‘WASTELANDS of the Seraphiym’ may not be the first investigative paper that I’ve written on the subject of Stolen His-Story, though it was the first with the Millennial Kingdom of Yahusha Ha’Mashiach secured soundly in mind. Initially, there were many questions and hurdles which needed overcome, and I dare say, this one has been answered. It has since become one of my all-time favorites and pains me to realize that the last update was well over a year ago. Especially considering I’ve had additional chapter and verse quotes describing the connection between spiritual entities and dragons. They come from ‘Acts of Andrew’ and ‘Acts of Thomas’, second century texts, and were just sitting there in a stack of closed notebooks, waiting to get polished up and published, but no longer.

In this update, I have come prepared to show you two incredible examples of dragons in 2nd Century Apocrypha, namely ‘Acts of Andrew’ and ‘Acts of Thomas’. They are unquestionably Serpents of the spiritual nature rather than physical ones, though in both instances, they can manifest materially in our own realm.

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