The World Record for the Greatest Distance with a Zoom Lens Proves yet Again the Earth Is Flat

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WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING AT IS THE CURRENT WORLD RECORD for the greatest distance captured with a zoom lens. 443 kilometers. Or precisely 275 miles. That’s the measured space between Pic De Finestrelles in the foreground to Pic Gaspard in the rear. At 275 miles the Alps should be nearly 11 miles below the horizon, arched from stage left to right, and leaning away from the viewer, as the curve of a globe earth dictates. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the earth is flat and the picture is real. And it was recently captured by Marc Bret using a 1200 mm – f./2.8 zoom lens.


Marc Bret is not a Flat Earther. He’s just a guy with camera equipment. And as an assumed believer in the proposed globe model, he enjoys taking pictures of the French Alps all the way across the Mediterranean from the Pyrenees mountains, which borders Spain 275 miles away. It’s a hobby.

For those of you who do not want your globe fantasies shattered, and therefore would not in all likelihood conduct such curvature research on your own, I’ve added a spherical trigonometry chart detailing the precise radius of the earth and the drop we should expect on a globe, if curiosity should strike you.

The only question I have for Marc Bret, as one former professional photographer to another, is that the sun rising, or is it a dirt mark on the lens? It might be either. From where Marc Bret was standing in the Pyranees, the sun hadn’t quite peaked yet. But from 275 miles away, with a North-western glance, it might have shown itself in France. Probably not. Just curious.

A word to the self-appointed wise, unless you want your endangered globe fantasies shattered, do not attempt to break this record. I repeat, do not attempt any such activity that goes against mainstream and establishment science. Actually, now that I think about it, don’t even come close to breaking this record. Just stop photographing anything beyond three miles on the horizon, please. And just to stay safe, because we wouldn’t want any flat earth mishaps, you’d better keep away from zoom lenses altogether.

Or we could set aside mountains of accumulating evidence for the moment, no pun intended, and concede from this photo alone that the Earth is flat. Come on, give it another look. I dare you.

It’s flat.




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Marc Bret’s website at Curved Horizons

world record holder zoom lens