SOMETIMES the world stage producers film a movie within another movie. There is a name for that. An embedded narrative is a literary device in which a character within a story becomes the narrator of a second story within the first. In the case that you should desire an example, I am about to give you one. On the set of the ‘Rust’ movie, the first assistant director yelled: “Action!” Too soon? A gun was raised, presumedly in actor Alec Baldwin’s hand. And then, quite suddenly, a shot rang out. The story within the story is far from over, as of this writing, but here is the gist of its beginnings. Ukrainian cinematographer Halyna Hutchins fell over dead. Try not to forget the part where it happened on a movie set.

We are told the prop gun, an antique Colt .45 revolver, is responsible for the killing, and that a single discharge also shot director Joel Souza. Baldwin has since questioned how a live bullet could end up in a prop gun when a bullet wasn’t even supposed to be on the western movie set. Was Hutchins murdered or are we dealing with another elaborate hoax? Either way, the reality here is that we are banqueted with another ceremony by the numbers. There are others who have dug into this, and as always, I have Jason123 relaying much of the information, and so, here is what I can tell you. It appears from what everyone has gathered that the Rust movie set shooting has a lot to do with Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee. Consider it a tribute to them.

You can read the full extent of my report below.

[NEW 9/5/22]: The Alec Baldwin Movie Set Shooting

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