The End of the Millennial Kingdom and the Templar Hoax

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TODAY is the day when I premiere my new research paper, The End of the Millennial Kingdom. This is His-Story we are dealing with, and so, you cannot possibly expect me to clap this out on the typewriter in one seating. We are dealing with a process. If all goes as plans I will have updates to show every 24-hours or so, and for the remainder of the week. The first one as you can tell deals with the knights Templar and their mysterious disappearance on Fiday the 13th, 1307, which was a hoax. Or you might say wartime propaganda on the part of our Controllers. However you slice the cake something is off and I’m thinking the Templars were a fighting force quite unlike what we’ve been told. You’ll have to read the report for yourself in the PDF file below. 

PDF: The End of the Millennial Kingdom 

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