STORIES of the hidden wilderness can be found throughout His-Story, and I aim to track them down. We have already gone over the monk with No-Name and Mercator as well as Admiral Byrd. Yet another regards Brendan of Clonfert, the Irish monk, and his quest for Terra repromissionis sanctorum, the Promised Land of the saints. We are told there are over 100 recovered manuscripts of the narrative distributed throughout Europe and in multiple languages, telling us that it was at one time the popular literature of its day. They were apparently recorded in the whereabouts of 900 AD, though Brendan himself supposedly lived between 484 and 577. 400 years is a long time for any generations of people. Why wait that long to record the journey? You can read my latest update to ‘The Hidden Wilderness’ in the PDF file below.

PDF [Update]: The Hidden Wilderness and Saint Brendan

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