Civilizing the Savages—a Strange “Science” Initiation (a Flat Earth Poem)

by | Sep 14, 2018

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In a dark aboriginal race,

Invaded by white men,

Who went there to fight them,

And “civilize” all in that place.

The white men, of course proving masters.

Some benefits brought, and disasters !

But one of the worst,

I’ve heard it rehearsed,

Was binding all down with stick-fasters.

They fastened their feet to a flat form,

Attached to a big wheel, as platform ;

Then turning the big wheel.

Though some natives did squeal,

They swung them heads downward in that form !

Those An tips, nigh guilty of treason,

Should all have repented their knees on ;

For by whirling them round,

Ere long it was found,

That many poor souls lost their reason !


Published in Lady Blount’s “The Earth” No. 51, October 1904

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