Murder by the Numbers: The Death of Anne Heche

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MY gut instinct was to say that Anne Heche really was dead. That opinion then changed to a hoax and, in the intervening days, has only continued to ping-pong. It doesn’t really matter what I believe though, does it? What matters is the truth, and either Anne Heche slipped off the world stage, as so many others have done before her, or somebody from the campaign office dialed ‘M’ for Murder. There is always that one person in the room who likes to pretend they are the sound of reason and course correct the investigation when claiming accidents do happen. Sure, Joe Biden may take a face plant off his bicycle from time to time, but the numbers are all over the Heche car incident like ugly on an ape.

You can read more of my report below. As of today’s publication, the PDF is sitting at about 56 pages.

PDF [Update]: Murder by the Numbers: The Death of Anne Heche

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