There is absolutely no coincidence whatsoever that the very first worldwide panic-demic is code named CORONA. In Latin, the word actually translates to “wreath or crown,” which just so happens to be in both the World Health Organization’s logo and the United Nations.

Otherwise known as the laurel wreath, the symbol of victory and conquest goes back to ancient times, and was originally worn by—surprise, surprise—drum roll, please…….

……the god Apollo.

Consider the ancient Olympic games, the laurel wreath handed out to its victors, and the “light-bearers” carrying the torch all over the world. The laurel wreath was especially worn by Caesar to note his allegiance, and is purely Luciferian.

Flat earthist Samuel Shenton once referred to the Apollo moon missions as “a Genesis cloak of deception,” and the irony is, it took the sun god Apollo to convince Bible believers that YAHUAH had it all wrong.

The flat earth is even on both logos—World Health Organization and the UN. YAHUAH’s creation is surrounded by Apollo’s victory crown.

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And for anyone else paying attention, that’s the staff of Hermes, complete with a coiling serpent, on the World Health Organization logo.

Why in the world is the W.H.O. advertising alchemy?

Recent press releases by World Health Organization claim “the coronavirus has now spread to nearly every country on the planet….”

Or, as Emperor Palpatine would say: “Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design.”