Spahn Ranch: Remember When Charles Manson Lived On a Movie Set?

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Sexy Sadie and Charles Manson. How a 19-year old stripper wound up as… | by H. Allegra Lansing | Medium

“Total paranoia is just total awareness.”


Charles Manson


WHEN THE FAMILY said, let’s go Creepy Crawling, they were referring to a game which involved sneaking into people’s homes at night and rearranging their furniture while they slept. Sure, the Manson’s reportedly committed the deed, but that’s just Intel’s way of telling us that spooks do it all the time. Today, they have the Internet. But that’s not to say they still won’t enter your home and reposition a book or two on your shelf just to screw with your head, perhaps turn the thermostat up a few notches. Let you sweat your nap-nap time out. If Intel is feeling especially frisky they’ll swap out your kids goldfish or hamster.

Claiming the Manson’s played creepy crawling in the Bel Air home of Papa John and Mama Michelle Phillips is comparable to FBI Director J Edgar Hoover hiding in Clyde Anderson Tolson‘s closet, his second in command, and breathing heavily while dressed in women’s clothing, just to prank him. That is to say, they’re all spooks. The home of Doris Day is another whoop-de-dew. According to numerous reports, Suzy Atkins and company creepy crawled into Day’s Malibu home, where Terry Melcher and Candice Bergen had gone to live after leaving their Benedict Canyon house on Cielo Drive. Like everyone else, Melcher was in on it.


Head (1968) | The Criterion Collection


Another story that comes our way involves Donna Greenberg, a mystery Hollywood woman who is described to us as “not being in the business,” but who was “cleaver, wealthy, attractive,” and “influenced by hippie culture.” One beautiful sunny Sunday morning during the summer of 1969, she was eating breakfast on the deck of her beachfront home with her husband, children, and house maid, when “the most frightening group of hippies” she ever saw walked onto their patio like a pack of LSD-laced zombies, stared at them for a time, and then freely entered their home. They gathered around the piano, peered at the numerous framed pictures of family members and loved ones, and then left just as mysteriously as they came, barely a word spoken. When authorities apprehended them on the beach, Greenberg persuaded the police that the hippies were her house guests. The punchline is that this was the Manson family. Also, the name Greenberg is of Ashkenazi Yiddish origin.

Greenberg was a close friend of Bob Rafelson, which once again brings us around full circle—as always. Rafelson had formed the musical group called The Monkees in 1966, and by 1969, he had only recently finished filming their plotless, stream of consciousness film, Head, with Jack Nicholson. Rafelson was a New York City born Joo. I checked. Bert Schneider, his Monkees co-founder, was too. The film bombed, partly because hatred towards the fabricated band had already fermented. The irony here is that the Truth was being shoved in everyone’s pimply face, that auditioning actors were simply playing the part of musicians, intended to manipulate the emotions of girls and younger audiences for a televised Corporation, and that they were created by Joos, when everyone simply blamed The Monkees for making it so obvious. Rafelson and Schneider’s next project, Easy Rider, which starred spooks Jack Nicholson, Peter Fonda, and Dennis Hopper, was released only one month before the Manson Family murders. The movie involves drug dealers, an LSD trip, and the murder of the hippie.

Fact: We already know that Mama Michelle shagged Papa John, Roman Polanski, Dennis Hopper, and then Jack Nicholson, in that order. But did you also know that Candice Bergen dated Bert Schneider for a few years starting in 1971? Coincidence? Nope.

Some reports claim the creepy crawls were crazy Sadie’s invention, whereas others insist Charlie Manson was initiating his followers into the larger agenda through a nightly regiment. But again, we know it was more of a matter of the make-up department rearranging a prop here or there on the sound stage. “Ha, ha! that’s very funny guys!” Before escalating to the dramatic murder of Sharon Tate and company, the Manson’s apparently played creepy-crawly in the Roman Polanski house. That too was a movie set, but you know that already. This isn’t our first rodeo, which is essentially to say, the entire episode was a hoax and an Intel production.


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YOU KNOW what else was a movie set? Spahn Ranch was a movie set, and Charlie Manson and company lived on it. Try to argue yourself out of that one. You can’t. Because it was a movie set, and everyone who lived there was good looking and talented at one thing. Theatrics. They just love shoving these truths in your face and then watching you obstinately deny it. The official narrative even claims that the Family had in their possession an NBC movie truck stocked with movie equipment. Oh sure, the truck was apparently stolen, looted of its goods, and then dumped into a ravine or whatever. But already, you’re missing the point. Mansonite Barbara Hoyt said every day was something different. They’d get all dolled up and play because what else are actors expected to do on a movie set?

What kind of movies were they making—you ask. Fantasy films. Movies about cowboys and Indians. Peter Pan and the Pirates perhaps. Passion plays. Skin flicks. Also, Snuff films. Just so we’re clear, a snuff film is a movie in which someone is killed for other peoples pleasure, not the killer’s. The persistent rumor is that they recorded the murders of Sharon Tate and company. But if so, why were the trials highly publicized and yet the tapes never shown? I have absolutely no reason for believing that Tex Watson or the girls ever showed up to the 10050 Cielo Drive home. It’s why their own account of the murders differ from the actual crime scene photos. The other rumor is that they re-enacted the crimes at Spahn Ranch. If you tell me that Manson would be an idiot to criminalize himself, I will remind you of the Nixon White House tapes and Watergate. Then again, why were the Manson rehearsal tapes not released? Simple. The tapes were so bad that Intel sent them over to Lookout Mountain for post-editing work, but not even Lookout Mountain could doctor them up to something salvageable. If the Manson tapes have never seen the light of day, it’s because they would have proven that the murders were staged by actors, and we can’t have that.

The Wikipedia has a page on Spahn Ranch, and it’s ever evolving. It used to say, and I quote: “Spahn Ranch, also known as the Spahn Movie Ranch, was a 500-acre (2.0 km2) movie ranch used for filming generally Western-themed movies and television programs. With mountainous terrain, boulder-strewn scenery, and an ‘old Western town’ set, Spahn Ranch was a versatile filming site for many scripts.” Apparently, too many people have been catching onto the fact that the Manson Family lived on the sort of movie set that came alive only when versatile filming scripts were dolled out, because The Wikipedia rearranged a few choice words, making Spahn Ranch seem less conspicuous, but not before multiple websites showed documented proof of their blunder.


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THE 55-ACRE PROPERTY was purchased in 1953 in hopes of catching the rampant wave of western productions, both on television and the big screen. The Lone Ranger was filmed there during owner George Spahn’s tenure, as well as episodes of Bonanza. The Creeping Terror, a 1964 horror science fiction film about an extraterrestrial, slug-like creature that attacks and eats people whole in a small American town, is generally regarded as one of the worst movies all time, and that was filmed there. In 1968, decaying structures with faded signs welcomed the Manson family. Clearly, her glory days had passed, and a bankrupt George Spahn was in need of a good paycheck. My guess is, Spahn received one. An offer he couldn’t refuse.

Have you ever seen a picture of George Spahn, the old milk farmer? He looks exactly like the sort of individual who’d hand his ranch over to a bunch of free shagging, hairy legged hippies, rent free. But not really. We are told that George Spahn was blind, and that he needed Manson’s girls to act as seeing eye guides, but I’m calling him and Stevie Wonder out. He certainly had little problem finding his way up Lynette Fromme’s skirt. We’ll have to save the Stevie Wonder blind hoax for another time, because when it comes to Spahn, Intel is simply telling us that America is blind as a bat for not recognizing actors on a movie set when we’re shown them.

Adding insult to injury, George Spahn even had a part in the script. We are further told that he named the actors, christening such beloved characters as Squeaky, Sadie Mae, Tex and Ouisch (pronounced Oh-weesh!). For example, Lynette Fromme received her nickname Squeaky because of the sound she made whenever Spahn, the old blind bat, ran his dirty hand up her thigh. He named Charles Watson Tex due to his Texan accent. Ouish because of the many catcalls sent her way by random dads who showed up to rent horses for the day with their wife and kids.


Spahn Ranch: Where the Manson family launched Helter Skelter - Curbed LA


WHAT, YOU don’t believe me, that George Spahn was paid off for his part in the production? Intel gives some of those details away by allowing the mystery woman Juanita Wildebush, or by some accounts, Joan Wildebush, to enter the narrative. Either way it doesn’t matter, as Wildebush is a made up name. Remember when MI6 spook Ian Flemming had Sean Connery cross paths with Pussy Galore? Wildebush might as well be a Bond girl. If you struggle with the meaning of her name when aligned with mental imagery, Mansonite Paul Watkins claims she told him on their first introduction that Mexican men were the best, because they knew how to perform south of the boarder.

Sometime in 1969, the obscure character Wildebush picked up anywhere from one to three or maybe four hitchhikers in the whereabouts of San Jose, California. Included among them were Tex Watson, Susan Atkins, T.J. Wallerman, or simply Paul Watkins, if you prefer to believe his version of the story.  Her account completely excludes Paul Watkins, whereas Watkins casts himself in the starring role while completely snubbing the other three. It seems like everyone can agree however [EDIT: mostly everyone] that she had a fiancee in Mexico, apparently well financed. Betrothed to the State, hmmmm? Watkins version has the two of them arriving at Spahn Ranch later that night while Manson sits on a porch fiddling or diddling with a stick or whatever—I can only assume with his clothes on. Then there’s another retelling, her retelling, which has Wildebush arriving with three hitchhikers at night, wherein everyone begins chanting: “Let’s wake up Charlie!” Charlie then appears in the nude, same porch though, apparently interrupted by a tutoring session with Catherine Share, aka Gypsy.

Rather than continuing on to Mexico to meet her financier, I mean fiancee, who I’m beginning to think is Jan Brady’s fictional boyfriend, George Glass, Wildebush dropped acid and had group sex with the Family. Also, upon meeting her, either while fiddling with a stick or standing in the nude, Manson pointedly said her name was poetic. That’s simply a spooks way of telling another spook that the boys down at Langley gave her a kick ass character name and that he was so totally jealous. Afterwards, she signed over $10,000 worth of trust funds, or by some accounts, $16,000, in order to fill George Spahn’s pocket, and then went away grateful. Right.



ON THE MORNING of August 16, precisely one week after Sharon Tate’s murder, more than 100 deputized officers were reported by The Los Angeles Times as having descended upon Spahn Ranch. At the time, it was the largest police raid in the history of Los Angeles County, and isn’t that something? They brought along a film crew, as you would expect on any movie set, just not during a police raid. We can only assume that they raided the wardrobe in the make-up department hours before their arrival, because dozens of pictures will attest to officers wearing the same helmets but different shirts, pants, and shoes. A female officer arrived in a mini-dress. One dude showed up in combat boots and paratrooper pants, and even the Sheriff had his uniform confused. A few others apparently decided they’d ride into the arrest without any uniform at all. We even have what appears to be the film crew hanging out in the back of a van. Only the CHiPs looked completely put together.

The raid is advertised to us as the conclusive investigation into an auto theft ring. The Times reported that seven rifles, a 43-caliber automatic pistol and a 9 mm machine gun were confiscated. The group of eleven men and fifteen women furthermore included “several members of a motorcycle gang called Satan’s Slaves,” who were “stealing Volkswagen’s, dismantling them and converting them into dune buggies.” Officers found automobile parts strewn over the property. Several juveniles, including four infants, were taken into custody and turned over to juvenile authorities. The ultimate purpose of course was to further ferment Charlie Manson and his Family into the American consciousness without identifying them yet as the killer. Probably also why the film crew made certain to frame the Spahn Movie Ranch sign in the background, just to have everyone deny the fact that this was a production. It’s those little spoonfuls of sugar that help the cognitive dissonance go down.

According to The Times, Spahn told the police that he knew there were people living on the set, but was otherwise unaware of their activities. He furthermore explained that he couldn’t get around and was afraid of them. Sure, let’s go with that. Read on.


Her Own Father Let Her Live With the Manson Family | by H. Allegra Lansing | Medium


AMONG THE UNDERAGE girls mentioned in The LA Times raid article was Ouish, aka Ruth Ann Moorehouse, only 15 years-old when she was arrested and placed in juvenile hall. Who was she released to? George Spahn. Kind of odd, don’t you think? I thought Spahn wanted those damn hippies off his lawn. You’d think the court would redirect Moorehouse as far away from dumpster diving hippies as is humanly possible—but no. Apparently, the dirty old blind man who had sex with underage girls and named this one in particular after a catcall made for the perfect caretaker. Before you start up with excuses again, the court was well aware of the fact that Spahn Ranch sold drugs, stocked weapons, stole cars, harbored underage girls, pimped them out for sex, hosted orgies, and fraternized with biker gangs. It’s not like her father, Deane Moorehouse, wasn’t in the picture, either. The official narrative has it that the former pastor spent time with the Family, and practically worshiped at Manson’s feet. Are you buying it? If so, then keep reading.

Ruth Ann Moorehouse’s story goes as follows. Deane and Audrey Moorehouse were living with their son and three daughters in San Jose, California. It was the summer of 1967 when Deane picked up a scruffy hitchhiker named you know who. Because Intel really wanted to milk these hitchhiking stories. Charlie and Deane started talking about the Bible, and Moorehouse soon invited his passenger over to their house for dinner, where Manson was preached to. In little time, Lynette Fromme and Mary Brunner showed up, a devise which would be recycled again with Beach Boy Dennis Wilson, because Intel only agreed on so many plot devices around the writer’s table. See, this is precisely why you should never pick up a hitchhiker. You’ll get into a conversation about the Bible, and before you know it, you’ll pimp out your 14-year-old daughter.

For whatever reason, we are told that Deane Moorehouse first offered the hitchhiker his piano, and why would he do that? Seems rather impractical. Offer a hitchhiker a guitar or a harmonica. Throw in a back-scrubber and a washcloth and call it a day. But how in the world is he supposed to haul a piano down the highway? Never one to decline the gratuitous gifts that are thrown at him, Manson conversed with one of Moorehouse’s neighbors and successfully traded the piano in for a Volkswagen microbus. Huh? If you think the origins of Manson’s psychedelic shag-wagon sounds terribly unconvincing, then keep reading, because the plot points only get worse. Audrey Moorehouse was so upset over the homeless kids who had invaded her house that she promptly moved out. Rather than pursuing his wife, Moorehouse chose the hippies. Charlie then drove off with his youngest daughter, Ruth Ann, and took her some 200 miles northbound to Mendocino. When Deane Moorehouse found out, he vowed to kill Manson. However, Manson was capable of changing his mind after introducing Moorehouse to LSD. Right. A regular Norman Rockwell painting.

Aside from having a dirty old blind man for a caretaker, the State didn’t seem to mind that Ruth Ann Moorehouse hung outside the courthouse throughout the duration of the Manson Family trial, either. And that is because the girl wasn’t simply pimped out by her father. Intel needed props, and Ruth Ann Moorehouse was one of them.



WE FINALLY have our Intel connection to the Hog Farm in the person of Dianne Lake. Like Moorehouse, she too was underage. I can find little to nothing about her parents, which is odd considering how the Hog Farm is served to us on the sort of platter which might be doubly employed with a carnival act. The mere fact that Hog Farm was the media’s go-to should remind us of who they were ultimately working for. Here is what we’re told. At some point during The Sixties, Shirley and Clarence Lake decided to turn their backs on Santa Monica society in favor of donning hippie clothes and ingesting an LSD, sex-fueled lifestyle, all while living on Wavy Gravy’s commune. The problem however was their pubescent daughter, who had become jail-bait for other Hog Farm members. For this reason, we are furthermore told that Wavy Gravy personally instructed the 14-year-old girl to leave the farm, and that her parents simply signed a permission note. Is that a red flag? Why yes, it is.



I might as well point this out. The Hog Farm, which is connected to the Woodstock Intel production, gives us another Intel connection to the fake pig blood of Sharon Tate, which was scribbled on the Dutch door. PIG. But so does Clarence Lake’s hippie bread truck which he drove around in, without Dianne of course, and called The Big Pig.

Lake is usually explained to us as having met Manson at a party in Topanga Canyon, apparently at the Spiral Staircase house in 1967, and being immediately intrigued. And yet, by Lake’s own account, her parents had already met Manson before she did. Her mother even dropped acid with Manson and then handed over the little girls photo, telling him to look after her. Wait, what? Slathering the Don Juan charms on Manson kind of thick, don’t you think? And at any rate, we are assured that these two instances are simply coincidence. Assuming that Lake only had Los Angeles at her disposal, she still managed to end up in Manson’s lap. Sure. The trade-off happened through a couple called Richard and Allegra, whom she lived with for a week. That’s the glue that holds this paper-thin narrative together, Richard and Allegra. But let’s be real here. What they’re ultimately telling us is that Lake was pimped out to the Intel community.


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1971 Some of the Manson family members at Spahn Ranch. From left to right front row: Danny DeCarlo, Jennifer… | Charles manson family, Charles manson, Manson family


RANDOM PHOTOS of the Manson family which depict their final days on the Spahn movie set can still be seen floating around in the Matrix; when the LSD and the crack-cocaine and the demons emanating from Charlie Manson were supposed to have already rewired them into the trance of MK-Ultra knife-wielding robots rather than patsies. The resulting images are quite telling. They look like actors. Actors, auditioning for a television sitcom akin to The Partridge Family or The Brady Bunch, when we are expected to believe they have already been seduced into launching a Helter Skelter race war, intended to turn black people against white people and ignite the apocalypse, by which they alone would survive.

Look closer. There’s Danny DeCarlo, Catherine Share, Mary Theresa Brunner, Ruth Ann Moorehouse, and Lynne Fromme. In reality, we see no hippies. Only commie-hating patriots pretending to be hippies. But mostly, pimped out children of Intel parents wanting more than anything to make Daddy proud.

Lynette Fromme's Feet << wikiFeet


THE AWARD for the most obvious actor in the bunch goes to Lynette Fromme. Squeaky was no stranger to awards. She grew up in post-war suburbia in the backyard of Hollywood, where drama, poetry, and dancing filled her adolescent hours. As a child, Fromme performed with a popular dance group called the Westchester Lariats, which began touring the United States and Europe in the late 1950s, and appeared on The Lawrence Welk Show and at the White House. Perfect sort of talent pool for recruiting, as we have seen in past papers concerning Shirley Temple and Judy Garland. She dated a guy named Bill Siddons, who went on to manage a group called The Doors, but that’s probably none of my business.

It is through Siddons that we learn how her father, an aeronautical engineer, stopped speaking to her for three years, starting at the age of 13. Of course, Bill Siddons was so much more as a manager to The Doors, as he was one of the few men who saw the corpse of Jim Morrison before it was laid to rest. Sure, Morrison’s girlfriend Pamela Courson saw the corpse. The examining doctor saw the corpse. And a couple of fire and police officials, whose identities were immediately forgotten, saw the corpse. Point is, Lynette Fromme’s former boyfriend was in the know. Now you know the sort of actors whom Manson was working with.

Fromme was the second Manson girl, falling in line directly behind Linda Kasabian. She was sitting on a curb in Venice, California, the way most of these Manson stories start, when a bus drove up. A man got out and he said: “Your parents threw you out, didn’t they?”

“How did you know that,” she said.

Venice is where Jim Morrison wrote the greater catalogue of his work, before ever forming The Doors. The city itself is important, as it straddles the 33 parallel.


How Spahn Movie Ranch Became Manson Family Headquarters - HISTORY


LIFE Magazine photographer Ralph Crane showed up at Spahn Ranch on August August 29, 1969 for a photo-shoot, taking great care to document the exterior locale but also the Family’s interior sleeping quarters, as if that’s not suspicious. Seems like just about everyone was gifting Manson with cars, pianos, America’s daughters, trust funds, Mommy and Daddy’s credit cards, or Dennis Wilson’s gold record. How could the Manson Family not afford bed sheets again? And at any rate, Members of the Manson Family would not even be implicated for the murder of Sharon Tate and company until December of that year. Crane would go on to become the leading photographer for the duration of the Manson trial, telling us that he was already selected for the role.

Afterwards, a wildfire completely destroyed George Spahn’s movie set in 1970, preventing investigators from performing any further forensic work there, and isn’t that a shame?

Pin by Catherine Louise on Helter Skelter | Charles manson family, Charles manson, Manson family

ANOTHER THEME I’ve noticed is how attractive members of the Manson Family were. How very typical of Hollywood. Bobby Beausoleil, Charles Watson, and Paul Watkins were all lookers. Nancy Pitman, Rachel Morse, Sandra Good weren’t so bad looking themselves. And nobody carried a screen presence quite like Susan Atkins. Now you know what Intel was going for when they repeatedly claimed how Manson took in America’s daughters.

Even in her mug shot, Barbara Hoyt was a looker. She was cast into the role of the pretty girl hiding behind a pair of glasses, just waiting for Jock-boy to lift them from her nose and learn that there is so much more to her than book smart. Really, her mugshot is a doozy. It was taken after the Los Angeles Police Department’s raid at the Spahn Ranch movie set on August 16, 1969. Do you notice something? Look closely. Aside from the fact that girls don’t smile like that after getting pulled from the floor boards they were squatting on and then booked downtown, her mugshot is scratched out at the bottom, and why do you think that is? I couldn’t ultimately say. Except for one thing. She’s wearing a different blouse in each photo. Blink and you’ll miss it. The one on the left is lighter in color. Did the police give her time to put on lipstick before hauling her ass out of bed? No wonder why she’s smiling. Nothing would make a girl happier than the L.A.P.D. allowing for a costume change before turning ninety-degrees for her side profile.


Ruth Ann Moorehouse holding Charlie's first record, LIE | Charles manson family, Manson family, Charles manson

The Angela Lansbury Connection


THERE IS a photo floating around in The Matrix which depicts Mansonite Nancy Pitman at Spahn Ranch, holding up the December 19, 1969 edition of LIFE Magazine, the catch here being that it has now been transformed into a vinyl record. I can only assume to house Charlie Manson’s songs. Its cover depicts the devilish wide-eyed and raised eyebrow stare of Manson, complete with the caption: The Love and Terror Cult. The Magazine has been altered to read LIE. How adorable, because it’s true. The pot is outing the kettle as black.

Nancy Pitman was introduced to the Manson family through Deirdre Shaw. You have to dig for the information, but it’s there. Recognize the name? Probably not. She’s the daughter of Peter Shaw. Her mother would go on to star in Bedknobs and Broomsticks the following year. Mm-hmm, Angela Lansbury. In a later decade, she would play the role of a woman who is repeatedly thrust into murders every which way she turns, so that she can write bestselling stories about them. Convenient. You have to wonder if her best idea derived from the Manson murders. You see, Dierdre Lansbury was a Mansonite for a time, a card carrying Member of the Family, but it’s okay, because Lansbury gave her daughter a permission note.

42 Mysterious Facts About Angela LansburyDierdre’s great-grandfather George Lansbury was a British politician who led the Labour Party from 1932 to 1935. But even before that, he helped to establish the Daily Herald newspaper, becoming its editor while simultaneously supporting the Bolshevik Revolution, reminding us that Intel plays both sides of the narrative. His son Edgar Lansbury followed in his fathers footsteps, first in politics, but also becoming a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain. The apples do not fall far from the tree, because another of George Lansbury’s daughters, Violet, became an active CPGB member in the 1920’s, moved to Moscow, and married Palme Dutt, the brother of the Marxist intellectual Rajani Palme Dutt.

Edgar Lansbury married Irish actress Moyna Macgill and the two parented Angela Lansbury. During The War, and while still a teenager, a teenage Lansbury moved with her mother to Laurel Canyon, where The Wikipedia will have us know that she attended lectures by Jiddu Krishnamurti. If you’re unaware of his significance, Theosophist founder Helena Blavatsky had publicly declared as early as 1889 that the purpose of establishing the Society was to prepare humanity for the reception of a World Teacher. Krishnamurti was being groomed for that role. The Wiki also goes out of its way to state that Lansbury met Aldous Huxley while skimping on the juicy details. You figure an actress like Lansbury met hundreds of important people, so why make such an effort to line her up with obvious spooks?

Two important roles worth mentioning is that Lansbury appeared in the 1944 Intel film Gaslight, which starred Ingrid Bergman, and then went on to star in The Manchurian Candidate in 1962. After marrying a homosexual in 1945, hoping to set him straight [it didn’t work], they divorced after a year. His name was actor Richard Cromwell. She then went on to marry Peter Shaw, who had signed a contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in the late 1940’s. Shaw soon found himself seated in an executive position at the studio and later landed a career with the William Morris Agency, where he represented such talent as Katharine Hepburn and Robert Mitchum. In 1964 he returned to MGM as assistant head of production, and then once more rejoined the William Morris Agency as an international business manager.

We are told that the Manson Family went on shopping sprees using Shaw’s credit cards, and then when Shaw and Lansbury got wind of it they cut the cards off and moved the family to Ireland. It is remotely possible that Lansbury learned that her daughter had been cast in a certain part and split the scene, but the more likely scenario is that Shaw, the William Morris Agency talent manager [see my paper on Phil Hartman] helped to cast young aspiring actresses for their respective roles and then helped funnel money into the production, having already planned their exit strategy.

The Twilight Zone Episode 94: Four O'Clock - Midnite ReviewsIt truly is incredible what you’ll find when you plop random names down into The Matrix and then hitch a ride on the search engine. Sure, the Ministry of Truth is falsifying information. But all you really need to know is how someone who dabbles in the art of Orwellian language thinks. Propaganda in the Lansbury family knows no ends. You’ll love this. Deidre’s grandmother Moyna Macgill appeared in an April 6,1962 episode of The Twilight Zone, titled Four O’Clock, and the plot goes as follows.

Oliver Crangle is described as an “insane fanatic” who lives alone in an apartment with his parrot Pete. He maintains records of Elite people whom he believes to be engaged in a world wide conspiracy involving a takeover of Washington. Unsatisfied with his attempts to expose them, Crangle settles upon the idea of shrinking all evil people to two feet tall at four o’clock in the afternoon. While his scheme unfolds, Pete the Parrot periodically calls out “nut,” which Crangle takes to mean he wants a nut to eat, rather than the alternative. After the FBI shows up at his door to assure him the law is on their side and that they don’t need his help, Crangle accuses them of being in on the conspiracy. When four o’clock finally rolls around, Crangle is horrified to find that he alone has been shrunk down. In the radio drama adaptation, the ending was slightly altered so that Pete the parrot mistook Crangle for a nut.

Does the plot-line really need spelled out? I thought not. It’s pretty obvious, huh? Mind you, this is several years before the CIA coined the phrase “Conspiracy theorist.” If we push just beyond the obvious indoctrination, what Rod Serling and company are telling us here is that the government has been feeding a select few the Truth all along, but more importantly, gaslighting them for knowing it. That’s how they make the Truth look crazy, you know. In the end, we are told our fate. They will simply turn the conspiracy right back in upon the conspirator. Our demise has already been plotted long ago.


What really happened in the Manson murders? 'Chaos' casts doubt on Helter Skelter theory - Los Angeles Times

.NO SURPRISE. Despite a cache of semiautomatic weapons, dismantled cars, and an arsenal of stolen credit cards, authorities allowed Charlie Manson and his Family to glissade back out into the spotlight, like pretty little ice skating princesses, center stage. They were released without charge. According to Vincent Bugliosi in Helter Skelter, the largest bust in Los Angeles history was bungled because of a simple clerical error. The warrant was dated for August 13, when in fact the shakedown didn’t happen until the 16th. Bugliosi however is only feeding us misinformation, as the warrant was valid for 10 days.

Manson skated, but it wasn’t the first time. Already, we have established the fact that Charlie Manson left Terminal Island and headed up to San Francisco. But what I had neglected to mention is that he failed to notify the parole board. In layman’s terms, that’s a naughty no-no. His parole officer was somebody named Roger Smith, probably just a cover. Sure, he may have been a grad student finishing up his criminology doctorate, but in The Sixties, Smith was also part of two federally funded studies. The San Francisco Project focused upon parole practices, while the Amphetamine Research Project, or ARP for short, studied the effects of speed on violent behavior in street gangs. What this means is, they were handing out street drugs. Sound familiar? If not, then here’s where you may want to grab hold of something. Both of these projects were funded through the National Institute for Mental Health, a CIA front during the MK-Ultra program.

Still have doubts? Here, I’ll put them to rest. By the end of Smith’s rather short career as a parole officer, Manson was his only client. His job was in keeping Manson and members of his Family out of prison. Fun fact: ARP had Smith studying drug trafficking in Mexico. He also unsuccessfully attempted to ship Manson to Mexico. Apparently, Intel had other plans. Did Smith succeed in sending Manson to San Francisco? Most assuredly. Again, no surprise, Smith’s ARP study was being run out of the Haight-Ashbury Free Medical Clinic, where Manson and his Family frequented. According to two former doctors, the clinic was burglarized and only the files for Smith’s ARP study were stolen. That story however is lame, as the Clinic only offered free services because its operators were committed to federally funded research. If you need this spelled out for you, the HAFMC was sponsored by the CIA, and just so happened to be the office of Colonel Louis West, MK-Ultra provocateur. West probably burglarized his own file cabinet.

Smith’s only client called him by another name. Jubal was based upon the character from a science fiction novel called Stranger in a Strange Land, and whose plot centers upon a Martian who starts a sex cult. Its author, Robert Heinlein, started his career in the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis. Knowing what we do of the Manson psyop and how often spooks referred to the other, Heinlein had probably been funneled through Intel. By the way, Jubal is the character who acts as the main character’s protector.

In his doctoral thesis, presented as part of his ARP study, Smith wrote about the importance of shielding test subjects from persecution. We can easily deduce that he was referring to his only only client. It is Smith who spoke to the judge and had the girls released. Now we’re getting somewhere. Susan Atkins was personally handed over to Smith. Manson was afforded total immunity while he recruited his Family and carried out his operations.





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