Star Forts of the Millennial Kingdom: Fort Pickens

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There is something like 319 bastion forts on our motionless plane and I have a theory on what many to most if not all of them were designed for. Wouldn’t you like to know what it is? Here’s your first hint. Their true purpose happens to be the opposite of war. If the Orwellian narrative is to be dismantled brick for brick on this one, then you will need to think in terms of the industries of shalom moving forwards. Be patient, I will give you reason to share the same conclusions. That’s not what the fact checkers would have us believe though, despite official history being completely disjointed from the sacred geometry presented in these infastrctures. As you can probably guess, I have concluded that they were built during the Millennial Kingdom of Messiah. You can read all about it in the PDF below.

PDF: Star Forts of the Millennial Kingdom: Fort Pickens

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