The Mandela Effect: C3-PO’s Silver Leg

Mandela Effect | New

THE MANDELA Effect was a pasion of mine several years ago. Some of the earliest articles here at The Unexpected Cosmology delved into various changes. Then about six years went by without ever bringing it up again, and so, what happened? It would surprise my readers to learn that I’d stop talking about this issue or that because of the pushback, but that’s precisely what happened. The confidence needed to speak the Truth, whatever the cost, isn’t something that always happens overnight. I’ve considered not bringing it up again on the mere basis that it’s no longer a taboo topic. 2016 however was a different story. But that’s long behind us now. I recently revisited the ME on my memes page. What I’m doing is assembling some of those old articles into one document. Unfortunately, some are lost. Like my research into the lion and the lamb. I actually chucked that one. It’s a tragic shame. Perhaps we’ll revisit the lion and the lamb soon. Understand, this is a growing document. If I attempted to gnab every ME into one article then it would never be published. For this outing, I added a new section on C3-PO’s silver leg as well as a few other surprises.

PDF [Update]: The Mandela Effect