The Unexpected Cosmology

The Alec Baldwin Rust Shooting: Brought To Us By Our Jesuit and Freemason Sponsors - EVERY so often I get asked the question by the Conspiracy Lightweights why somebody like Chris Rock would fake getting slapped by Will Smith, and on stage at an actor’s awards show of all places, especially if Smith’s career were hurt as a result of his actions. Slapping Chris Rock. The same can be said […]

Kevin McCarthy: Speaker of the House By the Numbers - WE will all be getting to know Kevin McCarthy a whole lot better in the coming months. The News is telling us the California Republican was elected House Speaker in the early hours of Saturday morning and it’s all by the Numbers. Some of you may recall the rumors swirling around regarding McCarthy and how […]

2023 Predictions: What Can We Expect From Our Commercial Sponsors? - HAS a year passed already since starting my Gematria paper? It’s grown to nearly a hundred pages in that time, with all those Numbers I’ve thrown your way. I will remind you that I am not a crystal ball, thank Yah, nor do I intend to use fun with math as a tool for fortune telling. […]

The Final Disapearing Act of DJ tWitch - DJ tWitch was suicided and as you would expect the Numbers are all over this one. Call me cruel but I won’t be giving them away here. No, you will have to check out how naughty the Kabbalah people are being this time around by reading the PDF document below. Also, I’ve added some updates […]

The Fake Russo-Ukrainian War - THEY did it. They actually went and did it. They went and pushed the button, the BIG RED BUTTON, and then convinced the vaccine people to follow their News cameras into the neighborhood of make-believe. I knew the Russo-Ukrainian War or whatever Illuminati history books will call it was a fake one but TIME naming […]

Roe V. Wade Overturned: A Swing of the Pendulum in the Ceremony Numbers Game - 2022 was quite the summer. I temporarily moved the family out to Missouri so that my wife could deliver a baby daughter. Our realm may be a motionless plane but the Media is a spinning, wobbling neverending web of confusion and it waits for no one. So much happened. I could barely keep up with […]

Who Will Be the 47th U.S. President? - WHAT is happening. Two ‘Ceremony by the Numbers’ updates in one day? It probably has something to do with all the numbers being floated around. You can read the full update in the PDF below, but I will make sure to add the very interesting numbers regarding the upcoming 47th President of the United States in […]

Kirstie Alley’s Death: Another Ceremony By the Numbers? - SCIENTOLOGY brought her to fame and in later years weight loss was her game. Kirstie Alley. We’re still in 2022 and lots of celebrities have been dying off it seems, though perhaps not more typical than any other year. Well, the tabloids have been reporting on her passing and we must remember how the powers […]

From Elizabeth To Charles: A New World Order Numbers Ritual - THE moment Jason123 read my Queen Elizabeth II quip in the Fleetwood Mac article he knew I was in need of some serious pointers. The numbers are not only mind blowing this time around they appear to demonstrate that something large is beyond the horizon, as equations go. This information is not my own nor […]

Skull and Bones: A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie - HAS it really been three months since commenting upon the math rituals? It has. How time flies when I’m holding a baby girl. But also, the yoke was so in our face with the Anne Heche scenario that not even the Queen of England’s passing was able to produce a superior omelet. I feel out […]