The Natsarim: Christianity vs. the Millennial Kingdom

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Bet you didn’t think I’d tie the Netseriym in with the Millennial Kingdom. You thought you had me last time when I read from a Medieval reference and scratched my head while doing it, unsure about where it should actually be placed on the Timeline. Come on, we all know His-Story has been toyed with. I’m not in the least concerned about sticking the landing with every single Medieval reference. Just know this is the part where I show you that the Millennial Kingdom as a physical manifestation upon the earth was a Netseriym notion. It has already been established that Yochanon was Netseriym, and Philip, founder of the Orthodox church, along with his three daughters, were Netseriym. You’ll want to keep them in mind because they will be referenced again. Pa’al the Patsy was Netseriym. The Ekklesia of Antioch and Yerushalayim remained a stronghold of Netseriym for centuries. Polycrates was Netseriym and apparently in deep doo-doo for being one. In his letter, as well as in Irenaeus’ intervention, Polycarp was outed as Netseriym, among a host of others, far too many to list. Polycarp, of course, was a disciple of Yochanon, by which we come to learn of another disciple of Yochanon, Papias, Bishop of Hierapolis. Rather than leave you hanging, we might as well have it out. Yup, he too was Netseriym.

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