[UPDATE:] The Death of Anne Heche Doesn’t Add Up

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THE fakery keeps pouring in. And so, I’ve added new information to my Anne Heche paper. They really should have left the story as it is, discovered some new dig in Mar-o-Lago, because now we’ve come to learn that Anne Heche was trapped in the burning home for a whopping 45 minutes while firefighters attempted to retrieve her. Are they being serious? You will notice how they said home rather than car. Yes, she was trapped in another person’s home by technicality, but that is only because she drove into it. So, she was both in the home and the car. The firefighters were incapable of hauling her out because of the fire. Have you seen a photo of the car? She would have been a roasted marshmallow, and in less than 10 minutes time, not 45. Regardless, the flames were incapable of touching her. The smoke inhalation alone should have brought about asphyxiation and done her in.  

You can read more of my report below. As of today’s publication, the PDF is sitting at about 59 pages.

PDF [Update]: Murder by the Numbers: The Death of Anne Heche

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