Captain EO: The Key to Unlocking the Beauty Within

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FOR anyone who missed out on the Eighties and needs a refresher, this is the movie where Michael Jackson defeats evil by turning the bad guys into backup dancers. The point of this discussion is to highlight the overtly Masonic elements within Captain EO. I shouldn’t have to explain by this point that Freemasonry is a secret society which, at its foundations, attempts to monopolize the Mystery religions. Full disclosure, you have probably heard me say there is Truth to be found in the Mysteries, and in fact, here at The Unexpected Cosmology, I have actively sought to understand the Mysteries of heaven, many of which are universal throughout our greater realm. The problem with the Mystery schools is that many of them ultimately derive from the teachings of the Watchers. In 1 Chanok 16:3, Yahuah Elohiym called them worthless mysteries on the basis that they did not know the greatest Mysteries of all. They were lacking the Torah in what they taught, which is Yahuah’s instructions in righteous living, thereby designating their own Truths as paper thin.

Masonry is controlled opposition, and we are dealing with Freemasonry of the highest degree, telling us that everything within the Disney attraction is an inverted reality. Don’t take my word for it. Look it up for yourself. Top brass worships Lucifer, a deceptive stand-in for HaSatan. That should be common knowledge by our own present decade, despite all the gatekeepers out there on cleanup duty, stating otherwise, and I never really know who’s tuning in. And so, summing up the Mysteries of Hollywood, we are only ever given an inverted reality where Truth is concerned, and in Captain EO, the fallen Watchers win the day.

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