Ceremony by the Numbers: The Kamala Harris Covid-19 Hoax

by | Apr 27, 2022

I DON’T know if I should be awestruck at the few people who still believe the Jesuit sponsored Covid-19 psychodrama was ever a thing to begin with, or at the Media for being so out of touch with awakened humanity as to continue spewing their psyop as a legitamate narrative. Kamala Harris got Covid. Oh no. So much for getting the Covid vaccine. The reason I took the time to clap this out on the keyboard today is because the numbers game is demonstratable, and adds an entire new dimension to their obvious fakery. And now everybody is concerned about Joe Biden getting it. Wasn’t he vaccinated too on that soundstage they’re passing off as the Oval Office? Well, that’s the decade we find ourselves in now, when the official narrative has become a farce. Read the Kamala Harris for yourself.

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