They’ll Always Be the Berenstein Bears To Me

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WORD doc is being especially difficult this morning and refusing to recognize Berenstein as a proper word. I will have you know it is not misspelled and refuse to apologize for it. They’re in on the whole operation, obviously. Microsoft. You’d think that somewhere in the world there would be a Berenstein family with an ‘e’ rather than an ‘a’, if not for the bears, but it seems as though they’re doubling down on the exclusivity. I checked. Berenstein is a Jooish name. Gulp. Look who the racist is now, Word Doc. You’d better check yourself before your wreck yourself. Turns out the system is manually overridden as of a moment ago. Because I’m living the life as a keyboard warrior and have permanently corrected the spelling. You will have to do the same on your end. Don’t expect a medal of honor though. The Berenstain Bears will always be Berenstein to me, even if they are bears of the lesser-known Ashkenazi variety.

That’s how the entire Mandela Effect appears to have begun, you know. Well, technically it started with a man named Nelson Mandela. You may have heard of him. But it is the Berenstein Bears which gave it the legs to run. I know why they didn’t call it the Berenstein Effect now. Too many people would have been clued into this being a Jewish operation. Oops. Enough of that now. That’s just like me to enter a perfectly fun party and ruin the mood. It’s just that they already run the Media, you know. If the shoe fits, but I digress. You will have a terribly difficult time convincing nearly any Eighties child such as myself that it wasn’t Stein. Mostly because we would stand around on the playground having arguments on how to pronounce it: Stein like Frankenstein or Steen as in seen. And yes, I was personally involved in the debate on at least one occasion, likely moments before Dodge Ball diplomacy. Nobody is having that argument with Stain, as in they stained their pants. Nobody. That is all the proof you need. But I will show you some residue anyways.

The Berenstein debacle is the latest update to my Mandela Effect research paper. You can give it a read in the PDF below.

PDF [Update]: The Mandela Effect

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