The Lost Tribes of Tartaria

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THE conspiracy this time around is that Tartaria has been scrubbed from His-Story but that’s not nearly the whole of it. Many will throw names like Nikola Tesla at your feet and claim it was free energy they were attempting to suppress, which by all indications is true. Still not what I’m getting at though. My aim here is to widen your peripheral vision so as to include the whereabouts of the ten tribes of Yashar’el. Notice how I didn’t call them lost just now. We keep using that phrase, the lost tribes of Yashar’el, and why is that? Most likely it is because our post mud flood inheritors desired their misplacement to be so.

Look, just because they were divorced from the land doesn’t mean they forgot who they were and where they’d derived from. Maybe some did. Certainly not all of them though. Then again, now that I think about it, our Controllers were a wild success in so much as we have succumbed to the spoon fed narrative. That is to say, we too are lost, having forgotten who we are. Whether you derive from Mongolia or Nigeria, Cameroon or Sweden, Germany or the Navajo nation, the far greater likelihood is that you too descend from Avraham through one of the tribes of Yashar’el. They were everywhere and had already planted their sukkah on the continents of the earth before the advent of the Millennial Kingdom. I aim to cover a great deal many of those geographical connections over the following so many pages. However large this paper grows is anybody’s best guess. There was a time not so long ago when our mapmakers knew exactly what was going on, particularly where the Tartars were concerned. To call to mind the kingdom of Tartarie was to invoke the tribes of Yashar’el. They were one and the same.

My latest update to ‘Cities of the Millennial Kingdom’ can be found in the PDF below. I actually went ahead and renamed the entire paper to ‘The Lost Tribes of Tartaria’. It’s a better title, wouldn’t you agree? You’ll have to scroll to the end of the document to find my research into Greater Tartarie though. 

PDF [UPDATE]: The Lost Tribes of Tartaria

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