The Once and Future Jerusalem and the First Melchizedek

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Part 1

The City of Enoch



HE wasn’t Shem.

A certain percentage of you were probably thinking I’d say the first Melchizedek was Shem—didn’t you? You’re probably angry now. You’re fed up. For whatever reason you mistook me as the spokesman for your special interest group. As if I care to elect myself as the fourth branch of a Corporate Government. Ridiculous. The other percentage of you are hoping I’ll say he was some sort of visiting angel or what-have-you. If so, then you also would be wrong, but only half wrong. The first Melchizedek was neither. Looks like I’ll just have to upset everybody. Yet another excellent reason for a pitchfork and torch parade, I guess. And you thought you were all out of excuses for one. Amazing that I still have any readers left. And yet here you are, wondering who the first Melchizedek might turn out to be. Well, I can’t very well give you his identity in the opening paragraph now, can I, as that wouldn’t make for a very good article.

Here’s a hint though. The first Melchizedek ascended to heaven. And no, don’t tell me Enoch, because as hints go, that would be too easy. If the first Melchizedek was Enoch and I had dropped a hint as to his identity, I might say something like: “He was the fifteenth great-grandfather of Serah,” and then make you do some counting, after you figured out who Serah was. Most of you would think I was talking about Sarah, Abraham’s wife, which would throw you off my scent just enough to wrongly conclude that Enos is the person whom I’m speaking of—which I’m not.

A second hint is that we are given no record of the first Melchizedek being the parent of anybody. Hmmm. Getting warmer. Neither was Serah. I brought up Serah for a very specific purpose, as she also ascended to heaven, just as the first Melchizedek did. That’s why I figure she didn’t have any children. Because a mother’s work on earth is never done. Serah was the sister of Yimma, Yishvah, Yishvi, and Berian. All five of them were Asher’s children. In turn, Asher was one of Jacob’s twelve sons. And it’s true. According to the Genesis Targum, Serah ascended to heaven. Here’s what the Targum says.

The children of Asher, Yimna, Yishvah, Yishvi, Beriah and Serah their sister, who was carried away while alive into the Garden (of Eden), because she had announced to Jakob that Joseph still lived. It was she who saved the inhabitants of (the city) Abel from the judgment of death, in the days of Joab. The sons of Beriah who went down into Mizraim were Heber and Malkiel.


Genesis 46:17 [Targum]

That’s partially why I roped you in. To talk about ascension to heaven. You will tell me this was bait and switch, but talking about Melchizedek got you in the door. Success. Also, if we’re being technical, Serah ascended to the Garden of Eden, which is Paradise, but why over-complicate this? Enoch ascended to the whereabouts of Paradise. Elijah ascended. Yahusha ascended. The first Melchizedek did, obviously. Bet lots of you didn’t know that Baruch took the journey. Ezra too. We can go ahead and throw Serah onto the list. If you read my paper on 70AD, then you’ll know the generation which Yahusha spoke of took flight. I’m starting to sense a pattern.

Come to think of it, dozens of others made the climb. Perhaps hundreds. Maybe even thousands. And I feel cheated. I’ve been told my entire life that everybody dies, so don’t even try. Just go right on sinning. Because you could never live the sort of life which might culminate in Yahuah calling you up beyond the firmament, no matter how set-apart from the world you truly were. But that’s not what Scripture tells me. In the Gospel of Luke, Zachariah and his woman “were both righteous before Elohim, walking in all the commandments and ordinances of Yahuah blameless,” but that’s probably none of my business. And anyways, before the flood, an entire city ascended.

3 Moreover, Nimrod was a man of mighty power, for he was Master Mahan, and had in his hands the secrets of the ancients as they had come down from Cain, wherein he knew the words of power and the signs for using them, and he had the holy garments which had been given unto Adam in the garden in which was great power.


4 All of this power did Nimrod use to get gain after the manner of the secret combination.


5 With his power he had set out to build a tower which would reach to heaven, even the city of my father Enoch which had been taken up, that he, Nimrod, might depose Elohim from his throne for Elohim had taken up his abode among the people of Enoch.


The Writings of Abraham 2:3-5

Wait, what…? That’s weird. Why is there a city called Enoch up in the sky? Abraham drops a challenge and then leaves us hanging, but only for several chapters, as enters the dojo and drops another.

The remainder of the righteous had died or been caught up into Enoch’s city prior to the time of the flood, and these eight were saved.


The Writings of Abraham 15:3



SOMETIMES a stunning thought occurs to me while writing a paper. When that happens, a last-minute detour is needed. This is one of those occasions. Hope you don’t mind the scenic route. For the record, I’ve never seen anybody else put the two-and-two together. At the threat of having sand flung in my eyes and being called all sorts of baby names from somebodies “Churchianity: Thesaurus of Insults,” you will have to hear me out. Here it goes.

The city of Enoch was taken up before the creation week.

I decided to go with the controversial decision of scripting the last sentence in all red and then making it its very own paragraph, just to be certain that you didn’t miss anything. The city of Enoch was taken up before the creation week. And no, repeating it again isn’t a typo. Just making certain. What I’m ultimately referring to is the earth becoming formless and void in Genesis 1:2. You see, heaven and earth were at one point in history united together. The second day of creation changed all of that, as the firmament was formed in order to keep heaven and earth separated from the corrupt sort. It’s the very reason why the city of Enoch was dispatched. Sin. After Lucifer’s rebellion, a certain number of angels needed tossed out to the curb. And rather than home owners moving away from a neighborhood of ill repute, the entire city just got up and left. Nailed it.

Notice where Abraham places the City of Enoch in history.

100 NOW Melchizedek was a priest after this order which is the Holy Order of Elohim; therefore, he obtained peace in Shalom and was called the prince of peace.


2 And his people wrought righteousness and obtained heaven for they sought for the city of Enoch which Elohim had before taken, separating it from the earth, having reserved it unto the latter days or the end of the world.


3 For Elohim had said and sworn with an oath that the heavens and the earth should come together again and the sons of Elohim be tried even by fire.


4 And thus Melchizedek, having established righteousness, was called the king of heaven by his people or, in other words, the king of shalom.


The Writings of Abraham 100: 1-4

Abraham has just spelled it out for us. The City of Enoch was once on the earth, but only when heaven and earth were united together. Abraham’s purpose is to contrast between the serpent seed cities of Cain and Nimrod on earth with the heavenly inheritance of the set-apart ones. And yet, the darkness however does not recognize the light (Yohanan 1:5). Consider the following.

At that time, Nimrod came and established the city of Ur which is the City of Light, for he yet retained his determination to build a city to rival the city of Elohim that the light and power might center in him.


The Writings of Abraham 2:7

And now contrast Nimrod’s city of light with how Abraham, a priest from before the Ancient Order, perceived it.

When I appeared before King Nimrod, he was seated upon his throne in all his glory, but it was as darkness to me.


The Writings of Abraham 39:1

Nimrod was made Master Mahan through the powers of Satan, and it would only make sense that the prince of darkness would want to reclaim the city he’d once inhabited. Or you can think about it like this. Yahusha our High Priest in the Ancient Order has modeled a prayer for us, which is that the kingdom of heaven might be united again with the earth.

You will probably tell me Enoch wasn’t born yet, and they couldn’t have possibly named a city after him. If you’re going to name the city after anyone, why not after the first Earth-born soul who managed to ascend beyond the firmament? New Jerusalem has twelve gates named after Yahusha’s twelve disciples—no? Why not name the city after the Ancient Order’s first scribe?

Another thing you will tell me is that The Writings of Abraham isn’t in your Bible, as you just combed its table of contents to be certain. Therefore, I’d better check myself before I wreck myself—again. Seems Melchizedek literature had a habit of not making the cut. It would be a shame if a certain church council came along and made them uninspired—if you get my drift. If all else fails, call in the scholars. They have such a good recollection of history that they can date anything. Sure, the Book of Hebrews somehow secured a reservation, but there’s a reason why the clergy rarely preach on it from the pulpit. They don’t know how to connect the pieces within their Rome approved Canon. And yet, the writer of Hebrews, probably Matthias, wasn’t inventing a new concept when speaking on the Melchizedek priesthood. He probably wasn’t even the first to connect Yahusha to the Ancient Order. Probably everyone knew he was already. The writer was simply referring to a genre which his contemporary readers were already familiar with and simply filling in the necessary pieces.

If you haven’t put the pieces together by now, the city of Enoch being referred to in Abraham is the same as New Jerusalem. Hebrews tells us so.

8 By faith Avraham, when he was called to go out into a place which he should after receive for an inheritance, obeyed; and he went out, not knowing whither he went. 9 By faith he sojourned in the land of promise, as in a strange country, dwelling in tabernacles with Yitschaq and Ya’aqov, the heirs with him of the same promise: 10 For he looked for a city which has foundations, whose Builder and Maker is Elohiym.


Hebrews 11:8-10 [Cepher]



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Part 2

The First Melchizedek



A QUESTION you may have had in part one is what purpose it would serve for so many set-apart ones to ascend to the City of Enoch. The Writings of Abraham drops many challenges but doesn’t leave us hanging. You know how the angels in heaven are advertised in Scripture as having animal heads and appendages, but then the angels who show up to earth look like people with only one set of eyes instead of ten? Those angelic people may in fact be the very members of the Ancient Order who once ascended to heaven. Nailed it.

3 For this holy order came not by man nor the will of man, neither by father nor mother, neither by beginning of days nor end of years, but of Elohim.


4 For it was established in the beginning of the earth by the Ancient of days, wherefore it is called the Order of the Ancients, and it was delivered unto men from the beginning by the calling of Elohim’s own voice according to His own will through the voice of His Priesthood, unto as many as believed on His name and were faithful until they had obtained.


99 BEHOLD, these could transcend the veil, according to the will of Elohim, and commune with the General Assembly and Church of the Firstborn in heaven, and many were caught up to be with them.


2 For Elohim had sworn unto Enoch and unto his seed with an oath by Himself that every one being ordained after this order and calling should have power by faith to break mountains, to divide the seas, to dry up waters, to turn them out of their course, to put at defiance the armies of nations, to divide the earth, to break every band, to stand in the presence of Elohim, to do all things according to His will according to His command, subdue principalities and powers, and this by the will of the Son of the Only Begotten of the Father which was from before the foundation of the world.


3 And men having this faith and coming unto this order of Elohim could be translated and taken up into heaven.


Abraham 98:3-99:3

Conclusively, members of the Melchizedek Order ascended to the heavenly city in order that they might continue the priesthood by communing and serving those on the earth. Not dead. You can’t say earth people are having communion with the dead, and therefore breaking Torah, as a dead person must be exhumed from She’ol. See how Plato came along and had to ruin everything? There are no dead people in heaven. Yahusha our High Priest and the angels who minister to him are all living.

5 And they communed with those in the city of Enoch and in the city of Peleg and had access to them and were blessed all their days.


Abraham 100:5

But Noel, how might members of the Order have access to such people—and is one of them in the room with you now? They ministered to Abraham regularly, and Elisha saw an entire heavenly army when nobody else could. Come to think about it, Jacob wrestled with one. I would say that’s access. Wouldn’t you agree?

THREE months later Yahuah sent unto me three of His ministering angels who were holy men of Elohim from the city of Enoch.


Abraham 114:1



BUT NOW for the big question. It’s the reason you’ve read this far. Or perhaps all you managed to do is skip ahead and float with the breeze here. If so, then you’ve missed a Bombshell paper. Should have fought the temptation. I don’t always drops bombs with my bread crumbs, but when I do, it’s a firestorm. Who is the first Melchizedek, and where can I read about him? His identity comes to us through a fragment from the lost Book of Noah. Do I know it comes from the lost Book of Noah? No. It’s just a hunch. I’ve attuned myself into my greatest sleuth skills long ago, and it’s a strong one.

It is quite possible that you’ve read from the lost Book of Noah and didn’t even know it, as the ending chapters of 1 Enoch don’t even derive from Enoch, but Noah. That’s where we read about the his birth, wherein we ascertain that Noah’s skin was all sparkly and stuff. Well, the ending chapters of 2 Enoch involves Noah again, everything beyond chapter 68, and it tells of another birth. That would be the birth of Melchizedek. His actual name. Melchizedek. Later on, Shem took on the name Melchizedek, but he did so because Noah was pointedly naming him after the memory of his cousin. The first Melchizedek, you see, was the son of Noah’s brother, Nir.

Why not just give Shem the surname Enoch, if he was indeed a Patriarch of the Ancient Order and the first to ascend to heaven? Simple. Because Melchizedek may have ascended to heaven, like Enoch before him, but he was identified by a certain something that not even Enoch managed to do. We have already established by now how dozens, perhaps hundreds, maybe even thousands have managed to ascend to heaven. I told you to read this through and not jump ahead. Well, there’s other themes common to the Order of the Ancients and Messiah, and that is an immaculate conception. Marked it in red again so that nobody misses it.

You will immediately tell me that I’ve just nuked the fridge, rather than create a firestorm, and single-handedly diminished the importance of the Messiah, as his birth was the only immaculate conception. How so and why? Don’t shoot the messenger. Yahusha Messiah comes from the Order of Melchizedek, doesn’t he? The Roman Canon at least confesses to that fact. Yahusha is our High Priest and King. You’d think others in his Order would share his attributes. Not controversial. That—or Matthias would shy away from naming him a Melchizedek if other writers in the genre had muddied the waters. And besides, Messiah is the Word of Yahuah and first born over all creation. Nobody can steal that from him.



THE STORY goes like this. Sopanim was old and nearing death, and with no children to show for it. Certainly far beyond her child-bearing years, as menopause was a thing of the past. Her husband was a priest in the Ancient Order, far too occupied in his work to spend with her, as the floodwaters were soon upon them. And so, you can imagine Sopanim’s surprise when a child grew in her womb. Scandal. One day, after hiding herself from the world, Nir thought about his wife again, and thought to call upon her. A pregnant pause greeted him. And anger. She was only hours away from delivery.

Sir’s anger waxed so hot that Sopanim fell at his feet in disgrace and promptly died there.

Before anything could be done about her corpse, the archangel Gabriel appeared to Nir, and said to him, “Do not think that your wife Sopanim has died due to your error. This child, which is to be born from her, is a righteous fruit, and one whom I shall receive into paradise so that you will not be the father of a gift of Elohim.”

The priest then raced to nab Noah, his brother. After telling him the news, the two hastily returned to bury her. Or as Noah put it, “Today Yahuah has covered up our scandal, because nobody from the people know this.” They placed Sopanim on the bed, wrapped her up with black garments, shut the door, and then dug a grave outside in secret. Upon returning, a fully developed child sat on the bed at her side. He then opened his mouth and sang praises to Yahuah.

“This is from Yahuah, my brother,” Noah said in amazement. “Elohim is renewing the priesthood from blood related to us, just as He pleases.”

The miracle really shouldn’t surprise anyone, as the Earth had become so corrupt that very few remained among the sons of Seth who were pure in blood. The sons of Cain, as well as the incursion of the Watchers, had contaminated everything. We then read that Gabriel came for Melchizedek, after completing his 40 days in Nir’s tent. Initially believing that Gabriel was a son of Cain, intent on murdering the child, Nir lied as to his whereabouts. In the end, Gabriel convince Nir of his identity and carried the child to Paradise. From Eden Melchizedek would continue ministering to future generations of the Order.




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