The Thinker Mandela Effect Is a Headache

Mandela Effect | New | The World Stage

IF your former reality was one in which the Thinker sculpture had the backside of his fingers pressed to his forehead then I am with you. We think alike. His chin is resting upon his hand now, which is no longer clenched, but that is only the beginning of his cognitive problems. The dude invokes a whole new level of Mandela because it is not just one Effect we’re dealing with, but two or three and maybe even dozens. We’re facing a multiplex of paradoxes and it is very difficult to know which is the right one. Even my own memory may not be the original. Assuming his history has not been altered as well, then I will present it to you in the PDF file below.The Thinker sculpture is the latest update to my Mandela Effect research paper. Give it a read. Or don’t. Send me a line and say hello. 

PDF [Update]: The Mandela Effect

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