Joe Biden: Puppet President (He’s a Walking Numbers Ritual)

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THIS morning I find myself in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Though breathtakingly beautiful, it is wet and cold outside all the same, and so, I thought to myself: Why not finish my ‘Joe Biden: Puppet President’ article in the warmth of my camper? Well, technically, this is only the beginning of what I hope to become a much larger document. Obviously, Joe Biden is far too large of a puppet president to cover everything in one seating, but I’d like to think a mighty good start is being offered. I’ve been traveling across North America for the last several days. Well, earlier this week I asked my readers if they could help me pull up some good research on Biden. They didn’t disapoint. Within hours, my mailbox was flooded. That is to say, the subject matter is overwhelming but I didn’t let that stop me. At present, I can only assume the sun has risen, despite gray skies. I’m still wraped up in a blanket from the cold, but the good news is that I’ve finished the article. Well, the beginnings of a much larger document, at any rate. For the first go-around, we’re dealing merely in the realm of gematria. Joe Biden is a walking number’s ritual, indeed. 

PDF: Joe Biden Puppet President