The Moon Map and the Prague Clock

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FACT of the matter is we do have an Antarctic circle. It is not constantly fixed in the north and south poles of the globe model as we are taught though. The location of our ice wall changes every so many hundred or thousand years, and at a crawling rather than breakneck speed, freezing new land in its path while simultaneously melting its hind trails as it moves along the outer edges of our realm. Try to explain something like this to the normies. It can’t be done unless they are first willing to accept the reality of the flat earth. The Prague astronomical clock is key in understanding all of this, and so, I will attempt to show you how it works in accordance with the moon map.

The following is yet another expansion of my report on the Hidden Wilderness. You can read all about the moon map as well as how the Prague astronomical clock works in accordance with the moon map in the PDF below.

PDF [Update]: The Hidden Wilderness: Moon Map and the Prague Clock

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