The Alec Baldwin Rust Shooting: Brought To Us By Our Jesuit and Freemason Sponsors

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EVERY so often I get asked the question by the Conspiracy Lightweights why somebody like Chris Rock would fake getting slapped by Will Smith, and on stage at an actor’s awards show of all places, especially if Smith’s career were hurt as a result of his actions. Slapping Chris Rock. The same can be said for the ‘Rust’ movie set. I get asked that question to from time to time. Why the hell would Alec Baldwin play a role requiring he take a dump over his own career? The simplest and most obvious answer is that he didn’t have a choice. Apparently, lots of red pill newbies are still struggling with the ultimate consequences resulting from one who sells his soul to the Prince of Darkness for fortune and glory. Sometimes he dials you up and calls in a
return favor.

Which reminds me, has anybody been watching Nicole Brown Simpson’s performance on the television as of late? She’s got her very own talk show, you know. It’s called ‘The Megyn Kelly Show’. Tell me that’s not Nicole Brown Simpson, I dare you. The murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman was OJ Simpson’s greatest staring role to date. It happened like this. One day, Satan dialed OJ’s number up from some sacristy in the Vatican and told his boy that he had another performance to give but that it would also require squeezing the last of the juice from the carton. Nicole Brown Simpson had already done her time. Now it was her turn to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of the writer’s room. There, I just saved you the trouble of watching over 800 hours of murder trial footage. I was glued to the television in 1995 so that you wouldn’t have to.     

You can read the full extent of my report below. 

[Update 1/29/24]: The Alec Baldwin Movie Set Shooting

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