The Unexpected Cosmology

Son of a Witch: The Genealogy of Walt Disney - AFTER turning in my latest draft on The Trickster and Lucille Ball, I decided to dig back into my Walt Disney research. It only seemed natural to do so. For Uncle Walt and the Queen of Comedy have something in common, you see. They’re both directly descended from Salem witches, and isn’t that something? Technically, […]

Raya and the Last Dragon: The Watchers Story Retold -   FINALLY, Disney is discarding the exoteric trope for a somewhat honest esoteric reality. I say somewhat, and that is because on every continent, dragonlore hearkens us back to the ancient (and still present) worship of the serpent. I’ve just described for you Raya and the Last Dragon, which is to say: Serpent worship. Oops, […]

Captain EO: The Key to Unlocking the Beauty Within -   FOR anyone who missed out on the Eighties and needs a refresher, this is the movie where Michael Jackson defeats evil by turning the bad guys into backup dancers. The point of this discussion is to highlight the overtly Masonic elements within Captain EO. I shouldn’t have to explain by this point that Freemasonry […]

Pinocchio Is Dead: The Meaning of Life According to Alchemy - ANOTHER THING that recently came to my attention, and this surprised me, was the number of home school parents who read my work. Perhaps I didn’t frame that quite right. Let’s try this again. They read my work to their home schooled children as an added bonus to their curriculum. I still don’t know what […]

The Space Hoax Arrives at Walt Disney World - Ah, 2020. That was the year when the United States Corporate government locked us up in our homes and then told us not to go outside unless it was to wear a three-ply re-education mask and then express white guilt by taking part in a local George Soros sponsored protest, where the rioters are either […]

How the CIA Created the Magic of Walt Disney World - TO THIS very day, the Walt Disney Company has made a point of selling you on Uncle Walt’s clever acquiring of Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida without unveiling precisely how the bunny was pulled from the hat, and more importantly, for what purposes. Wikipedia and practically everyone else plays along. They want you to […]

The Druidic Mysteries of Pooh: The Honey Tree as Knowledge of the Divine - YOU DIDN’T think I would do it. Bill Gates, Lady Gaga, Saint Augustine, sure. But Pooh—never. I wouldn’t dare touch Pooh, you said. Silly old bear. This time I’ve gone too far. It took Walt Disney twenty years to doggedly chase down the rights to Mary Poppins. He couldn’t wait to spoon feed Theosophy to […]

The Lion King: A Retelling of Platonism & the Mysteries of Isis - THERE IS A SCENE IN DISNEY’S THE LION KING in which Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa are lying on their backs, having nestled into a soft bed of grass, and presently gazing, with philosophically wonder, at the stars in the firmament above. The warthog, they call him Mister Pig, asks Timon: “Timon, ever wonder what those […]

Mary Poppins: Part Time Nanny, Full Time Witch - IN THE LATE summer of 1926 author P.L. Travers stood on the doorstep of poet and Irish senator William Butler Yeats Dublin home soaked and disheveled—her arms bundled with the branches and berries she’d collected from the island of Innisfree. In return Yeats showed the 27 year-old the egg his canary had just laid. By […]

Eat. Sleep. Psychodrama. | Walt Disney World Is Real Magic - THE MEDIA-MAKER is a persistent violator of the need to include a globe portrait within their passing narrative—Why? They are incestuously bluffing their way through a make-believe vantage point; the video camera held so far back as to capture the whole of our supposed blue marble as it wanders aimlessly through the sackcloth of space. The documentary genre holds […]