Sampson and the Hair Cutter: Two Merging Realities

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I GIVE you several pieces of artwork for your consideration. Nearly every one of them is hundreds of years old. Some even date back to the late Middle Ages. Look them over carefully and tell me what you see. I am not attempting to trick you. Each and every one of them depict the same scene. It’s rather straight forward if you ask my opinion about it. In my former reality, it was always Sampson and Delilah, not Samson and the Hair Cutter. Yes, I too remember Sampson with a ‘p’. That is how we used to refer to the big guy in a galaxy far, far away. If you too remember the added ‘p’ then I would urge you to attempt and find any Biblical translation which spells it that way on your own time because I have other pressing matters to attend to.

Examine the artwork again and tell me what you see. A woman is cutting Sampson’s hair while soldiers look on. That’s the scene I’m observing. I’m asking you so that we can all be certain. It’s okay, she has a name, and you can say it. We are gazing in upon a very important moment in the life of Sampson and Delilah. In a couple of them the soldiers are absent but then the artist goes out of his way to show her looking offscreen, indicating that they lie in wait until the deed is done. What is consistent in every retelling is that Sampson is lulled to sleep on Delilah’s knees and it she alone who is taking the scissors to his head. Well, here is the twist to the latest episode of The Twilight Zone. It never happened. Somebody cut his hair alright, though we are never given a name. What seems more certain than ever now is that it wasn’t her.

You can read the latest addition to my ever growing Mandela Effect paper in the PDF below.

PDF [Update]: The Mandela Effect

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