WE ALREADY went over the part where, as the bearer of bad news, I explained to you how Benedictine monks and Jesuit screwed up everything. How tangled is the woven web? We don’t even know where we are on the timeline. That is of course by our Controllers design. There is good news however to be had. A straightforward reading of Scripture tells us the whereabouts of our mile-marker in His-Story. All indications point towards the little season in Revelation 20. But you probably knew that already, or else you wouldn’t be here. Perhaps you’ve even read this paper soon after its release, and so, it’s not your first rodeo. Well, I’ve moved on now to a second draft. The latest adds an entire new section, titled: “Anticipation of the Church Fathers.” If you need help finding it I’ve included a table of contents. FYI, the video below is a read-along, but only to the original document. Also, don’t forget to feed the puppy.

PDF [Update]: The 7000 Year Timeline Deception

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