HOT off the press. And now Jill Biden has the Rona. How many times did she sip from the juice cup, I wonder? Oh, I know, it would have been so much worse if she hadn’t. The News was announced on 8/16/22. 8+16+22 equals 46 and 46 equals virus in one of the four main ciphers. In another cipher 26 equals virus. Why the 26? I mentioned Joe Biden testing positive for the Big C on July 21 and that was 26 days ago. As I was saying, Jill Biden came down with the symptoms on the 16th and Jill equals 16. August 16 also leaves another 137 days in the year. Washington DC equals 137.

You can read more of my report below. As of today’s publication, the PDF is sitting at about 50 pages.

PDF [Update]: Ceremony by the Numbers: Joe + Jill = COVID

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