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“…old Jack magic had them in its spell

That old Jack magic that he weaves so well…”


Frank Sinatra


NOBODY KNEW they were living in Camelot until it was over. And that is because the story was spun only after its king had departed from the world stage land of the living. On November 29, 1963, just four days after John F. Kennedy’s funeral, 34-year-old Jackie Kennedy invited LIFE journalist Theodore H. White to the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, and crafted a glittering fairy-tale about JFK’s 1,000 days in the White House.

It was during their interview that the former first lady delivered a line from the Lerner and Loewe musical to describe the Kennedy era White House: “Don’t let it be forgot, that once there was a spot, for one brief shining moment, that was known as Camelot.” He must have found time to go around singing those lines in-between frozen war games with Khrushchev and nudie swimming sessions with Fiddle and Faddle. She furthermore indicated that it was one of Kennedy’s favorite lyrics, adding: “There’ll be great Presidents again… but there’ll never be another Camelot again.” A grieving nation chose the extraordinary illusion, and more importantly, the spell it offered.

Before venturing onward, you will want to take careful note of the number 1000. I have already marked it red by planting a Buzz Aldrin moon flag, because already, you should be asking yourself: How the hell does Kennedy’s days in office add up to precisely 1000? Coincidence—you say? In Hebrew, there is no such word. Contrarily, the exact clockwork precision of Kennedy’s departure has all the markings of an alchemical ritual. The number one informs us that we create our own realities with our thoughts, beliefs, intents, and actions. Zero is the number of the God force. Universal Energies denoting freedom from limitations in the material world, further encompassing, reinforcing and amplifying the attributes of all other numbers it appears with. It’s a gnosis thing, and unless you’ve been initiated, then you’re not a member. LIFE Magazine is also spook literature at its finest. Just a clever way for Intel to tell you: You’re LIFE is a LIE, and if you prefer, we’ll indoctrinate you weekly via mailbox delivery. Meanwhile Jackie Kennedy was designedly a part of the intended spell. Before this is over, you shall see how.

Less than four years earlier, on February 7, 1960, the Massachusetts senator attended a Rat Pack show and introduced himself to Frank Sinatra as “the next president of the United States.” The mere fact that Patricia, one of Kennedy’s eight siblings, had already married Rat Pack member Peter Lawford, had promised to strengthen their bond. In turn, Sinatra introduced mistress Judith E. Campbell to the campaign hopeful. The rest is history. Or as Jackie called it, Camelot.

In the months following his election, Kennedy’s sex escapades knew no boundaries. The President routinely skinny-dipped in the White House pool with a couple of interns named Fiddle and Faddle, but you’ve been introduced to them already. He smoked joints scored by another mistress, Mary Pinchot Meyer, who is described to us as a CIA officials’ ex-wife and friend of Jackie. Meyer simultaneously bedded with mafia leaders Sam Giancana and John Roselli, both of whom were Langley spooks, telling us that Meyer was—like practically everyone else involved in the unfolding narrative—an actor. To frame a clearer picture, Kennedy told author Clare Booth Luce that he couldn’t sleep unless he’d had a good lay. In reality, Patricia Kennedy had probably been handed off to Peter Lawford. The actor later referred to himself as Sinatra’s pimp. And who was John Kennedy’s pimp? According to Lawford, Sinatra was. But that is only the tip of the iceberg, because where would Camelot be without its Wizard? And magick. Sex magick.

On the night of their first official meeting, Sinatra pimped out another woman to the once and future president. She went by various names. But the world simply knew her as Marilyn Monroe.


Marilyn Monroe -


The Girl With No Father

.Young Marilyn Monroe Photo: Norma Jeane Baker Was Totally Adorable At Five Years Old (PHOTOS) | HuffPost

NORMA JEAN’S official bio has her being born to such humble origins that nobody apparently knows who her father is, but that is a convenient lie. Marilyn knew. There is no Wiki page devoted to Charles Stanley Gifford, because Intel is covering their tracks. We are simply told that he was a salesman for Consolidated Film Industries, the leading laboratory and film processing company in Hollywood. It just so happens to be where Marilyn’s poor Midwestern mother, Gladys Pearl Baker, worked as a film-cutter. The truth is that Marilyn is the result of animal husbandry. Gifford was a bull, favored for his pedigree, and Marilyn was bred for a single purpose. Gladys placing baby Marilyn among foster parents in Hawthorne, California is just another convenient component to the underdog story. Marilyn was royalty.

I was able to find 2 Mayflower passengers in her direct lineage. 8th great-grandfather John Alden and 9th great Francis Cooke. From Plymoth Rock, we can gaze across the Atlantic pond and discover that America’s greatest sex symbol is directly descended from 12 signers of the Magna Carte. Signer William Malet is her 21st-great grandfather. 22nd great-grandfathers include signers William d’Aubeney, John de Lacy, Gilbert de Clare, Robert de Ros, and William de Huntingfield. 23rd great-grandfathers include signers Hugh le Bigod, Richard de Clare, Saher de Quincy, and Henry de Bohun. And then there is the matter of 24th great grandfathers Robert Fitz Walter and Roger Ie Bigod, both signers. Right this very moment, you should be asking yourself how 12 Magna Carte patriarchs are in any way natural. The answer is, they’re not. Because the American dream is a big fat juicy carrot dangled by our Slave Masters and nothing about Marilyn’s official narrative is natural. Oh, but there’s more.

Inside Marilyn Monroe's Family Tree - BiographyHer 26th great-grandfather is none other than William the Conqueror. Next we find King Robert I, her 29th great-grandfather. Alfred the Great is her 33rd great-grandfather. And last but certainly not least, Charlemagne is her 34th great-grandfather, which firmly grounds Marilyn in the anti-Messiah bloodline. As you can rightfully imagine, we then find countless other royals stemming off from her coveted pedigree. King Henry VIII is a 3rd cousin 12 times removed via Richard Woodville. The Woodville line delivers Queen Elizabeth I as a 4th cousin 11 times removed. We also find Winston Churchill and Princess Diana in her family tree.

Calling Marilyn a “Hollywood luminary” is an understatement. I have looked into enough of these genealogies among American royals to begin and question if, esoterically speaking, the signers of the Magna Carte and the Mayflower passengers were even human, because the greatest sons in the kingdom of Cain all seem to be related to them. Did you see what I just did there? I took our conversation and made it Biblical. What this holiday family get-together essentially means is, Marilyn is also a Bush. President George H.W. Bush is a  9th cousin 1 time removed, via our Mayflower connections, with numerous other United States Presidents filling in the rank of cousins, including the Roosevelt’s and Adams. Marilyn Monroe has so many inventors, politicians, actors, entertainers, and spooks for cousins (we’re talking hundreds of household names), as well as historical hoaxes like the Salem witch trials, Titanic survivors, and even serial killer H.H. Holmes connected to her lineage, that it would take an entire book to describe them all. For now, you will have to be content knowing that the sons of Cain still rule the world, and Marilyn Monroe was a king, er queen, among them.

And now, back to the bio.

Who Is the Marilyn Monroe of TikTok? | VogueThe Wikipedia assures us that Marilyn had a “happy childhood” while Gladys was simultaneously “mentally and financially unprepared for a child.” Oh dear. If we’re being technically, then who is prepared to take on children? But unditerminate questions are not what the official narrative is after here. The only mental component of this story is the wide-eyed trapeze skills and juggling act required to make it work. By the age of 7, we are told that Marilyn Monroe was able to move into her mother’s home, which she lived in with actors George and Maude Atkinson, and what happened? Gladys Baker immediately succumbed to “a mental breakdown and was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.” She was carted away to a rest home, and then in several months time, committed to the Metropolitan State Hospital. Afterwards, she spent the remainder of her life in and out of hospitals and was rarely in contact with her daughter.

Monroe then succumbed to sexual abuse, beginning in the home inhabited by the Atkinson’s. You can probably recall Monroe’s signature breathy speaking voice. It’s fake. We are told her sexual abuse resulted in a childhood stutter, which needed correction through a speech therapist. Isn’t it wonderful how Hollywood went out of their way to cultivate Monroe for the big screen? So nice of them. As a result, she adopted the throaty style we’ve come to love. It’s all misdirection. All of this is simply Intel’s way of whispering in an outdoor voice their heavy hand in the operation. Gladys was a hamster needing removed from their prized possession and even the childhood stutter is a hoax.

Marilyn Monroe was born a man.


The LIFE of Marilyn Monroe


HERE COMES the hate mail. “Marilyn is not a man,” you tell me. Already, I can feel laser beam eyes coming from the carpeted cat tower, attempting to pierce me through from your computer screen to my own. Perhaps you have only arrived to leave a naughty review. And yet, who likes to flaunt their breasts? Men do. Cross dressing men, that is. And who likes to dress like Marilyn? Cross dressing men, again. But even if that is circumstantial evidence at best, then consider once her bio. From the very get-go, the blue blooded Monroe was thrusted into the spotlight by our Slave Masters, and like their spinning globe narrative, that’s not natural.

By early 1946, The Wiki pointedly mentions how a nineteen-year-old Monroe had already appeared on 33 magazine covers. Passing notes in class, are we? Ascending through the ranks, hmmm?

Very early on, we see her getting passed around among Yul Brynner, Peter Lawford, and Nicholas Ray, the director of Rebel Without a Cause, as well as Johnny Hyde, vice president of the William Morris Agency. Oh, and Sinatra was still bedding with her as late as 1962—the year of her exit from the world stage. When The Sultan of Swat pimped Monroe out to Kennedy in 1960, she was still married to author Arthur Miller. I checked. Miller was a Joo. By 1952, Monroe was passed off to somebody named “The Yankee Clipper.” Joe DiMaggio. And in 1953, who was chosen to land on the first issue of Playboy Magazine? It’s okay, you can answer. We’re not being rhetorical here. The answer is, Marilyn Monroe. Playboy was an MK-Ultra beehive from the very beginning, and its bunnies were shiny, glittery Monarch butterflies. Why not capitalize on their main attraction?


Philippe Halsman. Marilyn Monroe with Barbells. 1952 | MoMA


Despite everything that was thrown at us, the legend of Marilyn Monroe is most closely associated with LIFE Magazine, and for good reason. It is LIE (not a typo) which shined the spotlight onto Monroe with train station accuracy, from her official 1952 introduction to the world, when gossip columnist Hedda Hopper declared Monroe the “cheesecake queen” turned “box office smash,” until the very end. Somebody in The Matrix will surely argue how seldom she actually appeared in the Magazine itself—as if 6 appearances is nothing. Sure, Liz Taylor may hold the all time record, managing 14 cover appearances over her decade-spanning career, but who else sold sex on 6 covers in as little as 10 years? Nobody. 

Philippe Halsman | Cover of the magazine Life with a portrait of Marilyn Monroe jumping by Philippe Halsman, November 9 (1959) | ArtsyAt her premiere in 1952, and even afterwards, it was photographer Philippe Halsman who captured her most iconic images. That same year, Halsman photographed Marilyn Monroe pumping iron, telling us of her masculinity. The muscles in her upper torso are telling. Later, Halsman recalled of their first meeting, that she looked “as if she had been pushed into the corner cornered with no way to escape,” adding: “Her sex-appeal was not a put-on. It was her weapon and her defense.” Emphasis is my own. In 1959, Monroe’s iconic jumping pose landed on the LIFE cover. Halsman again. He later explained how jumping was a device that could be employed “to penetrate the masks of his sitters and expose their innermost secrets.” Wait, Monroe had an innermost secret? Say it ain’t so. Other jumping originals by Halsman include Richard M. Nixon, the Windsors, and The Beatles. I’ll save you three articles. They all had secrets.

I did a little digging and discovered that Halsman also photographed John F. Kennedy in 1952, the year before he won a seat in the Senate. And now isn’t that interesting?

Let’s find out more about Marilyn Monroe’s exterior decorator, shall we?



Dalí Atomicus | 100 Photographs | The Most Influential Images of All Time


Philippe Halsman’s bio is filled with the usual abnormalities. Over at The Wikipedia, we are immediately relieved of any tension by being told that he was born to your typical run-of-the-mill Jooish parents, Morduch Halsman and Ita Grintuch. Morduch Halsman was a dentist and Grintuch a grammar school principal, while Philippe went on to study electrical engineering in Dresden. What, not impressed? You think that’s normal? We then read that a 22 year-old Halsman was accused of murdering his dentist father in September 1928, while they were on a hiking trip in the Austrian Tyrol, which landed him with a four year prison sentence. Whoever is sitting in a back room at Langley writing these articles is quick to assure us, following sentence, that it was “an area rife with antisemitism” and that his trial was “based on circumstantial evidence.” Oh dear. His friends were furthermore somehow capable of rallying support from the following celebrities: Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein, Thomas Mann, Jakob Wassermann, Erich Fromm, Paul Painlevé, Heinrich Eduard Jacob and Rudolf Olden, all of whom endorsed his innocence, telling us who Halsman was really working for.

Albert Einstein, 1947 | Albert einstein photo, Portrait, Albert einstein

Except for writer Thomas Mann and Prime Minister of the Third French Republic, Paul Painlevé, they’re all Joos, but even Mann had his books burned. And Rudolf Olden was an Oppenheim, which is to say, Jooish European bankers were backing this little operation. Also, we’re dealing with a fake murder and a fake trial. Wilhem Miklas, the last President of Austria until the Anschluss to Nazi Germany in 1938, pardoned Halsman in 1930. His prison letters landed him a book deal that same year, and by 1942, having already been employed as a photographer for Vogue, he found work with the recently restructured Intel publication, LIFE Magazine, in order to pursue an unusual hat fetish. His contributions to the Magazine would include a decade-long friendship with occult-based surrealist artist Salvador Dali and land him on 101 LIFE covers, by which Monroe was not excluded. Halsman is the photographer responsible for the 1948 work Dalí Atomicus, which depicts Dali suspended mid-air with three flying cats and a floating chair while a bucket of water is being thrown. I checked. Dali was a Joo.

Albert Einstein’s initial contribution to the Halsman mythos would not be forgotten. Halsman is responsible for the 1947 portrait of Einstein, whereas the sad, puppy-eyed Wizard of Oz gazes directly into the camera and expresses remorse for his role in the atomic bomb hoax. Halsman’s photograph would land on a 1966 U.S. postage stamp and, in 1999, the cover of Time Magazine, when Einstein was pronounced “Person of the Century.” How in the world did Einstein manage to become the person of the century? Because the theoritical mathematician still served as the hinges for the Copernican Revolution, and Intel desperately needed to keep their humbug puppet afloat.

On another topic entirely, but not really, the fashion designer responsible for Monroe’s ballerina dress photo-shoot in 1954 is someone named Milton H. Greene. Greene was a Joo.


Marilyn Monroe, 1946, the year she took the name “Marilyn Monroe” after signing her first contract with Twentieth Century Fox : OldSchoolCelebs


Under the Skin: The Man In Marilyn Monroe


SOME THINGS cannot be faked. Like an Adam’s apple, for instance. And Marilyn Monroe clearly has one of them. You can see it for yourself in various photographs whenever she cocks her head back. There are technically several aspects of a person’s body which cannot be faked, but we shall turn to those in a moment. During puberty, adolescents experience a growth in the larynx, what we call the voice box. In males, the front of the thyroid cartilage that surrounds the larynx tends to protrude outward. You will tell me that some girls display the same physical feature, and that Marilyn is obviously one of those rare exceptions to the rule. Then already, you have forgotten about the fake voice. Monroe labored to turn our attention towards her breasts rather than the fact that grown men who speak in deeper tones have an Adam’s apple which is far more prominent.

And another thing. Although it is possible to achieve a more masculine or feminine look through hormone therapy, plastic surgery, gym training, and voice coaching, one cannot simply change their skeletal structure. For example, a prominent skull ridge is a feature of a man. Also, long fingers and feet. A thick neck. All qualities of Marilyn Monroe. Male or female hands will always look different, as will their hip to waist and shoulder to head ratio. Notice her broad shoulders, whereas her hips are not wide at all. Monroe’s handlers would employ any number of techniques to cover it up. Something as simple as a belt around the waist can give her the feminine look. And Marilyn would often roll her shoulders forwards or back, so as to camouflage their width. Particularly when she’s younger, you can see the striking contrast of narrow hips and broad shoulders.

The Marilyn Diaries on Twitter: "Marilyn Monroe modeling a bikini she was planning to wear in her last uncompleted film "Something's Got to Give," in 1962.…"

You will tell me I’m being unfair. That I am aiding and abetting in the body image struggles of women everywhere. Vogue already covers those bases. A woman is told she can never look like that as she stares at the boyish bodies of supermodels and then notices something she can only describe as ugly fingers, her own ugly fingers, holding the page open. Who did Intel roll out to send an entire generation of men away from women, real women, and foraging rather for refuge in masturbation but Monroe?

Look at pictures of her rib cage. Particularly in her later years. It looks like a rib removal procedure had been done. Like Eve from Adam. It’s probably how they pulled off the illusion of an hourglass figure, particularly in her later years. In a series of still images from the bikini test in her last unfinished picture, which we shall turn to shortly, there’s a strange anomaly on the right side of her body, directly below the rib cage.

Marilyn Monroe had surgery.


MARILYN MONROE in GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES -1953-. Photograph by AlbumThe Androgynous Gnosis


AMONG ILLUMINATI families, gender reassignment is deemed a service to their Master and an acceptable alternative to child sacrifice. The earliest mention that I can find to child sacrifice as an Immortal rite derives from the ancient Homeric Hymn to Demeter, textbook literature for the Eleusinian Mysteries, whereas Demeter is prevented from tossing the mortal child Demophoon, a grain god, into the flames, which would thereby transform him into an Immortal soul. Androgyny is just another avenue for the same Immortalization process. More on that in a moment, because in exoteric non-divine terms, the androgynous child will be groomed and then thrust into the spotlight to help further the trans agenda.

You see, wherever there is an esoteric truth, there is undoubtedly an exoteric shroud of misinformation intended to mask it from the gullible public. If the esoteric is by definition “intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest,” then the exoteric is the counter explanation, by which it is “intended for or likely to be understood by the general public.” Secret societies run our world, yes? Moses put it out there in very blunt terms. The sons of Cain have had a go at it since the very beginning. If you can come to grasp that truth, then you’ll finally begin to understand why they package their spiritual ambitions in plain/plane sight, but in a closely guarded exoteric language.

Here, I’ll give you a couple of examples.

Science with a capitol “S” claims to fully function in the exoteric realm, and yet Darwinian evolution is purely grounded in Gnostic doctrine. Oh, and that’s another thing. Marilyn and Charles Darwin are cousins. Surprised? I’m not. In Evolutionary terms, Yahuah, the Most-High Elohim, is deemed the Demiurge, while hell itself is already confirmed as part of its doctrine. For the Gnostic, hell is the realm we live in. The Darwinian Scientist, like the Gnostic, only wishes to circumnavigate the Demiurge and escape it. The ancient Gnostic fell into two camps: ascetics and libertines, which I won’t comment on here. Augustine was actually a Manichee at one time, and he was a spook. More like a double agent. But the point is, by reducing us to a machine made of meat, the Darwinian asks the truly enlightened to look within, to Gnosis—something that can only be conveyed without words or images.

Communism portrays itself as an atheistic political movement. Sure, whatever. That’s the exoteric explanation. The founders of the communist movement claimed to be atheists, and yet communism was born of Joos. The occult meaning behind communism is hidden. For the esoteric, the collective body makes up the Egregore, meaning “thought-form” or “collective group mind.” The Egregore is the collective god of communism. To put this in slightly other terms, when the architects of communism spoke about atheism, they did so in a way which sought to murder Yahuah the Most-High; meaning, there is no god outside of themselves. By spreading communism worldwide, they were in fact expanding on the greater divine consciousness. There is more to it than that, such as the Talmudic and kabbalah origins of communism, but that is a discussion for another time.

Ultimately, the Mystery of every ancient school undresses an esoteric concept which advertises a divine spark or seed innate in the individual human soul. For the pagan, Salvation is delivered through a gnosis which cannot be described but only experienced as a turning inward to the Self; a non-rational, mystical experience of seeing oneself as the center of a circle that has no boundaries, where all distinctions are eliminated. You will spend little effort connecting the dots to the lie of the serpent in the garden when the destination of every esoteric truth is explained as one in which “salvation consists in liberating the divine essence from all that prevents true self-expression.” The modern Gnostic C. G. Jung put it like this: “The self is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.”


902 - Painting - Museum of Witchcraft and MagicAndrogynous Priests


AND NOW for the esoteric meaning behind androgyny.

For starters, Baphomet is an androgynous being. What, don’t believe me? All you need to do is comb The Matrix for a picture of the Azazel goat-god to know that Satan has tits. On closer inspection, the caduceus-phallus thingy rising out of its loins secretes serpent seed, but that’s probably none of my business. Androgyny is thus the physical symbol of an ancient spiritual goal. The restoration of time before Chaos. The undifferentiated union of sexes and mystical return to the state of godhead prior to Creation. By merging two seemingly distinct entities, the androgynous being embodies the Virgin Mother giving birth to herself as a Divine being, thereby attaining mystical union with the All. Thus, he or she or it or whatever is no longer created in Elohim’s image, but Lucifer’s. Kapeesh…?

It would require a book to write every homo-erotic tale arising from Greek mythology. I’ll save you the time. Apollo takes the icing on the cake. In Rome, initiation rites within the Bacchanalia involved homosexual rape. But the androgynous agenda is far older. Gaze back upon the Sumerian pantheon and you will find an elohim who never becomes fully male, but appears assigned rather to a female with male gender characteristics. Ishtar. Her Canaanite counterpart, Anat, is all woman except for that fact that she’s also a bearded soldier. Both Anat and Ishtar thus symbolize the mystical union, and we need only look to Scripture to see that Judah and Israel were constantly put on guard against the encroaching homosexual agenda of their neighbors. Israel failed.

The Christian tradition advocates LGBTQ as the contagious expression of personal weakness, but that is only because Intel directs Christians to an exoteric belief, when in fact homosexuality is a reliable discipline of Intel projects like Theosophy and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, where we pull such spooks as Helena Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley and Charles Leadbeater from the hat. You will recall that Yahuah, aka the Demiurge of Gnosticism, had created Eve from Adam’s thigh. The 15th-century German philosopher and Christian mystic Jacob Böhme advocated, in alchemical terms, how Adam was androgynous, and that his female counterpart only appeared as a result of the fall. Franz von Baader was one of Böhme’s successors and he postulated that androgyny would appear again at the end of time. So, there you go. The agenda.


Jack Lemmon: Some Like it Hot (1959) – Play it Again, Dan


Some Like It… Hot?


THERE’S A REASON why so many drag queens impersonate Marilyn Monroe. But you already know the answer to that. Hollywood made a point of shoving the truth in plain/plane sight with the 1959 release of Some Like It Hot. But even before that, the 1953 film, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, which starred Monroe and Jane Russell, featured a pair of leading ladies that were in actuality men. Mm-hmm, both of them. Until 1661, women were forbidden from preforming on the stage. Shakespeare only employed men. Even for the kissing parts. It’s a tradition that goes all the way back to when acting began as ritual magic in the Babylonian Mystery religion. When you stop to think about it, very few women still act. Hot was directed by Billy Wilder and co-starred Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis, aka Bernard Schwartz. Both Wilder and Curtis were Joos. The film received six Academy-Award nominations, including Best Actor, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay, winning for Best Costume Design, and why do you think that is? Search your feelings. You know it to be true. The costume was Marilyn.

In 1989, the Library of Congress selected Some Like It Hot as one of the first 25 films for preservation in the United States National Film Registry for being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.” Now, ask yourself how dressing in drag falls into any one of those categories. According to the official narrative, it doesn’t. You figure there’s some backroom in Burbank where they’re endlessly lighting up cigars, sadistically watching men deny the obvious while they rub one out.

The American Film Institute later selected Some Like It Hot as the greatest comedy of all time. Probably no agenda there. I decided to give AFI’s comedy list a looksy-loo, just to see what else they thought was worth my laughter, and this is what I found. Number two on their list is the 1982 Dustin Hoffman movie Tootsie. Seriously? More transgenderism. Number three belongs to Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove. Having only moved two notches down on the list, I already found myself slamming my head across the desk and in contempt of a New World Order court, as we’re obviously dealing with another Intel movie. The atomic bomb was a hoax, people. Its special effects were created at the same film studio where they produced the bomb tests. Lookout Mountain. Say it ain’t so. Also in the top ten is another Hoffman movie, The Graduate. The movie was released in 1967 as a modern-day vampire tale with a married middle-aged woman playing the Bela Leguisi part; the underlining message being that The Sixties youth would fall victim to the predatory sexual advances of Intel and love every minute of it.


LIFE | June 22, 1962 at Wolfgang's

Posthumous Nude


WITH ANY high profile Intel project such as Marilyn Monroe, we should expect to see the gears lubricated, the clock fully wound, in the days and months leading up to the event. The Wikipedia ensures us that “Monroe returned to the public eye in the spring of 1962” to receive a World Film Favorite Golden Globe Award. See what I mean? But also to begin shooting a high profile movie for Fox, Something’s Got to Give. It co-starred Rat Pack alumni Dean Martin and its director was a Hollywood veteran named George Cukor. Cukor had earlier directed the Judy Garland vehicle, A Star Is Born, but even decades before that, the Ingrid Bergman Intel movie, Gaslight. I checked. Cukor was born in Manhattan to immigrant Joos.

Get this. In the movie, Monroe plays a photographer and mother of two who, after being declared legally dead in the civilized world, spends the next five years living on an island in the Pacific with somebody who’s compared to Adam. Upon returning to claim her husband, who happens to be on his honeymoon with another bride, Monroe disguises herself with a new name and a thick accent. Only the dog recognizes her. To calm her husband’s jealousy, Monroe hires a shoe salesman to only pretend and be her Adam counterpart. Are you not entertained? They can shove this crap in your face knowing that an exoteric audience will never peel the layers of the onion back.

For the record, Something’s Got to Give was never finished. The movie was eventually abandoned, but that was the point all along. It was never intended to be released to begin with. You will tell me that they shut down production because Marilyn Monroe died. No, she was fired. Her public flogging was all for show. The fact that “Monroe caught sinusitis” only days before filming began in April was not a coincidence. The Wikipedia adds, she “was too sick for the majority of the next six weeks, but despite confirmations by multiple doctors, the studio pressurized her by alleging publicly that she was faking it.” Why would Fox studios even insinuate that their leading lady was “faking it”? Because Intel is a pharmaceutical dealer of blue pills, and spoonfuls of sugar help the cognitive dissonance go down. Inviting the press to photograph Monroe while she swam naked in a swimming pool was just another element of the Slave Master spanking process. Who arrived and published them but LIFE? It would land Monroe on her last cover. Clockwork precision, people.

The photographer’s name is Lawrence Schiller. Schiller however isn’t simply listed as a LIFE photographer. The Wikipedia also lists him as a “film producer, director and screenwriter.” And FYI, Schiller is a Jooish name. If that’s not enough red flags for you, then you’ve come to the right place. Following the 1994 stabbing hoax of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, Schiller visited OJ Simpson in jail before his acquittal. They collaborated on a book together called, “I Want To Tell You.”

The Story Behind the Only Photo of JFK and Marilyn Monroe | TimeOn May 19, Monroe took another break from filming a failing movie to stand center stage at Madison Square Garden in New York City and sing a sleazy rendition of “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” for Kennedy. We are told Hollywood did not approve. Sure, let’s go with that. The point of this little exercise is once again obvious, as Intel was drawing the public consciousness into their scripted narrative, precisely as Fox had done weeks earlier, only here the curtain is being pulled back on the homo-erotic sex lives of John and Bobby Kennedy. But in true gaslighting fashion, you’re psychologically ill for noticing.

Everything leading up to the death of Marilyn Monroe—and even afterwards—was psychodrama. Intel was simply turning up the flame and letting the alchemical juices simmer on the front burner of America’s thinking. When she went on sick leave again for several days in Hollywood, Fox decided that it could not afford the juggling act of another film running behind schedule, as rising costs from the Elizabeth Taylor vehicle, Cleopatra, had already set them back. On June 7, Fox fired Monroe and sued her for $750,000 in damages. She was replaced by Lee Remick, but after Martin refused to make the film with anyone other than Monroe, Fox sued him as well and shut down the production. Monroe then posed naked again for photographer Bert Stern. Stern was a Joo. And just like Sharon Tate’s last photo-session, it’s quite obvious in hindsight that Monroe knew , throughout her various poses and wardrobe changes, that they’d be published posthumous. It was the final act, and this was her farewell. Meanwhile, Wiki claims: “the studio blamed Monroe for the film’s demise and began spreading negative publicity about her, even alleging that she was mentally disturbed.” Is America paying attention yet? Good. Because here we go.


George Barris, Photographer Who Captured the Last Images of Marilyn Monroe, Dies at 94 - The New York TimesMarilyn Monroe Takes Her Final Bow


AT SOME POINT during the Kennedy administration, Marilyn Monroe exchanged hands between the President and his Attorney General, Bobby Kennedy. Peter Lawford likely played the part of the pimp, though even Sinatra was still bedding with Monroe in 1962. Another buxom babe who fell into Kennedy’s arms was Jayne Mansfield and she was a dude. Yeah, the androgynous agenda is a global phenomena, and goes miles beyond Monroe. It’s okay, you can say it. Mansfield.

We are led to believe that Monroe had supposed—while engaging in pillow talk with Bobby—that he would divorce his wife and marry a pin-up in her stead. But that is simply more misdirection aimed at creating the Camelot-era psychodrama. As invented a plot point as the second shooter. Kind of like how Monroe’s death is as fake as the first shooter, but in presidential terms, I’m getting ahead of myself. Perhaps Intel really did sit around at the writer’s table, imagining a scenario where Monroe cleaned up her act, perhaps converting to Judaism or Roman Catholicism, and ascended to the rank of First Lady. But at any rate, the idea was scrapped and assigned a sub-plot. It would be revisited again for the Trump administration. All we are left with is Monroe’s incessant phone calls to the Attorney General’s office, which supposedly convinced Bobby Kennedy that he needed to terminate the affair. Monroe’s supposed abortion is just another excuse as to why Monroe could never mother a child. We are then told that Peter Lawford, apparently playing the part of White House liaison rather than Rat Pack actor, gave her the news. In other words, Bobby called the pimp and asked for a new prostitute. Within days she made national headlines. Marilyn Monroe was dead. As an added stroke to the canvas, Intel made sure that everyone knew the corpse of Hefner’s first bunny was discovered in the nude. Touché.

On Saturday, August 4, only hours before she left the world stage due to “acute barbiturate poisoning,” if we are to go by her autopsy report, Marilyn Monroe and her publicist Patricia Newcomb stood around the pool at her 12305 Fifth Helena Drive home engaged in a heated argument. On the night prior, Newcomb had slept over. We are told it was to keep Monroe company, but more than likely it was to control her. What were they arguing about? Maybe Monroe wasn’t ready to offer her final bow quite yet—who really knows? Or perhaps it was all part of the intended programming between the slave and her handler. Just your typical good cop bad cop routine. Pay attention, because in a few minutes, you’ll see the switch.

WEIRDLAND: Marilyn Monroe: The Private Life of a Public IconPatricia Newcomb initially became Monroe’s publicist in 1956 during the filming of Bus Stop. She was replaced for a time but then rehired in 1960, probably because the Kennedy wheels were now in motion. They needed Newcomb to play her part in the Camelot myth making, but also to help in the famous disappearing act. An image search in The Matrix will show Newcomb often standing in the crowd, but only feet away from Marilyn. Among her many accompanied events during the Kennedy administration, Madison Square Garden is one of them, telling us time and again she was one of her handlers.

The Wiki lists Newcomb as an “information specialist” in the United States Information Agency and “a consultant” to the Justice Department, as if that’s not suspicious. She was born in Washington D.C. and her mother was a Levie. Her father, Carman Newcomb Jr., was the son of a U.S. House Representative of the same name, but was also a lawyer, and represented coal companies owned by George Skakel. You may want to hold onto something, or make sure you’re not standing near to a ledge, because Skakel’s daughter married a Kennedy. Bobby and Ethel Kennedy. They were married in 1950. Five years later, George and his wife Ann were killed in a private airplane crash, but planes falling from the sky while carrying the payload of rich Elites is none of my business. And because spooks all swim in the same circle, Patricia Newcomb later worked for Pierre Salinger, Bobby Kennedy’s press secretary, but who had already been employed as the White House press secretary for both Presidents Kennedy and Johnson. After Monroe’s death, Newcomb continued to work in both Washington and Hollywood, same thing, representing Intel projects Barbra Streisand and Natalie Wood, while also hammering away as Bobby Kennedy’s campaign manager. We are told she worked Kennedy “until his assassination,” telling us she had a part to play in the curtain closing. If you blink you’ll miss it, because The Wikipedia adds: “In 1985, Newcomb was named vice-president of the motion picture production at MGM.” Wait, what? The woman who dipped her paws into the Kennedy White House also made movies.

Ralph Greenson, Psychiatrist - Marilyn Monroe Killer

At 4:30 in the afternoon, Monroe’s psychiatrist Ralph Greenson arrived at the house to “conduct another therapy session” with Monroe. Sure, let’s go with that. Greenson asked Newcomb to leave. And there you have it, the good cop bad cop routine. Almost fell for it, didn’t you? He stayed until 7 p.m., after nearly three hours of therapy, and instructed her house maid Eunice Murray to stay overnight and keep Monroe company. Intel loves to involve the maid in their psyops. It gives the narrative a facelift (more like a mask) of honesty when in fact Monroe was completely owned, and everyone surrounding her were either pimps and handlers or bought and paid for. Stick around and you’ll see the same trick of the trade employed for the Manson murders.

I checked. Ralph Greenson, like Newcomb, was a Joo. At the beginning of his medical career, he was closely associated with Wilhelm Stekel, a man often referred to as “Freud’s most distinguished pupil.” A roster of Greenson’s famous clients included actress Vivien Leigh, but also two names which pop up around here often. Tony Curtis and Frank Sinatra. We then read that he and his wife, Hildi Greenson, were good friends with Freud’s daughter, Anna Freud, as well as other Establishment Freudian’s Margaret Mead and Fawn Brodie. Brodie’s husband, Bernard Brodie, was an Intel guy and described as a “nuclear strategist.” In 1946, just months after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki hoaxes, Brodie is accredited with creating a fear mongering tactic which still lives on today. The usefulness of the atomic bomb, he said, was not in its deployment but in the threat of its deployment. Mm-hmm, exactly. How very convenient and thoughtful of our Slave Masters to only threaten its use rather than actually going through with it. Finally, in 1968, Ralph Greenson offered his developmental theory for homosexuality, and it is this. Boys need to “dis-identify” from their mothers, and choose rather to identify with their fathers. Analyzing Marilyn are we, hmm?

Behind the Scenes of Marilyn Monroe's Final Photoshoot With Bert Stern - ArtsyJoe DiMaggio Jr. next enters the narrative. He called somewhere between 7:00 and 7:15 that evening to inform Monroe that he had broken up with the wealthy girlfriend whom she didn’t like. Monroe then called her publicist at around 7:40–7:45 to let her in on the news. Mm-hmm, Greenson again. Wasn’t she toxic and asked to leave? She was. But then consider how Joe DiMaggio Jr. spent the remainder of his life sipping on booze, overdosing on drugs, succumbing to homelessness, and at one point having a chunk of his brain removed after an “automobile accident,” all while managing to marry an Adams. This is precisely what you would expect to see from someone who knew something far too naughty for his own good. Monroe called her favorite controller and spilled the beans, just as she was wired to do. Busted. DiMaggio was screwed.

At precisely 8pm, Marilyn then received a call from Peter Lawford. Really, this guy again? The official narrative makes this way too easy. We are told that Lawford was simply attempting to prostitute persuade her to attend his party later that night, and that he was furthermore alarmed because Monroe sounded like she was under the influence of drugs. But more than likely everybody’s favorite pimp was concerned that Monroe had cold feet and that their little operation wouldn’t go off without a hitch. Perhaps he needed a firsthand report of what DiMaggio knew. Lawford later reported that Monroe told him: “Say goodbye to Pat, say goodbye to the president, and say goodbye to yourself, because you’re a nice guy.” Her last known words were spun in such a way as to nourish the suicide narrative when in fact Monroe decided to go through with it (the disappearing trick, that is), and understood the unlikelihood of seeing Team Monroe again.

On Sunday, August 5, 1962, Marilyn Monroe joined the ranks of Ascended Masters. In little over a years time, John F. Kennedy would join her. And soon, very soon, Bobby Kennedy would too. As we have already seen, a widowed Kennedy stayed behind to spin the Camelot illusion with LIFE journalist Theodore H. White, but that’s nowhere near the whole of it.

Even Jackie Kennedy was a man.





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