The Psalm Project: Psalm 27

by | Oct 29, 2021

Of David (Psalm 27)


YAHUAH owr Yeshua mi


YAHUAH is my illumination,

My happiness,

My bright light of morning.

Whom shall I dread?

YAHUAH is my Yeshua,

My fortified place,

My rock,

My stronghold.

Shall any cause me to tremble?


When those who would spoil me—

Even my adversaries and haters—


To devour my flesh,

They tottered about

On feeble legs,

They wavered,

Were cast down

In utter ruin

And left to rot.


Though an encampment

Of travelers,

Whether soldiers

Or locusts

Or stars

Or angels,

Even the sacred court,

Should prepare a siege

Against me—

My heart,

My will,

My understanding

Shall not fear.

Though an intense battle

Shall arise against me,

In this will I trust,

In this will I be bold:


Echad —

The first thing,

The primary thing

I have begged


That which I earnestly strive for,

That I might make my habitation,

Settle down,

Be established

In the house of YAHUAH

From the sunrise to the sunset

Of my life,

To gaze upon,

To have a vision

Of the splendor


And to inquire at His temple.


In the day

Of calamity

And tribulation

He shall hide me.

He shall protect me

In His sukkah.

He shall conceal me

In His tabernacle.

He shall raise me up.

He shall exalt me

To a high position,

As a cliff

A rock

Or a strong boulder.


Now shall my head

Be exalted

Above my haters,

Above those who compass me about.

I shall offer

In the Tent of Dwelling


With loud, joyful cries—


I will stroll about singing,

Yes, I will stroll about singing

While accompanying myself

On a stringed instrument—

All unto YAHUAH!


Hear, O, YAHUAH!

Give heed and act!

With my voice

With the sound of an instrument

I call out:

Have mercy!

Pity me!

Show favor

And respond.

Please answer me.



Door to the Covenant,

Declare unto my nephesh,

My heart,

My inner man,

My will,

My understanding,

The center of my inclinations:




My Presence!

Strong Covenant Maker,

Your face,

Your Presence,


I desire,

I seek,

I request.


Do not conceal

Your Presence

On account of me.

Do not pitch Your Tent


Do not turn aside,

Do not put away

Your bondservant,

Your prophet,

When anger rise hotly

In Your face,

When Your nostrils flare,

When You breathe heavily

In Your wrath.

You, the One Who Helps,

Assist Your slave!

You exist, AHAYAH,

Strong Leader,

Do not leave me!

Do not forsake me,

O, ALOHIM, my Yeshua!


When father and mother

Fail me


Abandon me,

YAHUAH gathers me up

And takes me away.



Instruct me.

Pour forth as water

Your ways,

Your course of action.

Guide me

In Your way of living.

Make the path

I travel

Level as tableland

On account of my enemies,

Those insidious watchers

Who are hostile to me.


Strong Leader,

My Shepherd,

Do not entrust

My nephesh

My heart,

My will,

My mind and understanding

To those hard, flinty foes

Who distress me,

Who afflict me.

For they become powerful.

They establish themselves

In the place

I work

And in my house.

Risen up

Witnesses give testimony

And false evidence.

They huff and puff



And injustice.


I would have given up

Unless I had supported,

Except I had nourished


To see




To have a vision

Of the good things

The prosperity

The fairness


In the earth

Where living

Reviving springtime dwells—


Look eagerly, O, my soul!

Wait for

The Strong Leader

And Shepherd,


Be courageous,

Be strong,

My heart!

Expect YAHUAH!


Pamela Glasgow

The Psalm Project represents my desire for a deeper understanding of the Word of YAHUAH. It is not a mechanical translation, a one-word-for-word exchange from Hebrew to English. We have those. This is is a lyrical adaptation of the many possibilities hidden in the Hebrew, arranged with consideration for the poetic and musical intent of the original writer. I pray you are as enriched in the reading as I was in the transcribing.

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