The Unexpected Cosmology

It’s Groundhog Day, Again - I NEARLY made a video yesterday talking about how today would be Groundhog Day but then decided I might as well just wait around until Groundhog Day to see what happens. Well, something happened. As I’m writing this, the day is only halfway over. More is developing. But so far, we woke up this morning […]

Tom Brady: Even His Retirement Is Rigged - FOOTBALL is rigged. You’d have to be sleeping in the stands not to see it by now. But in this short video I take it even further and show how even Tom Brady’s retirement is part of the numbers game. Actually, if we’re being technical, it’s a ceremony. A viewer asked what was meant by […]

The Black Dahlia Hoax: Will the Real Elizabeth Short Please Stand Up? - Part 4 Will the Real Elizabeth Short Please Stand Up? . . WERE you expecting someone else? Probably not a princess. The Black Dahlia—that’s her. Elizabeth Short’s real name is Fawzia Fuad. She was the daughter of Fuad I, seventh son of Ismail the Magnificent of Egypt. Cleans up nicely, don’t she? A little make-up […]

The Black Dahlia Hoax: George Hodel. Doctor of Evil. Actor. - Part 3 George Hodel. Doctor of Evil. Actor.     UP until this point, I’ve purposely been holding back. That is because we are nearing the end and I like saving the best for last. Have you ever heard of the man who wore a thousand faces, none his own? Perhaps not. There are probably […]

The Black Dahlia Hoax: Brought To You By a Hollywood Studio - Part 2 Brought To You By a Hollywood Studio     OFFICIAL biographies place Elizabeth Short’s birthplace in Boston. Wrong. I’ll give you a hint as to her true identity. The real Black Dahlia’s nativity scene was more than likely Alexandria. Intel is simply doing all they can to pass notes in class without giving […]

The Black Dahlia Hoax: The Girl Was a Mannequin - Part 1 The Girl Was a Mannequin   A YEAR or so ago I wrote about The Black Dahlia as something that legitimately happened in history. My conclusion at the time was that Hollywood and the Los Angeles Police Department were in on it. You will have to accept my apologies. Every so often I […]

Rosemary’s Baby: Another Movie Sponsored by Intel -   THE SONS of Cain are obsessed with telling their own story. Their biological and bastardy origins are tirelessly regurgitated over and over and over again from the Hollywood sound stage. The slaves whom they rule over lap it up. Never is that more obvious than with Rosemary’s Baby. Hell, it might as well be […]

Captain EO: The Key to Unlocking the Beauty Within -   FOR anyone who missed out on the Eighties and needs a refresher, this is the movie where Michael Jackson defeats evil by turning the bad guys into backup dancers. The point of this discussion is to highlight the overtly Masonic elements within Captain EO. I shouldn’t have to explain by this point that Freemasonry […]

Milk a Tate for Everything It’s Worth: The Patti Tate Hoax - “Sometimes you just have to turn shit into ice cream.” Doris Tate     TAKE AWAY a writer’s pen, send him walking in any given direction into the wilderness, and should he stub his toe on a suspiciously placed rock, his job remains the same. He will dig at the discovery. Perhaps he has only […]

American Theater: The Manson Murder Trial Was a Hoax -   “I can’t judge any of you. I have no malice against you and no ribbons for you. But I think that it is high time that you all start looking at yourselves, and judging the lie that you live in.” Charles Manson   APOLOGIES IF you thought this would be a one or two-part […]