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“Sometimes you just have to turn shit into ice cream.”

Doris Tate



TAKE AWAY a writer’s pen, send him walking in any given direction into the wilderness, and should he stub his toe on a suspiciously placed rock, his job remains the same. He will dig at the discovery. Perhaps he has only stumbled upon a hewn stone from some lost civilization, discarded by its maker. Then again, what if it is not a singular stone below his feet, but an entire city? The shoveler cannot possibly know what he has found until he starts digging. And so, here we are. If you have been following along then you will hopefully agree that I’ve found a city. The murder of Sharon Tate was a hoax, and dozens upon dozens of acters were in on it.

The resulting write-up has taken me several months, after which I had fully intended to walk away from whole thing. But alas, I made the mistake of standing over the grave marker of Sharon Tate (while on another reconnaissance mission in The Matrix), and I noticed something. Sharon had a sister. A certain Patricia Tate. Huh…? Debra Tate, I knew about. But who’s this Patricia Tate? It says she was born in 1957 and died in 2000. That would make her eleven or twelve at the time of the murder, and no more than 43 at the time of her death. Never heard of her, and why is that? I must have missed something, I thought to myself. And indeed, I did.

The following is my report.



BEFORE SITTING down to write this paper, I had given Doris Tate, the mother inscribed on the grave marker, the benefit of the doubt. As the wife of an Intel operative in Italy, you figure Doris knew her husband was into some deep shit, and yet never imagined he’d be so serpentine as to mastermind and ultimately beguile the entire world into the very misery which defined their family, but no. I was wrong. Turns out, Paul and Sharon Tate weren’t the only Tate’s into some deep shit.

I ultimately confessed my wrong after another successful reconnaissance mission in The Matrix, having unexpectedly discovered archival footage of Doris Tate on the Phil Donahue show in 1986. Before reporting here what I witnessed with my own eyes, I knew I needed to retrieve that shovel and dig into her bio. The Tate family Matriarch was described as a folksy grandmother, capable of turning up the Texan draw to get what she wanted, who baked cookies for people she liked and employed choice four-letter words for those she didn’t. A rather odd fact I learned is that she was the very first member of a victim’s family to speak at a parole hearing in California. You will tell me that’s all happenstance, and that her ability to woo the crowd with a fully loaded Southern accent or to flirtatiously call politicians ‘Hun’ for her personal advantage is simply cute. Then know this.

By 1985, Tate was a board member for Citizens for Truth, Justice for Homicide Victims, the California Justice Committee, and Believe the Children. Was the CIA funneling money into any one of these organizations? I’d bet on it. She also founded the Coalition for Victim’s Equal Rights and volunteered with the Victim Offender Reconciliation Group. Busy girl.

As a bit of historical context, the victims’ rights movement, which focuses upon the legal rights of crime victims, really began making headway under the Reagan administration. And who was governor in California during the Manson murders again? Reagan. In 1982, the president’s task force on Victims of Crime released its final report which detailed the concerns of victims’ rights advocates, claiming that “the innocent victims of crime have been overlooked, their pleas for justice have gone unheeded, and their wounds—personal, emotional, financial—have gone unattended.” Doris Tate essentially became a billboard for the Federally sponsored victims’ rights movement. Putting a Tate to good use, I guess.

Tate was also the first person in the state to make a victim impact statement. Another historic accomplishment for the movement. “What about my family?” she asked Tex Watson in his 1984 parole hearing. “When will Sharon come up for parole? When will I come up for parole? Can you tell me that?” Cue the Texan drawl.

While at yet another parole hearing for Tex Watson in 1990, Suzan LaBerge, the daughter of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca, argued for leniency on behalf of Watson—reminding us once again that the LaBianca’s were really murdered. LaBerge, a devout Christian and an innocent in the psyop, believed that Watson was sincerely repentant and deserved another chance. Doris Tate was notably furious. A victim impact statement was not designed to advocate for criminals. Somebody needed set straight. Tate reportedly confronted LaBerge in the parking lot immediately following the parole board hearing and told her: “You know, your mother is probably rolling in her grave because of what you did today.”

Tate then took her campaign against the LaBianca family to television. When the interviewer asked her: “If Suzan LaBerge were here in this room, what would you say?” Tate snapped back: “You dumb shit. That’s what I’d probably say to her.”

Tell us how you really feel, Mrs. Tate.



That just about brings us up to present. In 1986, agent Tate went on The Phil Donahue Show to lobby against Rose Elizabeth Bird, the first female chief justice of the California Supreme Court. Problem with Bird was, she consistently overturned death penalty verdicts. See how The Government plays both sides? “One thing is certain,” Tate told Donahue while working her drawl, “The death penalty will cut down on recidivism because the guy that goes to the gas chamber, well, my dear, he’s one less we have to worry about.”

At some point during the episode, an unidentified man stands up in the crowd and says regarding the murder of Sharon: “This was a very, very unusual crime. This is not a traditional motive. These people were not criminals. They were extremely peaceable. They were extremely loving, caring people.” Here the audience gasps in disapproval, some in disgust. Someone pronounces murderer. “I realize—I realize, people are not fully aware of the details. It sounds contradictory, but….”

It is here where Tate cuts him off. “Sir, I know that they killed her, okay? I know that the girls held her down. And I know that Watson stabbed her to death.”

Oh, tell us more of what you know, Mrs. Tate.

A morally outraged woman wearing a purple blouse with shoulder pads, also unidentified, then stands up and asks the man, rather dramatically: “Are you a member of the group… of the Charles Manson family?”

The stranger pauses for effect. He slowly rolls his eyes in her direction, and answers: “Yes, I was associated with them.”

“I figured so!”

Who is this mystery man? We are not told. Nobody thought it important to jot down his name. Ridiculous. There’s a reason why you can’t find this particular episode in full, and that is because it’s fake. Even the morally outraged woman was an actor. Tate later told an interviewer: “He looked at me, and I looked back, and I knew—I knew—that he had to be involved with this gang in some way. And it didn’t surprise me at all when he spoke up.” Sure, let’s go with that.

Doris Tate was another actor. A terrible actor—but still an actor. It’s farses like Donahue which just goes to show that Tate was in the know, and in case you were wondering, the short of it is this. Mrs. Tate gave birth to two biological daughters. But before she died in 1992, she’d have the world believing there were three.



AND WOULDN’T you know it, there are very few pictures of Patti Tate in The Matrix. Too few. There are a generous assortment of photographs depicting Doris Tate at all ages of life, as we would expect. Sister Debra Tate is all over the place. Debra Tate is another can of worms, as there’s far too much of her. You shall see what I mean by that in a moment. Meanwhile, there are—rather shockingly—far more pictures of Intel operative Paul Tate than there are of Patti Tate. I am certainly not the first to make that observation. Your very first thought will likely be that she was what you might call a private figure. If so, it was mine too. And then I stumbled upon this picture, provided above. Patti Tate is standing alongside a picture of sister Sharon and doing a very good job of looking like her.

Now, why would Patti do that? You will tell me Patti was simply having fun with the fact that she and her sister looked a lot alike and something about how there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s okay, you can say it. Identical. They look identical, don’t they? Same nose. Same chin. Same lips. Same ears. We’ll get to the ears a little further down the road. There are actually a few variations of this photo, telling us that the photographer attempted multiple poses hoping to get it right and convey a certain message.

Considering how Patti labored to keep out of the spotlight and keep completely removed from the murder of Sharon Tate, pictures like this are completely out of character. I also was incapable of finding a high-resolution image. Probably because the media has decided it doesn’t play well into their propaganda after all. There are literally hundreds of pictures of Sharon. Nearly zero of Patti. So, why this one? Because they’re telling you everything you need to know and hoping the cognitive dissonance sets in.

Patti is Sharon.



WE HAVE no record of Patti Tate before 1969. To be more specific, we have no birth certificate. Does Sharon and Debra have a birth certificate? Yes. But not Patti. And that’s a problem. As evidence, we are sometimes shown a picture of Sharon Tate doing girl stuff, like polishing her toe nails, with a much younger girl whom we are often told is Patti Tate. But if she was born in 1957 and Sharon died in 1969, then she couldn’t be any older than eleven or twelve here.

You will tell me big deal, so what if Patti Tate is just entering womanhood? Firstly, that does not look like an eleven-year-old girl, but at the moment, that’s beside the point. Did Sharon Tate look like that at eleven or twelve years old? The answer is, no. Sharon looked nothing like that at eleven or twelve or any other age. We have already established the fact that Sharon and Patti might as well be twin sisters. Are you going to tell me that an eleven or twelve-year-old girl who looks nothing like Sharon Tate somehow managed to grow up and look like a mirror image? I’ll wait.



Here we see two more picture of the same mystery girl at Sharon Tate’s funeral. In the first, Roman Polanski and Doris Tate are easily recognized. Again, we are told the young woman in the shawl is Patti Tate. In the second photo, the shawl is removed, but we can easily identify the mystery girl wearing the same dress. Notice the member of the press with the video camera. It is still the day of the funeral. Who is that standing in front of supposed Patti but Sharon’s documented sister, Debra Tate? Another logistical problem, since Debra Tate was born in 1952 while again, supposed Patti was born in 1957. That would make Debra Tate 16 years old in 1969. Tell me again that the mystery girl is eleven or twelve. They both look to be about the same age.

There are numerous other pictures of supposed Patti at the funeral, often close to Polanski and Doris Tate, or walking nearby Debra Tate, but why beat a dead horse? She is easily recognized as the very individual who sat by Sharon Tate while she polished her nails. And besides, the picture of Debra and the mystery girl show that they are very close in age, not six years apart. Did Patti mature quickly and then quickly slowdown in aging?



Now take a look at Susan Atkins’ parole hearing in 2008. That’s Sharon and Debra Tate’s niece, Pam Turner. Same girl? Mm-hmm. We have an exact match. I would say the Tate family really screwed up by allowing Pam Turner to show up at a parole hearing, but both Paul and Doris were dead by this point, as was Patti. The controllers had probably moved on. It’s a problem, you see, because now we have no one who matches a description of Patti Tate at the funeral of Sharon Tate in 1969. No birth certificate. And in case you were wondering, no death certificate. We are only given a grave marker.

Patti Tate is a phantom.



IF YOU read my paper on the RFK assassination hoax, then you will recall Arnold Schwarzenegger’s rather odd connections to the Kennedy’s, long before his eventual marriage to Maria Shriver. In 1977, we saw him playing tennis with Roosevelt Grier, the actor bodyguard who stood at Bobby’s side when Sirhan Sirhan emerged from behind the tray stacker in 1968. Strangely, I found two Schwarzenegger connections to the Charlie Manson mythos. I wasn’t really sure what to do with them, or where to place them, and even considered leaving them behind in my notes. That is, until I stumbled upon the grave marker.

Our first photo, the reward of another random scouting mission in The Matrix, reveals Kindergarten Cop standing next to Susan Atkins in the California Institute for Women. Presumably, during the George H.W. Bush administration. You will tell me there is nothing odd about that whatsoever, as Atkins was simply pushing her own fitness program in prison, and Schwarzenegger arrived to congratulate her. Fine. But your open window of possibilities will be quickly narrowed in our next photo.

Now, as a policy, I don’t show booby pictures on Cosmology. It’s why I left out the topless Sharon Tate areola autopsy photo, despite the fact that it lent even further evidence to the murders being faked. Therefore, this is the best that I can offer up. The picture before you is pulled from an entire series of photographs, probably a roll of film, taken by the one and only Michael Ochs in Los Angeles, 1976. Only this one has been angled in such a way and then furthermore cropped so as to get my point across.

The Los Angeles Times called Ochs “America’s preeminent rock ‘n’ roll photo archivist.” Commit to your own Internet search and you will see Ochs photographing all of our old favorites. Marilyn Monroe. Jim Morrison. Steve McQueen. Michael Jackson. Elvis Presley. Dennis Wilson. Bruce Lee. Audrey Hepburn. So yeah, this guy had discovered the bunny hole and was in deep. Probably already played a game of croquet with the Queen of Hearts.



Here we can clearly see the future California Governator in a pool with another dude and two topless girls. Schwarzenegger needs no introduction. The identity of the second man is hidden here but can be identified in other photos from the same series as Johnny Crawford. Crawford got his start in Hollywood as a first-generation Mouseketeer in 1955, right alongside classmates Bobby Burgess and Annette Funicello.

The more important face however can be seen directly behind Schwarzenegger. Are you ready for this? That young woman would be Debra Tate. Continuing on in the family business, hmmm? Still, unlike big sister, Debra holds no Hollywood credentials. Sharon earned her merit badges and Debra never got around to it. So why is she hanging out with a future Kennedy? Simple. Because the Tate’s are an Intel family, and Schwarzenegger knew how to rise through the degrees one girl at a time.



BUT GETTING back to that grave marker. The most recent picture I can find shows the entered remains of Sharon Tate (1943-1969), Doris Tate, (1924-1992), Patti Tate (1957-2000), and the unborn Paul Richard Polanski. There is no mention anywhere however of Colonel Paul Tate, the father, and why is that? I checked. Paul Tate wanted to be buried next to his wife and daughter. And yet, he’s not. He died in 2005, so what gives?

Turns out, Tate’s remaining friends flew out for his funeral. It was intended as a military funeral. But his ashes never arrived. And that is because Debra Tate left her father’s remains at the mortuary for several weeks, refusing to offer up payment. Eventually, the Tate estate settled the finances, which is to say, the money didn’t come from Debra, as she had already been written out of the will.

We are told that Colonel Tate didn’t like that his second daughter started baring all for the camera, but what does the official narrative know about anything? Sharon had already shown off the whole Tate well over a decade earlier, and Daddy didn’t mind. We have already established that fact. Pornography is nothing more or less than Intel’s love child. Therefore, Tate topless in the pool with Mr. Olympia and a photographer listed as Hollywood royalty was probably only the beginning of what Daddy had intended for her.

Then again, how do we even know Sharon Tate was on good terms with her father? We don’t. Both daughters may very well of hated their pimp father. I would lean heavily towards that very likelihood. And at any rate, Debra then went on to bare the whole Tate for Oui in 1977. The Tate clan may have been preparing for a sequel that never came to fruition. It happens all the time in Hollywood. Schwarzenegger fell into other Intel projects, namely James Cameron, the Kennedy’s, and the whole Hollywood scene. He became too valuable of a property. If Debra let her father down, it’s more than likely because she could never live up to Sharon’s performance. Perhaps she really did attempt to stick the landing, but only managed to end up in Sharon’s shadows.

And anyways, how is it that Debra still ended up with Paul Tate’s ashes? She didn’t pay for them. She’s not in the will. To this very day, the Tate family has absolutely no knowledge of what Debra did with them, or so they claim. The only explanation I’ve yet to read is that Colonel Paul didn’t fill out the right form, and so his ashes went on by default to next of kin, Debra. Ridiculous. Call it free will if you must. More like predestination. But all we’re really seeing is Debra Tate trying to defeat her handler, even after his death. The psychodrama continues on. Even without their clothing, the Tate girls carry some serious baggage. Daddy Tate would be proud.


DESPITE NOT bothering to show up to Sharon Tate’s funeral, you will tell me that Patti Tate does have a bio. Yeah, I’ve read it too. We see Patti marrying Don Ford in 1978, while he was still playing for the Lakers. The Wiki simply writes: “Ford was married to Sharon Tate’s sister Patti, with whom he had three children.” That’s it.

Not much to go on. We see not one photo of Patti Tate and Don Ford together. Ford was a basketball player and Patti was a Tate who happened to be an identical twin of her older sister. You would think somewhere down the line the paparazzi would take notice, but no. Even if Sharon had already become Patti, it appears as though that life has been scrubbed from the public consciousness.

We then read that Patti had a couple of lesbian lovers. The first is someone named Robin Olson. We find another in Alisa Statman. Like Polanski, Statman is listed as a writer and assistant director in film and television. You can look up her involvement in Hollywood for yourself. After Patti’s death, Statman wrote a book on Sharon Tate called Restless Souls, co-authored by Brie Tate. Because a Tate never falls far from the Tate tree. I sat on their love affair for several days, thinking little of it, until I stumbled upon a CNN article where Statman explains the origins of their relationship. You may want to hold onto something.

In 1990, Statman was a young Hollywood padawan who had just been initiated accepted into the Director’s Guild when she noticed that 10050 Cielo Drive was up for lease. Oh gee. That house again? She was unpacking boxes when she realized a producer named Bill Nelson was filming on the property. He was apparently “given the blessing” by Doris Tate to be there, as if that’s not suspicious. Statman and Nelson then ventured out together to the home of an unidentified detective, where she claims to have stolen two blue boxes of photos, slides and negatives never before seen by the public.

From here, we have an admission. Statman was so furious to learn of these unseen pictures that she was determined to return them to the right person. That person was Patti Tate. Statman told CNN how “the pair went on to strike up a romantic relationship.”



Wait, time out.

Patti Tate was offering up the whole Tate with another woman in the very house that Sharon Tate was murdered in? Did I read that right? Did that just happen? Appears so. Small world. And apparently, not odd at all. Nope. Goodnight, folks. Remember when I told you that the house at 10050 Cielo Drive was completed in 1944 for actress Michèle Morgan, and that she said it was haunted? She was right. It was haunted, alright. Sharon Tate was still occupying the residence in the 1990’s, and nobody but Alisa Statman took notice. Truth in plane/plain site.




THE YEAR of Doris Tate’s death is right about when we see Patti Tate making her grand appearance. And before you claim Sharon pulled a fast one on Mother by waiting for the funeral, here we can see a picture of Doris Tate with President George H.W. Bush and her two daughters. I am not a swearing man, but let’s be honest, I’m getting too old for this shit. Remember who it was that had JFK go away. Bush. They’re telling us in this photo who is responsible for birthing Patti from the ashes of Sharon Tate, and that is the CIA.

Notice how the photo is taken on the tarmac. It’s as if they knew Doris was dying, and there was too little time for a proper family reunion. If biology means anything to you, then here the caption should read, “George H.W. Bush, Doris Tate, Debra Tate, and Sharon Tate,” but no.


THERE’S SOME things which cannot be faked, and ears are one of them. I get it. Some siblings look the same. But the ears? No. And besides, eye color is like hair dye in that contacts can do wonders. Even if Sharon and Patti’s eyes are the slightest shade of dissimilar, which they’re not, they could have colored them red and called it a day. Their hair is an exact match. Sharon Tate often covered her ears. Beginning in the whereabouts of 1992, Patti did too. The ears of Sharon Tate had an elvish quality to them. That is why she may have blanketed them with her hair—to hide that fact. Even if Patti covered her ears due to the same insecurities, there’s likely another reason, and you already know why. She didn’t want anyone to know her ears were Sharon’s.

Still, if Sharon was free to be Sharon, then Patti was always in costume. Sharon had the ability to alternate between wearing her hair up or down. Patty simply chose to wear it down. If you study footage of her yourself then you will see that she was almost always hiding her ears.

I stress almost.



In 1994, as part of the Intel communities 25th anniversary celebration of the Manson psyop, Sharon Patti Tate wore her hair down. Clearly, she slipped up. And it’s clear by her posture that she knew she slipped up. Patti awkwardly faces her interviewer, only exposing her right side. Mostly. Even the camera crew seemed privy to her mistake. What on-stage studio interview only shows one side of a person’s face?

Complications arise when Sharon Patti coughs. It happens twice in the interview. Just twice. And both times, it corresponds with her mention of Manson.

The first time Sharon Patti says: “I don’t think Manson will ever get out of prison.” Cough. And then again: “He is not a man that will ever be turned loose on free society. He’s just too dangerous.” Cough.

As recap, it is only in the mention of Manson that Sharon Patti coughs. If you tell me Manson was a murderer and thus rightly uncomfortable for a girl to mention, I will remind you that she had little problem having a lesbian lover in the very house her sister was murdered in. But in the house, she could be herself. Sharon/Patti, same difference. On stage she lied.  It is only then that she turns just enough to expose her left ear. The elvish ear is Sharon’s.

THE WOMAN whom Tex Watson stabbed 16 times would have been 57 years of age in 2000, when Patti Tate is said to have died. Contrarily, Patti was somewhere around 33 years of age when Statman conjured Sharon’s ghost at 10050 Cielo Drive. Considering her various interviews in the early 1990’s, you will tell me that no 50-year-old could possibly look that good. And if so, I will let you in on a little secret. You only thought that hot looking woman was 35 or 40. Did Sharon Tate really die this time

Just so we’re clear, there very well may have been a presence of Patti Tate before 1992, but if so, it appears scrubbed. Before 1992, Patti feels like a dummy strung up on the beach during Operation Fortitude, designed to fool us just long enough until the real operation went down, but which never really matured to fruition. It seems to me that a phantom Patti was created in 1969 or the whereabouts, likely thought up after the fact, in order that Sharon might one day wear the shoes of another backstory. I almost get the impression that Paul Tate had high expectations for the second go-around. But nobody, not Deborah, not even Sharon this time, stuck the landing.

On a September 2, 2009 episode of Larry King Live, Debra Tate gave no degree of confidence while speaking of her sister, and in doing so, she nearly slipped up. Oh yes, I have…. another sister. See what I mean? By the way, I checked. Debra Tate was yet another person who was supposed to attend Sharon Tate’s party on the night of the murder. Why did Debra Tate not arrive? Her boyfriend hurt his ankle in a Frisbee accident. Sure, let’s go with that.

Tate told Larry King that she had spent all summer in the Polanski house, and was even referred to as the Lady of the House. Jay Sebring, she said, was a dear friend and like an older brother. “I lost my entire support team that evening.” You will recall that everyone in Hollywood minus Cecil B DeMille and a few others were expect to arrive. Saying you were expected to arrive is probably just code word for the fact that you’re in the know, because even spooks have to pass notes in class.

She then went on to question whether or not Susan Atkins actually had brain cancer during her last parole meeting, once again reminding us that everything we’re witnessing is a production.

And anyways, case in point. Aside from a grave marker, nobody who goes by the name of Patricia G. Ford is listed as having died in the year 2000.




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