The 7000 Year Timeline Deception: 500 Years of the Phoenix

by | May 31, 2022

DISCOVERING the role of the Phoenix in the 7,000-year timeline deception came by total accident. I was just sitting around by the poolside and skimming through the pages of the Apostolic Fathers, sipping on some iced tea or something (minding my own business, as always), when I happened upon a passing mention of the bird. Seriously, why doesn’t anyone tell me this stuff? It’s like everyone expects me to dig through the annals of His-story and excavate for myself. It was Clement of Rome who let me in on the news. You will discover what he has to say on it and more. The implications are greatly profound. 

You can read the full report in the provided PDF. It’s an addition to ‘The 7000 Year Deception’, which was first published a few months back. FYI, none of the changes are included in my original read-through, which you can also find below. Oh, and one last thing. Don’t forget to feed the puppy. Thanks, The Management.

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