From JFK to Jonestown: The Haight-Ashbury MK-Ultra Connection

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I THOUGHT it might be a good idea to give the U.S. Constitution another good read, because really, you never know. I may have been lied to about that in school, right alongside the moon landings and the shape of the earth. I checked. Mr. Rupert was right, but just not about NASA or the globe. It turns out that my free speech is protected. That’s what it says on paper, at any rate. We shall continue forward then here and afterwards with that assumption and let my lawyer iron out the wrinkles or change the smelly diapers, in the case that somebody blames my work for their soggy bottom. In further preparation for this report, I watched a documentary about Jim Jones which, as you can imagine, given the title, will come to some use here, but not until I release the fourth part of my JFK to Jonestown report. For that, you will have to wait another few weeks.

Everything you are about to read started out as the intended third part in my The JFK Assassination Was a Hoax series. Before moving on, I suggest you read my two part report, Agent Zapruder and Frame 313 Exposed, because you see, it was while researching the ridiculously fake Zapruder film that I drifted over to media footage surrounding the event, and here’s my review. The JFK assassination was television. It wasn’t good television. In 1963, it was simply television. Today it is terrible television, but in 1963, they hardly knew the difference. If the electric hue of the god television flickered to life and told Americans that the President’s exploded like a firecracker, due to a Russian immigrant, then nobody thought to question it. Obviously. Well, technically, many Americans did question the event, but only the parts which the god television told them to question, because it was set up that way from the start. The television spoke of a second shooter and also a magic bullet, but that’s just another peel of the onion in the intended psyop, because nobody died.

And now for media footage.


The Backyard Photos – Assassination Agnostic


Here’s my impression of Lee Harvey Oswald speaking to the press:

“Uh duh, I was jus’ standin’ in the hallway when dey come and said dat’ sumbudy shot duh president.”

And then there’s the guy walking down the hallway, holding up a rifle for the press: “THE GUN THAT SHOT THE PRESIDENT! THE GUN THAT SHOT THE PRESIDENT!” Not to mention the moment Lee Harvey Oswald was shot by Jack Ruby right in front of the press. “LEE HARVEY OSWALD HAS BEEN SHOT!” I saved you an entire paper.

Pure theater.


Iconic Photojournalist Lawrence Schiller Brings JFK Exhibit to Michigan | WDET

JFK assassination: Many theories, but no 'real evidence' of a conspiracy

What are the secret John F. Kennedy assassination files set for release? - ABC News


In 1963, Americans did not ever stop to consider how their bunny-eared television set was theater at its finest, or else they would have doubtfully questioned the very narrative they were handed. If any Americans did question the reliability of the Zapruder film, the press was not set up in such a way as to inform us. We are only ever given the illusion of choice. The thing is, when it comes to these productions, it’s not necessarily the leading names on the playbill that should nab our curiosity, but those of the stagehands.

For example, one of the doctors who treated Jack Ruby in prison was somebody named Colonel Louis Jolyon West. It’s just a name, mind you. Colonel Louis Jolyon West. There’s probably dozens of names surrounding the JFK assassination hoax with bread crumbs deserving of being followed. But for whatever reason, I thought it might be a good idea, based upon a hunch and a couple of red flags, to take a closer look at Louis Jolyon West rather than the others, and this is what I found.

Louis Jolyon West was infamous for allegedly killing an elephant with LSD, and also for his work in MK-Ultra. Why am I not surprised? Upon closer inspection, West worked directly under Sydney Gottlieb, CIA head of MK-Ultra. Again, not surprised.

Almost from the very moment that I decided to do a keyword search on the name Colonel Louis Jolyon West, there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that the man who visited Jack Ruby’s cell was an MK-Ultra provocateur, and therefore a bread crumb worth following. If I decided to write an entire paper on the name—indeed, not only one but multiple papers—it is because Colonel West is a spreader of bread crumbs. When it comes to psyops, he’s like the Johnny Appleseed of bread crumbs. Over the following so many minutes of your life, and next week as well, we will stumble upon so many bread crumb trails that we cannot possibly follow them all.

Before continuing on, I highly suggest you read or refer to the following papers.  The Hippies. Phil Hartman. Gulf of Tonkin Hoax. WoodstockElvis Presley. John Lennon. Paul McCartney. The Mamas & The Papas. The Gold Rush Hoax. Chicago World Fair. 1812. Napoleon. Jackson Pollock. Andy Warhol. Shel Silverstein. Pinocchio. George Floyd. Walt Disney. Ghislaine Maxwell. Donald Trump. The Boy Scouts of America. Winnie the Pooh. Anne Frank. Tom Cruise. Steven Spielberg. Hollywood. If not, then that is fine by me.


Forrest Gump (1994) — Art of the Title


Another conclusion I quickly came to is that Colonel Louis Jolyon West was little different than the plot-line to the life of Forrest Gump. Before it’s over, you shall see why. In the movie Forrest Gump, we are led to believe that Gump’s life is represented by a feather tumbling through the wind. As the feather, Gump hands himself over to a carefree existence whereas the American dream (and Manifest Destiny, via the Gold Rush Hoax) is carved out by intuition and happenstance. Forrest Gump is a movie about movement—constant movement. If you’re paying attention, every leading character is handicapped. Forrest can’t run. Lieutenant Dan has no legs. And Jenny can’t fly. Eventually, they all overcome those handicaps, hence Capitalism and Free Enterprise and the human spirit and so on, but the deeper context of the movie is that everything happening within Forrest Gump’s framework is on par with evolution, which is to say it’s both strictly archaic and organic. Life has no meaning except what happiness one can personally identify, specifically how one defines in it. Nihilism—that sort of thing. The plot line to Toy Story 3 is similar in those regards. Keep in mind, this is coming from Robert Zemeckis, the same director who gave us the Back to the Future trilogy. Zemeckis not only tells us how they pulled off the post mud flood history hoax, but repeatedly slapped 9-11 predictive programming in our face.

Stop and consider everyone that Gump meets along the way. The narrative only works with routine visits from Elvis, John F. Kennedy, Abbie Hoffman, the Black Panthers, Richard M. Nixon, the happy face emoji guy, Johnny Carson, John Lennon, and hippies. They’re all spooks. Also, the plot involves stock in Apple, because Lieutenant Dan and Forrest Gump knew something before anybody else did. He had insider knowledge on how the world really worked, which is to say the earth isn’t spinning on its axis at all. All “movement” is a media creation, via the god television we worship. In the real world, Forrest Gump wouldn’t simply be a spook, he would be the puppet master, pulling the strings of every spook he met along the way.


11 Louis Jolyon West Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images


PLAYING THE PART of the feather in the Forrest Gump movie sounded like a fun experiment. Just blow with the breeze. See where the narrative leads me. A few added minutes of carefree digging into the name and I quickly discovered that Louis Jolyon West’s work was funded by the CIA. So, spook. I have added a picture of the Colonel above. It’s so obvious we’re gazing into the sort of face which declares you’re being screwed with. West knows some stuff, but only because he’s read from the script. This is the sort of face which claims you only know what they want you to know about West’s part in mind control because it’s all intended to lead to a series of dead ends. Everything you thought you knew about the MK-Ultra program is a carefully crafted lie—like the second shooter or the magic bullet theory. Also, a high quality image is presently for sale with gettyimages, celebrating 25 years. Get your own copy today. Are there any other questions? You probably have many.

Let’s get to it then.

The Wikipedia has the man who would later visit Jack Ruby in a prison cell rising up from an impoverished family in Madison, Wisconsin, and with nothing to show for it. But not before first being born in Brooklyn, New York to Ukrainian Jewish immigrants, both of whom taught piano for a living. There it is. Wink-wink. With the outbreak of The War in 1941, we next see West climbing through the ranks of the Army Air Force and emerging in 1946 as a full fledged colonel. I probably should have mentioned that West was born on October 6, 1924. He would have only been two months over 17 when The War broke out, and still living in a household of impoverished piano playing Jews. This would place his achievement in the rank of colonel at the age of 22, and with no college degree to springboard from. How did Ukranians come up with the surname West? It was in the Army Specialized Training Program that he studied at the University of Iowa and the University of Minnesota School of Medicine, and would not graduate until 1948, but again, he’s already colonel. Lest we forget, I am playing the part of a feather drifting carefree through the film reel of history, blowing with the breeze of the official narrative, and not understanding how any of this is organic. Perhaps we shall discover more clarity elsewhere.

Let’s move on.


This reversed the Korean War virtually overnight': The Incheon landing's victorious, bloody legacy 69 years later - Pacific - Stripes


As one can plainly see, General Douglas MacArthur followed up his 33-Degree Freemason campaign that was The War by having the time of his life during its less popular spin-off, the Korean War. He has the grin of a MacArthur. We should probably try hard not to imagine Colonel West sitting around doing the same. Why I brought this up, I don’t know. You tell me. Perhaps it’s because everything we’ve been told about North Korea is a lie, and Kim Jung Un looks like he lives on a CIA sponsored movie set. It is during the Eisenhower administration when West, then an Air Force doctor at Lackland Air Force Base, was appointed to a panel to discover why 36 of 59 airmen captured in the Korean War had confessed or co-operated in Korean allegations of war crimes committed by the United States. Say it ain’t so. Apparently, the common consensus was that the airmen had been brainwashed or drugged, because America could not possibly be involved in war crimes. Cough. Anne Frank. Cough. West however came to a simpler conclusion. “What we found enabled us to rule out drugs, hypnosis or other mysterious trickery. It was just one device used to confuse, bewilder and torment our men until they were ready to confess to anything. That device was prolonged, chronic loss of sleep.”

In recap, Air Force pilots lied and said America had committed war crimes due to a lack of sleep. This is what we’re going with. It is only because of West’s conclusions, we are further told, that the airmen avoided being court-martialed. If you’re beginning to detect a theme, that a dirt-poor, Brooklyn-born Jew with a fake last name was handed a high ranking officer’s badge and then given the Academy award winning line in an intelligence-backed, media-scripted movie, then you are a very observant feather. What this means is, West’s career is already off to a phenomenal start. He is combining psychology and the untapped potential of the human mind with the ongoing campaign against any notion that Langley’s preference is for psychological war games and propaganda. He’s essentially the spokesperson in the movie Thank You for Smoking who goes onto talk shows convincing people that smoking is actually good for you and then jump starts a new career going onto talk shows convincing people that cell phones are good for you. So, right away, we know guys like West are going places.


The mad scientist behind America's mind-control quest with LSD


WE NEXT find West committed to his psychiatry residency at Cornell University, an MK-Ultra beehive and the site of the CIA funded Human Ecology Fund. They’ll make all sorts of excuses for his winning lines in the Korea movie script but here they’re not even hiding it. By the time he was appointed a professor and Head of the Department of Psychiatry, Neurology and Bio-behavioral Sciences at the University of Oklahoma, West was a subcontractor for MK-Ultra, officially receiving a $20,800 grant by the CIA. At the age of 29, Wiki adds, “he was the youngest man to have held a chairmanship in psychiatry in the United States so far.” Do you see what they’re doing here? They’re freely admitting to his part in Langley’s war against the human mind but trying desperately to make it sound like we’re the audience in a Forrest Gump movie, watching a feather blow past the church steeple.

Before you even think to claim “ah-ha!” at the admitted fact that West was a central figure in the MK-Ultra program, the narrative makes it known that MK-Ultra was a complete failure on every front. So, officially speaking, you still have nothing. To complicate matters, we would not even come to know that Project MK-Ultra existed until after the CIA “shut it down.” Emphasis is my own, because only the name was shut down. The CIA loves to rub the continued program in our faces. They dangle MK-Ultra pet projects and prodigies in the persons of Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Macaulay Culkin, Taylor Swift, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, and others in front of us, but only as a gas-lighting technique. Make “conspiracy theorists”—a phrase which they ironically coined—sound crazy for believing in the program’s continued existence. Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, pictured above, is the person responsible for heading up MK-Ultra and plotting assassinations for the CIA. He corresponded with West under the name Sherman R. Grifford. Gottlieb has said, on record, that his decades of mind control work for the agency was “useless.” So, there you go. If you believe they accomplished anything, then you’ve been fact checked by Snopes. There is absolutely nothing to see here. No curtains needing to be pulled back. Everything is organic and as natural as Free Enterprise in the breeze of a Forrest Gump movie. Why are you still here? Stop sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong and go about your business like a good boy.

Again, everything we’re told about MK-Ultra comes to us after the fact, which is to say the program is discontinued and everything it attempted was a complete failure. America wins. And no, I am not trying to program you. If you find yourself twitching over the keyboard, it may be because you’re in need of more reprogramming. They have TV shows for that. Better get back to Netflix binge watching. That is not my department, as I am only here to unplug you from the Matrix.

During the 1950’s and early 1960’s, Colonel West performed experiments on “unwitting subjects,” both at Lackland Base’s Wilford Hall Medical Facility and the University of Oklahoma. His tactics involved LSD, hypnosis, isolation, and sleep deprivation.  If you’re paying attention, this is what we call blame shifting. West accused Korea of sleep deprivation when in fact he was depriving others of sleep. Also, his volunteers didn’t know what was actually involved in his experiments—or for what end. Repeat that last sentence over and over again and then think about the god television. Imagine yourself turning on the television and then think some more about the experiments being played upon you. Now it is time to turn to another American landmark, reminiscent of a Forrest Gump movie.

Our next stop, the street corners of Haight and Ashbury.


Elephant Tusko and the LSD Experiment | Bizarrepedia


But first, Tusko the Elephant.

In August 1962, West attempted to investigate the phenomenon of musth by dosing Tusko the elephant with LSD. Tusko died. The August 4 edition of The Daily Oklahoman shows West bending over a deceased Tusko. For the record, I did not know what musth was, and so decided to look it up. I am so very glad that I did.

The definition reads:

Must (məst)


a condition of heightened aggression and unpredictable behavior occurring annually in certain male animals, especially elephants and camels, in association with a surge in testosterone level, equivalent to the rutting season of deer and some other mammals.

a big old bull elephant in must


(of a male elephant or camel) in a condition marked by heightened aggression and unpredictable behavior that usually occurs annually in association with a surge in testosterone level.

two musth males competing for a female



As it turns out, musth is very important to understanding the MK-Ultra program, but only as they present it in the official narrative. Dr. Sidney Gottlieb wanted to create Manchurian candidates through means by which unwitting suspects would not know or find out, and though you might conclude that Tusko didn’t even know what hit him, even the Tusko story was spun in their favor. The Oklahoma elephant is a purposely placed decoy. A false flag event. Tusko is the second shooter all over again. A psyop within the psyop. For those of us who believe guys like Charlie Manson were indeed enlisted as part of the MK-Ultra program, they will have us likewise conclude that Gottlieb was eventually successful in turning a hippie with the testosterone of an Indian bull elephant into a crazed killer. That’s nonsense, since Charlie Manson and his Family didn’t kill anyone. It was all a hoax.

Another important detail of West’s life, which I repeatedly stumbled upon in my web searches, is a research paper funded by the MK-Ultra program and titled, “The Psychophysiological Studies of Hypnosis and Suggestibility.” There is a specific line written therein where West quotes:

“It has been found to be feasible to take the memory of a definite event in the life of an individual and, through hypnotic suggestion, bring about the subsequent conscious recall to the effect that this event never actually took place, but that a different (fictional) event actually did occur.”

What West is essentially saying here is that the replacing of true memories with false ones in human beings without their knowledge is deemed entirely possible. In a 1963 address to a psychiatric association in Oregon, and only months before the Kennedy hoax, West even went so far as to boast: “We are at the dawning of a new era, learning for the first time to produce temporary mental derangement in the laboratory.” He then went on to reference the use of LSD, sleep deprivation, and hypnosis to produce “temporary mental illness effects in normal people,” hence Korea or your typical episode of M.A.S.H. all over again.

Perhaps this is why Wiki simply informs us that West “performed a highly controversial psychiatric evaluation of Jack Ruby” in his jail cell and then moves on. That’s because The Wikipedia wants you to thirst for more. They want you to think Wiki is trying to cover their tracks. They want you to connect the dots between Tusko and Jack Ruby, resulting in a cartoonist light bulb illuminating your skull, wherein Jack Ruby is the result of LSD, sleep deprivation, and hypnosis. They want you to conclude that Jack Ruby was one of West’s wind-up toys, like Lee Harvey Oswald whom he killed, whereas both were given a gun and then perfectly placed in a crowd, so that their unconscious lab-controlled efforts were perfectly executed and went off without a hitch. Only conspiracy theorists will take the bait. Nearly everyone else will accept West’s conclusions, that Ruby was suffering from “major mental illness,” thereby narrowing down Ruby’s possible motives. But even the bait is a dead-end, because Jack Ruby—like Lee Harvey Oswald, Abraham Zapruder, the Lady in Red, and the Newman family—was an actor.

They were all actors.


Born in the Summer of Love: The Haight Ashbury Free Clinic Transformed Drug Addiction Treatment | UC San Francisco


HERE WE have a picture of scared and confused people. Young people. Socially designed CIA approved people under thirty. Hippies.

The decade is The Sixties. The scene is Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco. Probably 1967. The Summer of Love. They are probably listening to The Grateful Dead, or Jefferson Airplane, or perhaps The Beatles Sgt Pepper album. Who really knows? But even more important to the feather’s journey (which we are on), we are peering into the Haight-Ashbury Free Medical Clinic, or HAFMC, if you’re into acronyms.

Wouldn’t you know, Colonel West arrived to San Francisco in 1966 to study the burgeoning hippie movement. If you think this is only a coincidence, then you should probably know his arrival was to promote something called the “Haight-Ashbury Project.”  Putting this in slightly different terms, Haight-Ashbury would not become a household name until after Colonel West’s “Haight-Ashbury Project,” or HAP, because West was apparently into acronyms. Try not to let cognitive dissonance win the day. We have seen something more recently to Haight-Ashbury, or rather, a Millennial Me-Generation version of it with CHOP, another acronym for something or other, which you can read about here. CHAZ. HAP was funded by the Foundations Fund for Research in Psychiatry, Inc., another educated sounding and rather bland title for a C.I.A. front. But it gets even better, because West needed subjects for his HAP research. He needed young people. Young people under 30. He needed hippies. He therefore took an office at the Haight-Ashbury Free Medical Clinic.

The official narrative loves to advertise Haight-Ashbury as an organic and experimental endeavor of the hippie generation—evolutionary even—whereas magic and mythology was circumstantially blended with artistic ingenuity and then furthermore confined to a signpost within the frail futility of spiritual time, when we know Robert Zemeckis lied to us about the feather. There is no such thing.

The HAFMC was, in West’s own words, a “laboratory disguised as a hippie crash pad.” Emphasis is my own.

Kind of makes me wonder if the circulated picture of the young scared people sitting around in the Haight-Ashbury Free Medical Clinic are simply actors. Because that’s the sort of thing which the CIA-owned media commits themselves to—investing in their own work. Perhaps they are West’s students and only pretending to be hippies. But more importantly, we wouldn’t even know about hippies without the CIA and the work of men like Colonel West, architects of the MK-Ultra program.


Death of the Hippies': Haight-Ashbury's 1967 funeral for counterculture -


I decided to do some further digging. The precursor to West’s “Haight-Asbhury Project” was another MK-Ultra-funded project titled “Mass Conversion” once again headed up by West and funded by Gottlieb, hence the CIA. “Mass Conversion” used informants to infiltrate street gangs in Oklahoma hoping to engineer a shift in “basic moral, religious or political matters.” If you’re capable of reading between the lines, then you’ve hopefully already concluded that the CIA was providing street drugs and creating street gangs because that’s what the CIA does. They create everything and sell it to us as something organic. Evangelical America cries: “Oh my god, look at all the street drugs and the street gangs and the street hippies,” while trusting the CIA, much as cattle would on their way to the butcher.

Here’s another juicy tidbit I discovered along the way. West’s “Haight-Ashbury Project” bears an uncanny resemblance to an infamous MK-Ultra experiment called “Operation Midnight Climax.” You can probably utilize your imagination on this one. The CIA set up brothels throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area. If your mind just now wandered towards the homosexual experiment and AIDS, both of which arose from the very city, as something which might also be a side-projects of Langley, then you are correct in your thinking.

Is it any coincidence that Ken Kasey, Allen Ginsberg, Allen Cohen, Jerry Garcia, Grace Slick, Jimi Hendrix, and other tight-wire acts all congregated together at Haight-Ashbury?  Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, and nope. Spooks like West didn’t arrive just in time for the the Summer of Love. They created the Summer of Love. Haight-Ashbury was a spook operation from the get-go. Come to think of it, all of San Francisco is a carefully crafted human experiment. And just to make sure Langley’s little side project was deemed a success, West had graduate students dress up as hippies to roam the streets. We are told they were there simply to examine the behavior of actual hippies when in fact they were probably the only hippies which the press cared to photograph, because that’s precisely how the fabricated world spins on its axis.


5 songs guitarists need to hear by… Jimi Hendrix | MusicRadar


Earlier you were warned that any number of names might be mentioned at the drop of a hat, each of which lead away down bread crumb trails of their own. Several honorable mentions were just dropped. Ken Kasey was a spook, but he deserves his own paper. Another name worth the devotion of an entire paper is Allen Ginsberg; he was a New Jersey born Jew. Wink. Kasey and Ginsberg are connected in that they were both part of the beatnik psyop. Allen Cohen, founder of the San Francisco Oracle, was a Brooklyn-born Jew. Wink-wink. Here’s another name probably worthy of an article all its own. Grace Slick. But since I have not afforded the time to investigate the details surrounding her rather interesting career path (EDIT: I’ve now afforded the time and written an entire article about Grace Slick, which you can read about here. The Children of Cain and Grace Slick), we shall have to dip our heads down that rabbit hole another time.

Since I don’t intend to write a paper on Jimi Hendrix, we shall at least alleviate some of the tension.

Hendrix lived in the spacious mansion just north of the Log Cabin on Laurel Avenue Boulevard when Vito Paulekas, Captain Fuck, and their Family of Freakers, precursors to the Manson Family, resided there. Although he rarely spoke of it, Hendrix had served a stint in the US Army with the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell. His official records indicate that he was forced into service by the courts and then released after just one year, the reason being that he was a poor soldier. By Hendrix’s own account of things, he was given a medical discharge for breaking an ankle during a parachute jump, but no such records have ever been discovered. Truth of the matter is, Jimi Hendrix is a dime-a-dozen tale. We have seen his kind before. Military drop outs or children pimped out from parents in military Intel and then become counterculture provocateurs. I will once again refer you to my papers on Jim Morrison and The Mamas & The Papas. Rock N’ Roll was brought to us by the same people who were behind the Bay of Pigs and Gulf of Tonkin hoax.

Because that’s all we’re ever given. The illusion of choice.


Before moving on in the life of Colonel Louis Jolyon West, and believe me, there is still so much more to come, we need to take another closer glance at the Haight-Ashbury Medical Free Clinic, where we have already established that West resided. You see, as part of the “Haight-Ashbury Project,” and I realize now that I hadn’t thought to mention it, West set up fake “crash pads” for hippies. This is precisely how they pulled the Summer of Love off. Sure, a bunch of spoiled, rich, white children—many of whom were enrolled at Berkley—showed up for the event, hoping to get laid. But has anyone checked room and board prices in San Francisco? Mm-hmm. Looks like Langley was pocketing the rent.

Finally, Height-Ashbury is starting to make some sense. In fact, a whole lot of it.

Langley provided the drugs, the hippies, the music, and the crash pads. Only the easily brainwashed need apply.

In a 1965 article titled the “Dangers of Hypnosis,” published only one year before showing up to the Haight, West predicted that “crackpots” might hypnotize their followers into committing violence. By 1967, West began warning about the rise of LSD cults, sigh, arguing that the drug would aid the youths’ desire for “shared forbidden activity in a group setting to provide a sense of belonging.” Perhaps you already know where I am going with this.

Frequent visitors to West’s Haight-Ashbury Free Medical Clinic was none other than Charles Manson and his Family.