2023 Predictions: What Can We Expect From Our Commercial Sponsors?

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HAS a year passed already since starting my Gematria paper? It’s grown to nearly a hundred pages in that time, with all those Numbers I’ve thrown your way. I will remind you that I am not a crystal ball, thank Yah, nor do I intend to use fun with math as a tool for fortune telling. Some of the normies have begun to catch onto the operation and have demanded that I put my money where my mouth is so that I can play the fool and they can return to their regularly scheduled program. It doesn’t work like that. I could organize some numbers and show you the possibilities, but in the end, it is the Kabbalah people who write the scripts and hire the players. I’m just here trying to keep up with each passing season. I wish the show would be canceled altogether but there’s far too many normies hinged to the narrative and they know it. If you happen to be reading this and have come to terms with the fact that your entire perceived reality is filmed on a movie set, then you are the cram of the crop. Welcome. I have some 2023 Numbers for you. 

PDF [Update]: Ceremony By the Numbers: 2023 Predictions

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