Statues of the Old World Unveiled

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MICHELANGELO was never intended to become a runaway exercise if we’re being honest, and transparency is what I’m all about. My original aim was to discuss the impossibility of old word artwork with the chisel and nail narrative given to us and then his name cropped up and the rest is His-Story. Which is to say, I got swept away from ‘The Veiled Virgin’, my original intent, despite having pages of notes spread about on the table. Have you seen the bust that I’m referring to? The smooth face of a young woman, presumedly the Virgin Miryam, can clearly be seen behind a veil, giving the fabric the appearance of being translucent when in fact the entire bust is carved of a single marble slab. Tell me, how would I even go about replicating something like that without a 3D printer? The textbook insists people were chiseling out portraits such as these from a single block. Their deduction is that ‘The Veiled Virgin’ is proof of their theory, though I call that a circular argument. Why aren’t they pulling it off today? Without a 3D printer, that is. I’m calling it. This is Old World Tech we’re dealing with.

Here is the latest update to my ‘End of the Millennial Kingdom’ research project. 

PDF [UPDATE]: The End of the Millennial Kingdom: Statues of the Old World Unveiled


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