The Yahusha and Yahuah Connection: Who Is Our Heavenly Father?

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MY friend and fellow researcher as well as Paleo-Hebrew expert Pamela Glasgow has turned in the most excellent research paper regarding the identity of Yahusha HaMashiach (though many of you know him as Jesus Christ) and Yahuah Elohiym (again, many of you know him as Yahweh). She proposes that they are both indeed the same person but with a catch. Many of you are thinking that Pamela is claiming the Father is also the Son, and if so, then you are wrong. What she is attempting to convey is that Yahusha is Yahuah incarnate but that Yahuah was always the Son. If you need this spelled out for you, then the God of the Old Testament was not the Father. No, the giver of the Torah was always the Son. Technically, this started out as an online discussion, a YouTube video which has been provided for you. But now I am including her research paper. I will ask you to give it a read because her dissection of the Paleo has really risen the bar on the old “Who do you say I am?” argument.

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Afterwards, Pamela’s paper, ‘Is Yasha’ua’ay really YAHAUAHA?‘ as well as my entire ARCHIVES of material is available for your reading and viewing pleasure here. You will find her listed under the guest writers. 

Pamela Glasgow

“You might say that I am compelled to seek answers in scripture, especially within the Paleo-Hebrew. I began for myself, but I found (to my astonishment) that others were open and receptive to what I discovered therein. To me, this work exemplifies Matthew/Mathuthu’yaha’ua 13:45-46 “The Malaka’uath Shamayam is like a man of merchandise seeking costly stones. And when he finds one which is excellent, beautiful, he sells all which has acquired to attain it.”

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