The JFK Mandela Effect: 4 or 6 Seats in the Lincoln Continental?

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ADMIT it. The moment you heard about the six seats is when you picked up the phone and called your dad. The online records will show it was June of 2016 when the latest ME news broke over the web and many sons began calling their fathers. June 4 is the earliest date that I can find. I remember the day and it’s most certainly what I did. I called him up and asked how many people were in the 1961 Lincoln Continental convertible that he was assassinated in. Without batting an eye, he said six. Not the answer I was expecting to hear. I was shocked. Speaking for myself, it was four seats and always had been. Why the additional passengers now? My father was born in 52 and would have been eleven on November 22, 1963, when President John F. Kennedy rode in a motorcade through Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas. Like any good baby boomer, the Kennedy assassination was of particular interest to him. He’d even written a paper on a potential second shooter in high school.

You’d think that would discredit me, being born 17 years after the fact, but as I was saying, many sons began calling their fathers and the results were split right down the middle. Among the hundreds of shared experiences, it seems to have mattered very little how many dozens or hundreds of times one had viewed the Zapruder film. There were those among the baby boomers who were shocked to see the additional two passengers whereas nothing had changed for others. Such is the nature of the Mandela Effect. And another thing. When asked about the number of passengers, many reportedly responded with the number four but then immediately changed their answer to six, as if the new reality was settling in. The 4-seater people were dropping like flies.

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