Ah, 2020. That was the year when the United States Corporate government locked us up in our homes and then told us not to go outside unless it was to wear a three-ply re-education mask and then express white guilt by taking part in a local George Soros sponsored protest, where the rioters are either undercover cops or bused in. The lock down is also when I set about furiously writing dozens of controversial articles aimed at ripping apart the false realities of this world. I quickly realized that pleading with people to remove their stupid face masks was not enough. Masks are the latest fashion in the barracoon. It’s very purpose is intended to strip us of our own personal identity and cognition. I could keep attempting to convince people not to take Bill Gates ID2020 when it finally rolls around, but if the CDC-approved mask were the Mark of the Beast, then almost every pastor has already enforced it upon their flock. The bulk of humanity is already deceived. Time is short and I can only take the wrecking ball to so much. Just about everyone is asleep. Even if it is only a handful of people, they need to be taught a new way of thinking on their own. There is a lie coming, and when it does, I will no longer be there to hold your hand. The Ministry of Truth will see to that. Nobody will be there to help explain the alchemy to you but Yahuah.

Skynet is going to loose this War when Yahushua returns and fries her circuits for good. In the meantime, I’m just attempting to occupy a few gigabits of wi-fi. Fight the enemy on her own turf. Skynet hasn’t been happy with my decisions. And since I haven’t been shipped off to a re-education camp quite yet to have my eyes pried open by meat hooks in front of a psychedelic projector, the A.I. matrix likes to fill my news feed with course correcting material whenever I publish a new paper. I try to be considerate and read what I can. A couple of days ago I pointed out how Jacob Rothschild delivered Martin Luther King Jr. his peace prize. It’s kind of a deal breaker. Also, further proof that the Civil Rights Movement, as well as Black Lives Matter, was created by Langley from the very beginning. You can read about it here. George Floyd Is a Hoax. Skynet was not pleased. That’s when my news feed really started lighting up. “No, really, Black Lives Matter is completely different than the 1968 and the Civil Rights Movement,” said one article. Uh-huh. After insinuating that everything we know about George Floyd, his rap music and his porn video, the fact that Derek Chauvin was a night club co-worker, and even his ridiculous Illuminati tattoo, was created by the boys at Langley in order to initiate us further into their cult of psychodrama, I was then clued into how George Floyd went from wanting to “touch the world” to “I can’t breathe.” Mm-hmm. Here’s another touching story. “Your black colleagues may look like they’re okay, but they’re not.” I was even looking to take a road trip out to Missouri, and the NY Times has this to say. “2020 is the summer of the road trip, unless your black.”

I was trying to be considerate and read through my re-education pamphlets, but then Skynet slipped up. She decided to add a little nostalgia to my state sponsored correction course and let me know that Walt Disney World will be opening up again in July. Skynet knows I was at one time a closeted Walt Disney World fanatic. I had also reminded everyone a few weeks back that Walt Disney World is like the Vatican, completely self-governed and independent of the State of Florida’s constitution. It was the first to shut down with the impending coronavirus psychodrama, even before CIA-controlled Hollywood did the same. That says something about the corporate world and the COVID-19 design. Actually, it says everything. One thing led to another among my re-education pamphlets, and I soon stumbled upon the new Star Wars hotel which Disney expects to have open for the public in 2021. That got me thinking. The hotel is called Star Wars: Galactic Cruiser. And to my absolute delight, Wikipedia has an entire article on it.


Everything we know about Disney's Star Wars Hotel -- Galactic ...


It’s hard to believe this has become the new norm. It’s 2020, and living in an augmented reality is just something we’re going to do. “Hey honey, since space flight is only possible for a select few Freemasons at the neutral buoyancy pool in Houston, Texas, let’s visit Orlando rather than Cape Canaveral, and pretend to have a space adventure with Star Wars. Only our make-believe rocket ship is going to shoot straight up into a George Lucas space crawl rather than arching back down into the Bermuda Triangle!”

Don’t get me wrong, Netflix binge-watching has already become an alternative mirror for social engineering of the split-psyche. There’s a number of articles exposing Netflix as continued propaganda of the Obama administration. Barrack and Michelle Obama are making documentaries which present the seeds of radical ideas only made tolerable by the present coalition of people in power. It’s all circular logic and only the tip of the iceberg. We are expected to believe the radical ideas are our own when in fact Langley and the kissing cousins running our world are creating everything, including the documentaries which bring social change to our attention. And besides, most publications pointing out the Obama’s eight-figure deal are also CIA-owned conservative media sources. It’s all a part of the playbook, offering the illusion of choice by creating division, blending ethnicity, and structuring complex social hierarchies. They’re copulating both sides and everything in-between. Let’s focus on the in-between. While they distract the conservative right with Barrack and Michelle Obama’s obvious propaganda, just about everyone is glued to the coronavirus and George Floyd psychodrama unfolding on our television screen.

If you’ve managed to read this far, you may be asking why I started out talking about the CIA and psychodrama. It’s because that’s precisely what Walt Disney World is. The World was created by the CIA as a weapon against us. I don’t know how else to break the news, but it’s a psychodrama. And that’s magic. Real magic. The Magic in Kingdom isn’t a metaphor. I suggest your read my two other papers in the Eat. Sleep. Psychodrama series before moving forward. How the CIA Created the Magic of Walt Disney World. And Walt Disney World Is Real Magic.


Everything we know about Disney's Star Wars Hotel -- Galactic ...




Wikipedia tells me Star Wars: Galactic Cruiser “will combine luxury with complete immersion into an authentic Star Wars story.” I actually had to pause here and reflect upon how a hotel would immerse everyone into an authentic Star Wars story. The very next sentence however answered the question for me. “Guests’ journey through space will start when everyone departs together for a multiday Stars Wars adventure by boarding a starship alive with characters and stories that unfold all around them during a voyage through the galaxy.” If you’re curious how a hotel can manage to have everyone depart together, and I was, Galactic Cruiser is furthermore described as a “two-night immersive experience where all guests arrive and depart together, similar to a cruise line.” At D23 Expo 2017 in Anaheim, California, Bob Chapek, Chairman of Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, introduced Galactic Cruiser like this:

“It’s unlike anything that exists today. From the second you arrive, you will become a part of a Star Wars story. You’ll immediately become a citizen of the galaxy and experience all that entails, including dressing up in the proper attire. Once you leave Earth, you will discover a starship alive with characters, stories, and adventures that unfold all around you. It is 100 percent immersive, and the story will touch every single minute of your day and it will culminate in a unique journey for every person who visits.”

Disney onstage cast members will play the part of creatures, droids, and butlers while guests will be encouraged to wear costumes fitted to their role. No flip flops, I guess. Secret missions will be personalized towards visitors. The concept art provided seems to fill in those details. Every room will come complete with a view of space or whatever. Will the galaxy have quiet hours from 10 to 6? Probably. I mean, how else would parents ever get their children to sleep? I’m telling you right now, if there’s a fireworks show after midnight, there’s going to be a lot of angry mothers. Storm troopers will board the ship and patrol its interiors. Guests will flesh out the part of rebel spies. It’s probable that Lord Vader will grace guests with his presence. I mean, that’s a given. And if Disney plays this right, he’ll feel a strong presence in the force among children everywhere before sending them into the gift shop. The transformative experience will likely conclude with a galactic space battle. Star Wars: Galactic Cruiser will come complete with a shuttle-pod transportation system which will be “made to resemble a shuttle spacecraft that would ferry guests between the hotel and the land [Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios] while maintaining the illusion of traveling from space to the planet’s surface and back.” The illusion is important to the transformative experience.


Disney's Star Wars resort will feature lightsaber training and ...


Wikipedia also mentions an article by The Verge which compared the planned hotel to a “Westworld for Star Wars fans.” That’s interesting. Tell me more, Skynet. I had to look this up, but the journalists name is Bryan Bishop. First published on July 16, 2017, Bishop literally worded it in the title. “Disney wants to build a Westworld for Star Wars fans,” with the sub-heading, “A luxury space hotel in a galaxy far, far away.” That’s how re-education works nowadays, because most people won’t read past the bullet points. Wikipedia’s inclusion not only tells us everything we need to know, it let’s me in on the fact that Bishop’s comparison was not by accident. Disney wants the correlation to be known. Because it’s 2020. And living in an augmented reality, being told the narrative, and then inviting us to flesh out the fantasy, is just something we’re going to do.

Remember that the original film Jurassic Park thought to compare their own failed morals with Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean. That film was written by Michael Crichton. Mm-hmm, same guy who wrote Westworld. Crichton had envisioned a theme-park divided up into three themed lands populated with androids which guests could fight or have sex with, essentially divulge in every secret desire of their heart, all without having to deal with those pesky morals which would undoubtedly arise if real people were involved. Technology is a manifestation of how we think. Then again, should my reader immediately conclude that the immorality resides solely within the attendee, remember who it is that planted the seeds to begin with. Our Slave Masters. They created the technology. Seriously, this is straight from the old cotton planters playbook. I suggest you read the following if you haven’t already. You Are a Slave, and the United States of America Is a Corporation. Our Slave Masters have created a sophisticated system of indoctrination in order to keep us blindsided to reality. But here’s something I didn’t address. Even slaves need entertainment in the barracoon. The poet Juvenile said it like this:

“…Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions — everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses.”

No, Crichton wasn’t a prophet. He was simply speaking through the Muses, if you get my drift. They all were. Crichton. Wells. Clarke. Also, Bradbury. Our entire perceived reality today revolves almost entirely within the very computer screen you’re presently reading this article on. Without augmented reality, you could not, nor would you ever, experience space. Try not to let cognitive dissonance win the day.


Space 220 Restaurant Now Slated to Open in April at EPCOT - WDW ...




Seriously, it’s stuff like this that has me falling out of my chair. Walt Disney World has announced they’re also building a space restaurant in Epcot. It’s called Space 220. There’s really only two types of people in the world, foodies and eaties. And I like to eat. My search for an online menu was a complete failure. The number 22 however immediately nabs my attention. In occult thinking, it’s the number of a Master Builder. It expresses creation, able to turn all dreams and desires into reality. Esoterically, the number twenty-two is represented by a cube or square and denotes the earth as a physical plane. It tunes us in to foundations already built, and cyclic manifestations. The number 0 symbolizes God energy while 2 denotes the balances and harmony associated with our spiritual life. Put 2 and 0 together and one can begin to recognize the beginnings of their divine journey.

They’re actually telling you how the space deception will continue. Space 220 launches straight out of a Ray Bradbury novel. He wrote about this very thing as part of The Illustrated Man. It’s called The Rocket, and involves a father who couldn’t take his family into space. So he built an elaborate make-believe rocket to convince them he could. Space 220‘s experience is likewise self-explanatory. Diners will be expected to take elevators into space. The restaurant is expected to display a 250-foot-long digital screen that flanks the back of the curbed room, thereby draping each patron in the illusion. It’s all augmented reality, and it serves a purpose. No, Crichton wasn’t a prophet. He was simply speaking through the Muses, if you get my drift. They all were. Crichton. Wells. Clarke. Also, Bradbury. Our entire perceived reality today revolves almost entirely within the very computer screen you’re presently reading this article on. Space is nothing more than the Mysteries of Isis fleshed out. And Disney loves the Mysteries of Isis. They rehearse it nightly with Fantasmic, a spin-off from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. They flesh out the entire alchemical process of death and resurrection and the baptism of conscious in Pinocchio. And here’s another Isis favorite. The Lion King. Without augmented reality, you could not, nor would you ever, experience space. Disney is finally making a journey out of it. Ray Bradbury. Try not to let cognitive dissonance win the day.


New Details about Epcot's Space 220 Restaurant - Including a ...




THE PUBLIC understanding of Science continues to be a cause for concern. The earth does indeed appear flat and immovable to our everyday experiences. A study conducted by geographers at the University of Sussex, undertaken in 1996, arrived at this conclusion. Their survey revealed that a fifth of children in British primary schools naturally believed the earth to be a plane. But this phenomenon is certainly not restricted to Great Britain. Studies completed in the United States and Israel stumbled upon similar results. In both cases, as late as the age of ten, almost half of the children surveyed likewise believed the earth to be flat. Even those children who acknowledged the globe as a representative of the world, their own senses contradicted what they were willing to accept. Personal observations led them to believe that they themselves inhabited a flat platform of some kind. The difficulty however in appreciating Greek philosophy and the Copernican Revolution does not begin and end with childhood.

A nationwide telephone survey in the United States, conducted on behalf of America’s National Science Foundation, discovered that as many as 55 percent of adults, some 94 million people, potentially are not aware that the earth annually revolves around the sun. “The idea of a flat earth is therefore a common-sense assumption,” writes Christine Garwood in FLAT EARTH: The History of an Infamous Idea. “The longevity of the idea as belief and myth is doubtless partly due to this fundamental appeal in terms of human cognition.” Regarding the Sussex study and others, she concludes, “As a result, the investigators concluded that children struggle with an implicit contradiction between reason and instinct, between what they are told about the natural world and the direct experience of their own senses.”

The same U.S. survey concluded that teachers overestimated children’s knowledge regarding the earth’s globular shape. “Teachers of eight-year-olds believed that 95 per cent of their pupils would know the earth was a globe, while in reality only five per cent believed this to be the case.” We are dealing with a worldwide pandemic. Since the beginning of time, children have been naturally inclined to believe that the earth is flat and immovable, based upon their own natural senses. If they are not properly indoctrinated and inducted into the religion of the COVID-19 three-ply mask, then they may just carry their own natural inclination into adulthood. And our Slave Masters can’t have that. Something must be done about it. Initiate the people with symbols. Lots and lots of symbols. And also, by giving them what they want.

Give them bread and circuses.



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