you want us?”

Now the media is telling people to go outside and burn their neighborhoods down over another staged hoax involving crisis actors, including some guy named George Floyd, and everyone’s like: “How hot do you want the flames and how much of the world should we burn down?”

How easily we soon forget, because they dangled another similar story in front of us several weeks ago. It involved a 25 year-old black man named Ahmaud Arbery and two white guys, 64 year-old Gregory McMichael and his 34-year-old son, Travis McMichael. They gunned him down in cold blood on a hunch that he’d stolen something, because a black man has no business jogging through their neighborhood, even if he wasn’t running out of Walmart with a flat screen. I mean, the press was hounding us with the story, and nobody took the bait. Perhaps because the father and son were portrayed as Georgian hicks, and the Klan is played out with Jim Crow. If the CIA was going to amp up the coronavirus psychodrama before they force us all back into our homes again, then they needed another Rodney King. And they needed an enforcer with blue blood.

This time around, the story focuses in upon a black man named George Floyd who was apprehended by a white police officer for matching the description of another black man who attempted to purchase cigarettes with a fake $20-dollar bill from an Islamic slum lord. Do you see what I did there? I said “black man” twice in one sentence. Before this paper is over, I may even try for three instances. In its immediate aftermath, Skynet kept sending me articles about the impending Space X launch, and every one I managed to read reminded me about the fact that Elon Musk was sending a rocket up into space, populated by white people, while here on Earth, we’re stuck in a world where a black man was only recently killed by a white cop. They never failed to mention the fact that he was black, even though the story was about the Dragon rocket, and undoubtedly esoteric, in so much as Space X is a series of Mystery plays hashing out the Elite’s attempt to conquer heaven. Stop to consider that the narrative is purely Gnostic. We’re trapped in hell. Only the Luciferians will ascend. I suggest you compare notes with my experiences in castles designed by Michelangelo. Chateau de Chambord. Or the fact that Tom Cruise is making a movie in space, because he performs all his own stunts and never phones it in. Tom Cruise. They’re all a regurgitated series of alchemical ceremonies bent on mass social engineering and occult initiation. Oh, and two more related to alchemy and the coronavirus, if you need to get caught up to speed. The Anchorite Returns. And Coronavirus Cosmology.


Paris Protests Erupt over Adama Traoré, Young Black Man Who Died ...

French President Emmanuel Macron Calls Emergency Meeting as ...


Before I delve into George Floyd, you should know that a similar script was played out in Paris four years earlier. Another black man, identified as 24 year-old Adama Traoré, had his neck stepped on by the police. His last words were, “I can’t breathe.” You may be thinking Floyd and Traoré was simply coincidences, but they were not. The French know how to cook and to paint and match a pair of shoes with a dress. They know good wine and are intimately familiar with some 500 varieties of cheese. I learned this firsthand. But more than anything, they know how to protest. They will gladly protest America any day of the week. But when it comes to people, nothing says protest quite like the abuse of their own. This just goes to show the extent of Langley’s day-to-day operations, and how easily they can pull from the Scrabble bag whenever they need names for their psychodrama. They’ve had the Adama Traoré drama sitting on the shelf for four years.

I was holding off from writing about Floyd. Langley had taken a baseball bat to the beehive and this wasn’t my war. The media was seeing to it that my computer screen flickered with the ambient-hue of smoldering ruins as our Slave Masters encouraged plantation rice and cotton-pickers to burn down their own barracoon in domestic cities like Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, and Minneapolis, practically every corner of the United States. Europe too. They’ve created a sophisticated system of indoctrination to keep everyone under their management, and this is no exception to the rule. I suggest you read my paper, You Are a Slave, and the United States is a Corporation, if you haven’t already. This is why, even after learning that the autopsy was conducted by Michael Baden, former New York City chief medical examiner, I kept silent in my corner of the motionless plane. Mm-hmm, this is the same guy who conducted an independent autopsy on Jeffrey Epstein. If you weren’t slapped silly with “Epstein didn’t kill himself” memes in 2019 then you have the wrong set of friends. I hadn’t even begun my investigation into Floyd, knowing nothing of Adama Traoré, and the knowledge of Baden’s involvement was already screaming hoax . But I also knew it’s only because Langley wanted me to know it was a hoax. Baden was chosen for the part. With Baden, it’s like they were offering a slice of German chocolate cake with a 200-pound Swedish massage therapist and then whispering softly into my ear:

“Come on, Noel.

We dare you to do something about it.

It’s fake.




We know you want a slice.”


Floyd’s autopsy report had him testing positive for COVID-19. Baden and company just had to throw that in.

I was at the gym today, reminding myself that this wasn’t my war. George Floyd’s funeral was on the television screen. I’m told it was an open casket. I got a talking to from the vacuum lady for not spraying down the equipment with enough chemicals after each use. This is due to the fact that the pores of my skin may be glistening with COVID-19, and they want the faux leather thoroughly soaked, so as to form puddles of pneumonia on the floor. That means every single beefcake in the weight room is a dire threat. And I looked. Try not to be disappointed, ladies. Hardly anyone was hosing the seats off. Every other elliptical machine was shut down due to coronavirus. Same story in the locker room. Every other locker was held up in quarantine. Apparently, putting shoes and a belt in a self-contained and sealed locker next door to somebody else’s underwear and slacks in a self-contained and sealed locker is endangering us all, because the 3-ply mask and Bill Gates’ vax only works if everyone participates. Also, the episode only happened after my temperature was taken with a laser gun. There was an entire line-up of beefcakes waiting outside, because the gym could only be filled at half capacity. This was all psychological. They’re screwing with our heads. I couldn’t take it anymore.

And then Al Sharpton stepped up to the podium to speak at George Floyd’s funeral, and I was like, “Okay Langley, now you guys have gone too far.” It’s like that moment when Colonel Trautman finally tracked Rambo down in the first three movies. Essentially, I snapped. You know how Buzz Aldrin sells fictional tourist destinations, like the moon, the South Pole, and the Titanic wreckage? Sharpton isn’t just an ambulance chaser. They roll this guy out whenever they want to clench the gut of every hard-working conservative white male. His almost-omnipresence in the media is like some sort of nails on the chalkboard punishment in Purgatory, and it’s all by design. Like practically everything else nowadays, Floyd was created by Skynet, and it’s a war of attrition intended to wear you down, no matter your position. They’re going to play every narrative, introduce every variable, and custom-design every possible outcome. They’re even going to leave a crumb trail for Truthers, and they’re going to boldly lead us down the rabbit trail on the cover of next month’s magazine. Everyone’s in on it. Even conspiracy sites like InfoWars or The Drudge Report. They’re all run by Langley. Nobody wins but the initiated.


Looking Back At Martin Luther King Jr.'s Nobel Prize Dinner | WABE ...


Glistening with a healthy proportion of paranoia-free sweat, I decided to ditch the Gym Nazi and begin my investigation by looking up the man of the hour from home. Wikipedia tells me that Reverend Al Sharpton was appointed by Jesse Jackson to serve as youth director of the New York City branch of Operation Breadbasket. I’m only a minute into my Google search and already that’s a mouthful. He would have only been fifteen or sixteen years old at the time. And by the way, when MLKJ was killed, who had a hand on his chest but Jesse Jackson? The above picture should tell you everything you need to know about Black Lives Matter and its Civil Rights predecessor. There he is. Jacob Rothschild in the flesh. He’s speaking at MLKJ’s Nobel Peace Prize recognition dinner, something called the “National Conference of Christians and Jews,” which was held at the Dinkier Plaza Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia, on the 27th of January, 1965. Rothschild looked old then. And as of this writing, he’s still alive. The Jews have their hands in everything, particularly black neighborhoods. A Jew named Jerry Heller is responsible for guys like Dr. Dre and Eazy-E. He pioneered west coast hip-hop and practically created gangster rap. And it’s all intended to exploit gang rivalries. Then again, music as a whole is run by Jews. Consider my paper on Woodstock. Everything is by design. The very bloodline that’s behind Zionism, the Federal Reserve, and every war in modern human history is handing MLKJ his peace prize. Try not to let cognitive dissonance win the day.

But already, I was going down a labyrinth of rabbit trails, because really, we’re dealing with George Floyd. I needed to go back and look at the George Floyd footage afresh.

In case you’re not caught up to speed, George Floyd was the 46 year-old black man who Space X kept reminding me about. He was killed while in custody of a police officer, and his famous last words were: “I can’t breathe.” Apparently, Langley’s in the t-shirt printing business too, because people are guzzling up “I can’t breathe” attire. Let’s try to learn something about the character in this unfolding drama, George Floyd, shall we?

Wikipedia likes to let us in on a spooks most notable accomplishments within the first couple of sentences. They waste no time here. “Protests in response to both Floyd’s death, and more broadly to police violence against other black people, quickly spread across the United States and internationally.” And just so we’re clear, the CIA-controlled media told us to go out and commit international violence before any of it really began. Mission accomplished. We then learn that he played basketball at Yates High School in Alabama, at South Florida Community College, and then again for Texas A&M University—Kingsville. The most notable line in his entire biography at present begins in 1994, when “he also performed as a rapper using the stage name ‘Big Floyd’ in the hip hop group Screwed Up Click, thereby becoming “an early contributor to the development of Houston’s hip-hop scene.” I can only wonder if they started the grooming process as early as his childhood, where he was raised in Cuney Home in the Third Ward of Houston, Texas.

Wikipedia says nothing about his twin brother.


The Embarrassment of Democrats Wearing Kente-Cloth Stoles | The ...


The cops name was 44 year-old Derek Chauvin. He was videotaped pronouncing his knee upon George Floyd’s neck for the matter of 8 minutes and 46 seconds. I noticed a series of oddities, the first of which is the 8 minutes and 46 seconds. The numbers themselves are important. With 8, I was immediately reminded of Pythagoras, the number of infinity, the ouroboros, and the transmigration of souls. I am mostly speaking to my regular reading audience when I remind you that this is all a ceremony. Performance witchcraft at its best. Before I finally agreed to go through with this sleazy article, a friend showed me that the hashtag “attack and dethrone god” is trending on Twitter. If that doesn’t get Linda Blair’s head turning, then I don’t know what will. Tim Walz, the Jewish governor of Minnesota, has ordered 8 minutes and 46 seconds for the totality of his citizens. Wall Street followed suite. Likewise, democrats on Capital Hill took a knee. In fact, from what I can tell, people across the Corporate States are taking a knee on their front lawns for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. It’s all a ritual. And since I thought to bring it up, recognize the Space X Dragon for what it truly is. Ritual. I chose the above picture from a variety of angles. Notice the social distancing. 69. Everybody’s favorite Senators, Charles “not wearing a mask” Schumar, and Nancy “It’s not murder if they don’t leave the hospital” Pelosi are positioned center stage, because it’s all a performance. In almost every single picture I found online, whatever the angle, Langley was screaming at me: “As above, so below.”

Oh, and by the way, 46 is Langley’s birthday. 8 minutes. 46 seconds. They’re leaving their signature.


George Floyd Criminal Past Arrest Timeline/History/Record of ...


A 17 year-old woman named Darnella Frazier was responsible for video taping the ritual. The Wrap has already named Frazier “the most influential filmmaker of the century,” highlighting her “incredible craftsmanship.” Uh-huh, no agenda here. We are immediately expected to believe that Chauvin slowly murdered a man over the matter of twenty dollars, while remaining calm and calculated, keeping one hand in his pocket most of the time, but was uninterested in confiscating a black girl’s cell phone. That’s sloppy police work. The fact that the license plate on Chauvin’s vehicle says POLICE is also sloppy police work.

Frazier stood there for how long again? Oh, that’s right. 8 minutes and 46 seconds.

Seriously, though. Was any of this really sloppy?

I think not.


George Floyd, PORN STAR! - Page 4


I was tipped off to the fact that George Floyd also appeared in a porn video. I ran across several online sources who claimed a friend of a friend was able to identify Floyd before Pornhub pulled it from the shelf. This is precisely how Skynet works. Just like the Las Vegas shooting, it seems like everybody had a friend of a friend who knew someone. It’s how they hook and reel you into the transformative drama. Supposedly, the video has survived. Photos are cast across the web like bread crumbs, hoping to be scooped up by guys like me. I found the most family friendly image imaginable, but however you first imagine this sex act in your head is probably the correct one. If by now you are asking how in the world somebody was able to comb through Pornhub in hopes of merely catching their perp in the act, then you are asking the right sort of questions. For all I know, the video was shot in preparation for the event. That friend of a friend everybody’s talking about is Langley. Langley probably even wants you to believe he’s a spook meeting up with real life double-crossing Bond girls named Fanny Blowlightly or Tasty Softplace, secretly working for Mao Zedong, Kim Jung Un, or Richard Branson. If there’s bread crumbs to be discovered, it’s also likely because the person we only know as George Floyd is leaving them.

That—or he’s seriously damaged goods and the symbolism screwed with his head on a subconscious level while they were still working out the kinks. His tattoo couldn’t be any more obvious. Look closely at it, because that’s 33-degree, baby. The real deal. Floyd was either a Mason or possessed by the spirit of Thomas Wildey. Schumar and Pelosi were taking a knee for one of their own. The double-headed Phoenix design is called Ordo Ab Chao which, once translated, means: “Order from Chaos.” Cue worldwide riots. It’s also associated with another Latin phrase, Lux In Tenebris, or “Light from Darkness.” Again, cue worldwide riots. What I’d really like to find out is when George Floyd received his tattoo. But just know one thing. Langley wanted you to see it. They wanted you to see it so bad that they dressed him up in a sleeveless tank top for the arrest. It’s all part of the ceremony.


order out of chaos freemasonry - Royal Arch Masons of England


Think about the tattoo, fully visible in Floyd’s sex tape and again during his arrest, while reading the following quote. Visualize the phoenix pronounced upon his chest. Society rising out of the flames. Pushing symbols like this into everyone’s subconscious while the psychodrama unfolds is precisely how alchemy works. It comes from another paper I wrote, They Call Her the Black Dahlia, and the quote is my own.

Understanding the chakra wheel is important. The term chakra essentially refers to the various focal points in the body used in a variety of ancient and esoteric meditation practices, all of which collectively stem from ancient Hinduism and Buddhism. Tantra is the practice, technique, and application of chakra. According to the science of tantra, the human being is his own miniature universe. All that exists within the created cosmology exists also within himself. This cosmology is a manifestation of pure consciousness, and yet, consciousness seems to be divided into two aspect—shiva and shakti. The first, shiva, represents the unchanging manifestations of reality, while shakti, being the subtler unseen realm of the psyche, has the potential to bring for the entire manifest cosmos. The tantric problem however is that the unconscious does not speak our present Babel language. It speaks in symbols. Therefore, it is through altered states of consciousness that the unconscious becomes vulnerable to reprogramming. In order for this to happen, the conscious mind must be put to bed in its altered state long enough for the symbol to be transformed. On this point, sex magic is applicable. Sexual energy, specifically arousal and the orgasm, when paired with visualization of the desired result, is a potent force which can transcend one’s normally perceived reality.


VIDEO: George Floyd & His Killer Used To Work Together In The Same ...


Here’s something else to pay attention to. Chauvin worked as an off duty police officer at a nightclub called El Nuevo Rodeo for the better part of two decades. Then again, so did Floyd. Huh? El Nuevo Rodeo’s owner is a woman named Maya Santamaria. Just three years ago she was named by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal as “Lake Street’s Power Player.” That’s like being assigned the centerfold for an online Freemason’s-only dating ad. Storm troopers filled the ranks in the background while she freely offered her interview to the media, and her nightclub was in view. When asked about Chauvin, Maya Santamaria profiled him as the quiet sort. He kept to himself most of the time. “I never would have expected anything like this from him at all.” We’ve all heard this before. “But I did notice that he got very anxious where there was a lot of African Americans.” She says George Floyd was hired to do extra security on “urban nights.” So, when the Latinos left, he was brought in to make the place safe from other blacks. Yes, I went there. She specifically said that Floyd would get called in by some of her guys. As in, off-duty police officers. As in, Chauvin. The very officer who pronounced his knee upon George Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds worked night shifts with Floyd. They were both laid off because of COVID-19. Mm-hmm, they just had to throw that in there.

Some of you will tell me that it’s quite possible for Chauvin to work nights with another fellow security guard in a nightclub because he’s black and you’re not a racist and therefore they all look the same. In 2017, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal only listed Santamaria as having 75 employees across a swath of businesses. Even if they worked in separate clubs, you’d think at some point during those 8 minutes and 46 seconds Chauvin or Floyd would have looked to the other and said, “Hey, aren’t you that guy I met near the bowl of guacamole dip and shrimp bar during the annual company Christmas party?”

Before the rest of you consider yourself so clever as to say, “A-ha!” don’t think for a second that you’ve actually managed to catch Langley with their pants down. Sure, their mutual employment is a deal breaker for those few of us who refuse to dress in the Illuminati fashion line of cognitive dissonance, but the CIA is also the one telling you that they worked together. It took me all but fifteen minutes to figure that out. If this is investigative digging, then I haven’t even sliced my shovel into the soil. After her interview, El Nuevo Rodeo burned to the ground. Insurance fraud? Probably. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist like Elon Musk to figure that one out. The average CNN viewer, and I’m setting the bar really low here, has probably already discussed that fact before the commercial break was over.


Odd Fellows symbolism | Masonic symbols


And then something else I soon discovered; the nightclub had once belonged to the International Order of Odd Fellows. I am told that Odd Fellows is independent of Freemasonry, but even if that is true, and that is a big fat IF, their symbology is similar, and therefore, their allegiances are the same. One look at the poster above and I can immediately deduce that even they agree. All roads lead to Zionism. Perhaps the burning of the building is more symbology. I don’t really care at this point. But before you think me clever for identifying Odd Fellows, just know that Langley told me it was so in the very first sentence of an article detailing the fact that Santamaria’s business had burned down. Actually, it was part of the heading. And it read: “La Raza was housed in the old International Order of Odd Fellows building, which burned down last week. Credit: Maya Santamaria.” They even want you to know that Maya Santamaria is responsible for filling the CIA-owned press in on the buildings origins.

There’s nothing sloppy about this story.

They do it all the time.

We need only look to the December 14, 2012 shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Super Bowl XLVII is no accident. That the slain children were miraculously paraded in front of us almost two months later—to 111-million worldwide viewers—as part of the Sandy Hook choir, was not an oopsy-daisy. That President Obama was able to raise the dead by hugging a ‘slain’ Newtown girl only days after the shooting, and in view of the press—this meeting was publicized—was not a lapse in judgement. Sandy Hook’s mortally wounded principal suddenly emerged some four months later, only this time as the victim of the Boston bombing. And let’s not overlook actor David Wheeler, playing two roles in one movie—a responding SWAT officer and mourning “dad” of a little child. I recently wrote a paper on how the CIA had the real John Lennon go undercover as Beatles impersonator Mark Staycer and then play another Lennon impersonator Noel Snow as part of a movie script. You can read that here. John Lennon Lives. Some forty years removed from his purported death, they want John Lennon slapped in your face.

Or consider the Temple Mount in Jerusalem which is really the Roman Fort Antonia. The Temple Mount is a Hoax. Also, Swapping Identities. The Muslims know. The Zionists know. The Freemasons know. Probably even Nancy Pelosi knows. Has Buzz Aldrin planted a flag on it yet? They all know.

These crisis drills, like Las Vegas or Aurora or Sandy Hook, and we’ll now add George Floyd of Minneapolis to the sacred vault, are designed to look fabricated for a reason. This is subconscious human conditioning. Psychological warfare on a subliminal level. Or rather, the masterful art of deception perfected. We were all given the opportunity to observe such glaring contradictions and willfully choose our part in the denial. This is how we dig ever deeper into the cold cognition of apathy and evil.

It doesn’t matter if the Apollo 11 Lunar Lander looks like coat hangers stuck together with Gorilla Glue and tin foil. The rockets they’re shooting off at Cape Canaveral are blimps. Yeah, you heard me right. Blimps. They could nab the Garfield or SpongeBob balloon from Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, launch either one of them over “the curve of the earth,” and almost everybody would still think the first tabby cat or sponge were successfully launched into orbit, because why would they lie?

Just breathe. We can survive this together.

The rest of the world is being initiated into the secret society of George Floyd’s tattoo or whatever.



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