THE moment Jason123 read my Queen Elizabeth II quip in the Fleetwood Mac article he knew I was in need of some serious pointers. The numbers are not only mind blowing this time around they appear to demonstrate that something large is beyond the horizon, as equations go. This information is not my own nor is it simply 123’s. A large swath of Gematria investigators have been breaking the information down, and so, I’m quite certain now that I shan’t even come close to covering it all. Let’s give the pen and ink the old college try anyhow, shall we?

You can read the full report below. It derives from an ever growing document called ‘Ceremony by the Numbers.’ As of today’s publication, the PDF is sitting at about 72 pages and, gasp, the Queen’s story begins on page 66

PDF [Update]: From Elizabeth to Charles: A New World Order Numbers Ritual

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