The 7000 Year Timeline Deception: The New Testament Hasn’t Happened Yet

by | May 2, 2022

THE TIMELINE just keeps getting stranger and stranger, don’t it? And I know what you’re probably already thinking. It’s that I’ve finally lost it. This time, I’ve gone too far. Proof that the New Testament happened is that it says so right there in your Bible, on the page before Matthew. Well, the New Testament hasn’t happened yet, and I’m sticking to it. Give me a little more of your time and you’ll see precisely what I’m talking about. It’s important, you know. People ask me all the time, if the Millennial Kingdom already happened and we’re living in the short season, then what does that mean for us? That’s why I’ve taken the time to include this section to an ever-growing paper, because coming to terms with our relationship to Scripture is important. FYI, the video below is a read-along, but only to the original document. Also, don’t forget to feed the puppy.

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