THE Mandela Effect this time around is that E.T. points out the window from Elliott’s bedroom and says: “E.T. home phone” when what he should be saying is “E.T. phone home.” His order of words are reversed. Anyone and everyone who was alive in the Eighties knows the line and the latest iteration is just plain wrong. E.T. was the second movie that I ever saw at the drive-in, the first being Raiders of the Lost Ark. It was probably the first official copy that we owned on VHS which hadn’t been recorded off the television. Next to the Star Wars trilogy, there is no other film that I watched more in my childhood than this one right here, and so, I think I have something to offer on the subject.

Professional gaslighters and the salary trolls love this one though because technically E.T. still says the line later on in the film. There is the scene in the body bag for example in which he repeatedly proclaims: “E.T. phone home!. E.T. phone home! E.T. phooooone hooooome!” And to the point that Elliott has to close the casket just to shut him up. They will show up in an Internet chatroom much in the same way as the swarm of Gubbernment gnomes invaded Elliott’s house, breaking the blinds while wearing their NASA scuba diving suits, whenever the “phone home” memory is rehearsed. Totally on cue as well. I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if their other job is a debt collector, impersonating Satan while they call you up on the phone, at home of all places. If anybody would be triggered by the ‘Phone Home’ Mandela Effect, it’s these guys. There is a like of fire awaiting people in this line of work, and they know it. He spoke the line precisely when he is remembered for having done so and there is ample evidence to prove it.

You can find the latest update to my ever-growing Mandela Effect paper in the PDF below.

PDF [Update]: The Mandela Effect

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