I’VE HAD a major discovery over the last couple of weeks, and I thought you’d like to be the first to know. Yerushalayim is Babylon. I’m talking about Mystery Babylon. The Whore of Revelation. It’s Yerushalayim. Up until now I admit to working under presumptions. That’s a naughty no-no. I’m guilty and aim to rectify that now. After making that discovery I decided to take another looksy-loo at one of my past papers. This one. The paradigm shift changes everything. I’ll undoubtedly have more to say on the matter in upcoming reports. But for now I decided to make the paradigm shift pronounced, because all the pieces have suddenly come together by way of mud flood research, as well as adding some new insights into the binding of Satan in Egypt during the reign of Yoceph as well as the Exodus account.

PDF [UPDATE]: Wastelands of the Seraphiym